How To Get The Parkour Gear Set In Far Cry 6

Parkour Gear Set

The Far Cry 6, Parkour Gear set is among the special kind of gear sets found in the game. It can not be found in a treasure hunt or shop like some other random gear sets.

So to acquire this gear set, you need to search for it. To help you with that, this walkthrough for the Parkour gear set will give you all the information required to find all the five pieces of the Parkour Gear set.

Parkour Gear Set

Parkour Gear Set Overview

The Far Cry 6 has the Parkour Gear Set which has five pieces in it. To get your hand on those pieces you will need to do a pretty good amount of climbing.

The Parkour gear set pieces are mainly present in the Sagrado area of Quito, so you do not have to go to other areas on the map to find the pieces.

Quito is a small island, you also do not have to look for much and can find everything by following the Liberto Crate signs nearby.

To find these Parkour gear suit pieces you need to follow the Liberto crate marks on the map near the location. These marks will lead you to the gear piece location.

Unlike the trapper gear set search, the Parkour gear set does not require a rank over 15. You can search and use the Parkour gear set with rank 10.

The five pieces of Parkour Gear Set are:

  • Parkour Cap (Headgear)
  • Parkour Hoodie (Chest Gear)
  • Parkour Short (Leg Gear)
  • Parkour Kicks (Footgear)
  • Parkour Strap (Wrist Gear)

Parkour Cap: The Headgear

The headgear of the Parkour Gear set, the Parkour cap is present in Sagrado of Quito. Upon reaching their climb, the stairs reach the roof of an abandoned wood workshop.

On the roof of that abandoned place, you will find the Parkour Cap crate.

Parkour Hoodie: The Chest Gear

The Parkour gear set’s chest gear, Parkour hoodie is found towards the shore on the outskirts of the Sagrado of Quito.

Upon reaching there, you will directly find the crate near there. For the Parkour hoodie, you do not even have to look much.

Parkour Short: The Leg Gear

The Parkour Short can be found in Sagrado, Quito. Upon reaching the location, you will find a tower near you. Climb onto the top of that tower with the help of a rope.

There you will find the crate containing the Parkour shorts, the leg gear.

Parkour Kicks: The foot gear

The Parkour Kicks, the footgear, can be found in the Sagrado of Quito. Upon reaching head to the nearby pond there. Before diving into the pond, make sure to scare away any scary creatures in the water with the help of your gun.

On diving, in there you will find the crate which has the Parkour Footgear in it.

Parkour Strap: The Wrist Gear

The Parkour Strap, the Wrist Gear, is present in the same Sagrado, Quito. After reaching the location, upon following the liberation crate sign, you will find a campsite nearby.

There, head towards the left corner of the camp. There you can find the crate with the Parkour Strap, the Wrist Gear.

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