Roblox Sad Story To Melt Your Heart

Roblox Sad Story

Roblox is a platform for global users to show their creativity and enthusiasm for the love of game creation and showcase their talent to the world. Roblox is one of the most comfortable platforms for developing games since it holds only those method blocks required to develop the game.

Roblox Sad Story, which got an overwhelming response worldwide, later rocked the Youtube platform with multiple game developers’ various stories. Unfortunately, this made the dame developers turned to animators since they created the actions and movement that can be accompanied by storytelling. When the actions and activities are joined with voice over its output is the Roblox Sad Story.

What is Roblox Sad Story?

Roblox provided a global platform to join the world’s players in a single platform to develop and create programs, especially gaming. But the mischief users found a way to convert the Lua programming platform to design characters and add voice-overs, which resulted in creating Short Roblox Story. The story is designed on the Roblox platform keeping in mind the Sad theme, and later on, voice-over is added to give it an effect of the story, resulting in the creation of Roblox Sad Story.

Roblox Sad Story


  • Harry
  • Karl (Harry’s Best Friend)
  • Harry’s Sister
  • Harry’s Mom
  • Mr. Collin (Harry’s Teacher)

Plot Area

  • School
  • Harry’s house
  • Harry’s Class Room
  • School Auditorium
  • School Playground
  • Compartment Room


Roblox Sad Story 1
Harry in School

Harry is a lazy kid sitting in a classroom; the teacher is pitching about the half-yearly examination topic of writing an essay, which consists of 50% marks of the annual examination. On this statement, Harry disagrees and requests his teacher to reduce the percentage to 20, but the teacher refuses by comforting Harry about asking for help without any hesitation. Later on, Mr. Collin encourages all the students by announcing writing a good essay and rewarding oneself with a Family holiday trip.

Roblox Sad Story 2
Harry with his best friend

Harry, while taking an exit from the classroom, is accompanied by his best friend Karl to the School Playground. Karl being a best friend knew that Harry would struggle in writing an essay. At this moment, Karl represents his feeling about winning the essay competition and rewarding his family with a Holiday Trip. Karl was a poor student, but on the other side, he was the most intelligent student of his batch.

Sad Story 3
Harry at home

Later on, when Harry reached home, he struggled to find a topic to write, so he starts playing a game on his PC to search for the content. While he was playing, Harry’s sister approaches him, as to why he was panicked. Harry narrates the essay competition to her sister; taking advantage of his brother’s laziness, she offers him the best essay for $50 and then compromises for $25.

Sad Story 4
Harry and Karl talking

The next day after the submission teacher was announcing the result, Harry was overjoyed by listening to his name as a Winner, followed by Karl’s second position. By the time Harry enjoyed his victory, Karl felt upset because his hard work failed to win a holiday trip for his family. Later on, Karl, being frustrated, met Harry in the compartment room and advised him to confess the truth of cheating (taking the help of his sister) to Mr. Collin. But Harry refused since he considered cheating is copying other’s copy, and left for home.

Sad Story 5
Harry and his Mom

On seeing him return home, Harry’s mom asked about the result of the essay competition; Harry replied with joy that they won a Family holiday trip. But her mom knew that his sister wrote the essay; she calms Harry over his joy by clearing about cheating is everything, unless a person attempts to do the task oneself. Harry’s mom guides him to tell the truth to his teacher, and the next day he shares the ordeal of the essay written by her sister to Mr. Collin.

Sad Story 6
Harry confronting teacher

After knowing about Harry’s mischief, his teacher asked him to write another essay about – Truthful and not cheating, and narrating the same on Pep rally event, as a punishment. During the pep rally event, Harry apologizes to all the students and declare Karl as the winner of the essay competition with the Family Vacation. Ultimately, Harry recognizes what actual cheating is all about, and his laziness caused him to earn the task with someone’s help.

Roblox Sad Story 7
Story Conclusion

Is Roblox Sad Story Real?

The Roblox Sad Story is the imagination of or the experience of one people converted to a story. So you can consider them real because the story is originated from someone’s experience and experiences are real. The experience by someone is converted to the animated movie, and the thoughts are altered as a voice-over, resulting in the creation of Roblox Sad Story.

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Why Is Roblox Sad Story Famous?

There are several reasons for this Roblox Sad Story to become famous. First, everyone loves to watch dramas. In the world, everyone loves to watch dramas whether they are on the streets or TV. This sad story is a drama created by some YouTubers to compile a story in their game. Nonetheless, the story is excellent. I’ll agree with that. Secondly, the player base of Roblox is huge. All the players need some spicy content to follow after they play their game. This sad story serves as perfect content regarding the game Roblox.

Lastly, the Story itself is good. A good story receives shares, likes, and compliments from the community. The same goes for this story. It has over 1.4 million views on youtube and is liked by 28K users. At the same time, the dislikes are only 1.1k. From this, you can infer that the story is good and loved by the Roblox community.

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Final Words

After knowing about the Roblox Sad Story about Harry, you have liked the plot and the way Roblox can convey the user experience in the form of stories. The love for this type of story encouraged game developers to create animated video movements on the Roblox platform and add sound to develop short movies. There are many stories you can find on Youtube and enjoy the short inspiring stories. It is worth watching the hard work and how game developers turned to be creators.

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