Cyberpunk Johnny Silverhand Character And Story Explained

Cyberpunk Johnny Silverhand

Cyberpunk 2077 is almost here. The overhyped role-playing action game is set to release this December 2020. And the hype is extended when people came to know that John Wick actor Keanu Reeves is all set to play one of the characters (Johnny Silverhand). The game started hyping in 2012 and has been repeatedly revised and redesigned, for which the dates have been repeatedly postponed.

Cyberpunk Johnny Silverhand is the most crucial character from the game Cyberpunk. The whole story revolves around the data chip containing Johnny Silverhand’s name. He is a character that every citizen from America knows about in the game. The impulsive and manipulative personality allows him to be the most destructive in the game. In the game, the character V is stuck by the insertion of Johnny Silverhand’s chip inside him.

The fact that this game is next-gen makes all the difference because, by the time the game launched its trailer, it was proposed that the game will be the best of its time. However, the Cyberpunk release was delayed, and GTA was released by Rockstar, which resurfaced the hype all over. So, with the announcement of Keanu Reeves being one of the characters, the gaming community couldn’t contain its emotions. The character is named Johnny Silverhand. So, let’s dive into what the character is, how the character looks and plays.

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Cyberpunk Johnny Silverhand: Bio

Cyberpunk Johnny Silverhand Bio
Johnny Silverhand Bio

The Keanu played character Cyberpunk Johnny Silverhand is the central character to Cyberpunk 2077. Born Robert John Linder, he is a famous American ex-US military veteran. What is he famous for? Somewhat because he is the lead singer of the band Samurai and majorly known for his battles against the corporations that run the virtual world of Cyberpunk 2077. One of the well-known corporations would be Arasaka, which he wishes to burn as he says: “Wake the f*** up, Samurai, we have a city to burn.” Even after being a charismatic character, he is also famous for his manipulative mindset and irrational behavior.

  • Age: 32 in 2020 and 88 in 2077
  • Date of Birth: November 16th, 1988
  • Gender: Male
  • Home: Night City, USA
  • Equipment: Arasaka Rapid Assault
  • Affiliation: Samurai
  • Role: Rockerboy
  • Voice Actor: Keanu Reeves

Cut to 2077, he is all pumped to use V (the player) to accomplish whatever he is up to.

Cyberpunk Johnny Silverhand: Appearance and Outfit

Cyberpunk Johnny Silverhand Appearance
Johnny Silverhand Appearance

Cyberpunk Johnny Silverhand, as the name says has a Silver hand. His left hand is a chromed cyber arm which has a recorder. In trailers and clips, he is seen wearing a tank shirt that has Samurai written over it. Other than that, he has cyber optics with IR and Booster reflexes.

In certain cases, he is claimed to have a heavily armored jacket, a light helmet (for his bikes… ahem) which is accompanied by certain Pistols, AK, and Assault rifles.

Cyberpunk Johnny Silverhand: Personality

Cyberpunk Johnny Silverhand inside V
Johnny Silverhand inside V

As said before, (and seen in the trailers) Cyberpunk Johnny Silverhand is handsome and charismatic (exactly the behavior you would expect from Keanu). But he has a bad temper, which is bound to happen if you lose one of your hand and that too because of a corporation that he hates the most. This temper is accompanied by heavy irrationality. Also, he knows exactly how to manipulate and get his things sorted and thus can also be quotes as an impulsive character.

Cyberpunk Johnny Silverhand: History

Cyberpunk Johnny Silverhand is an important character of Cyberpunk, was actually born as Robert John Linder on 16th November 1988, as the center of attraction in the city. In America, it is difficult to find someone who does not know about him. He was an ex-US military veteran who brought the rockerboy movement into the light.  The Central American Conflict was started in the 2000s, which was run by a manipulative authority. Johnny did not continue his fight when secrets were exposed, and many of the soldiers surrendered instead of fighting back. Johnny left the war and started a new life.

But still, the military has affected his life entirely. He was more of an impulsive guy now. To change his character, he renamed his name to Johnny Silverhand. Silverhand word represents the cyber arm which he lost during the war. Every movement of his arm would remind of the mission: Rebellion.

Johnny Silverhand in Samurai

After that, he formed a band and performed as the lead vocalist of the band entitled Samurai. This band quickly took off a great start, but soon things began to crumble. The so-called Samurai couldn’t last forever. Without Nancy’s presence, the band was incomplete, and it had to split up in 2008. But Silverhand was still the best musician at that time, and the whole of America recognized his talent.

Johnny Silverhand in City
Johnny Silverhand in City

He was the most known face who fought against the corporations. Which is where his rebellion officially started. However, Samurai has to split due to an untoward incident of one of their members.

He built his anger when his girlfriend was abducted by the goons of Arasaka. Which is when his instincts as an ex-military came into play. Now, on the brink of corporate wars, he all set with his strike team to head into the battle. Adam Smasher was the one who blew the final smash to end Johnny’s life.

Cyberpunk Johnny Silverhand’s Role

Johnny Silverhand in Chair
Johnny Silverhand in Chair

Now in cyberpunk, the year 2077 has started. Many gangs are making their way to the top. During this disturbance, you start your game with the character name V. Then you soon fall into the situation where you have to inject Cyberpunk Johnny Silverhand’s biochip inside you. This grants the Silverhand to serve as your guide. And the whole city is looking for you to control the Silverhand’s power. He appears as the voice guide for the player and sometimes as the hologram. The main storyline revolves around solving the mystery of Johnny Silverhand and his digital ghost inside you.

Cyberpunk Johnny Silverhand: Popular Quotes

His famous quotes are listed below. For these, he will be remembered forever.

Wake the f*** up, Samurai. We have a city to burn.

He hates Arasaka and always wanted to burn them to the ground what exactly they did to his girlfriend. The above quote only indicates his secret desire to burn them.

Come on. Really think they give a rat’s d*** how you look?

The above quotation is an enigma itself. Here, he did not leave any hint for unraveling something.

Final Words

With the hype building over Cyberpunk 2077 and Johnny Silverhand, the gaming community is restless and all set with the new consoles to get their first hands on the game. Unlike any other game, the makers of this game took their time to come up with it, so we can expect a really mind-boggling next-gen experience.

As of Keanu… sorry… Silverhand, the clips and short gameplays is all that we have seen of his and hence a lot is yet to explore about this character. With his accomplice (V) he is all set to change the world. So, for all the gamers, don’t look back. Get Cyberpunk 2077 on your pc and enjoy the game. Happy playing.

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