Tofuu Roblox’s Top 10 Videos That’ll Make Your Life Awesome

tofuu roblox

Roblox is a popular platform in which players can either play games or create a game. Over 150 million users every month, this platform has a massive amount of players playing it. Such player base also motivates the other Roblox content creators to create videos on Roblox. Tofuu is one of those elite video creators in the Roblox community.

Tofuu Roblox is a YouTuber from America whose real name is Hayden Joseph Griffin, aka Tofuu. Only at the age of 21, he has more than 3.5 million subscribers on YouTube. Along with creating regular Roblox video content, he also has a secondary vlogging channel.

tofuu roblox

In this post we’ll learn more about Tofuu Roblox and some of his top videos in YouTube.

Who exactly is Tofuu Roblox?

tofuugaming roblox

Tofuu Roblox is a Youtube channel created on 25 April 2011. But for 5 months Griffin didn’t post anything on his channel. On August 25, he posted his first video on Youtube regarding Minecraft’s hand canon. This video gained a lot of views and motivated him to do further. After uploading many videos on Minecraft, he switched to Roblox after some years. After switching he received a really good response from the viewers. The most popular video of Tofuu Roblox is –

This video is a troll video on free Robux giveaway games. Players in Roblox love watching troll videos on Youtube, that’s why this video has almost 10 million views in 3 years.

The Start Of Tofuu Roblox

Griffin created a Youtube account back in 2011. After uploading some of the Minecraft videos, he switched to Roblox. Then, he received a good response from the community and kept going further. He renamed his channel’s name from TofuuGaming to Tofuu soon after. The oldest video of Tofuu Roblox is –

This video is a tutorial on how to make a TNT cannon in Minecraft. This video received more than 150k views over the course of time.

Recommended Videos –

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Some of the popular videos of Tofuu on Roblox –


This hilarious video is about the Eating Simulator game in Roblox. This game’s motive is to get fat as soon as possible. In this video, after overeating, he becomes ultimately significant and bullies all the players around.


In this video, Tofuu plays guess the character game. This video has a good hilarious turn when he plays guess the YouTuber.

3. I used the OWNER’s GLITCHED SPEED ITEM to BREAK THE GAME (Roblox Speed City Simulator)

This video has more than 6 million views in just 1 year. This video features the Speed City Simulator game in which you have to climb up the leaderboard to win. In this video, Tofuu gains access to owner only item (glitched shaggy).


This is another guessing game video. In this video, Tofuu takes the guess the cartoon character and gets stuck on a hilarious person’s image

5. I Became a GOD TITAN with 1,000,000,000 POWER.. (Roblox)

Giant Simulator is an interesting game in Roblox. In this game, you have to become big and strong to beat other players. In this video, Tofuu beats a guy with a higher level than him and also opens many different crates.

6. The Owner Gave me OWNER ONLY SPEED COMMANDS *TOO FAST* (Roblox Speed City Simulator)

This is another video on the Speed Simulator game. In this video, the owner of the game gives Tofuu access to speed commands. Then he uses those commands to achieve a 10 million steps mark in this game.

7. I BROKE ALL MY BONES and got $10,000,000,000 (Roblox)

This unique game (Broken Bones) revolves around the players who have to break their bones to win. Tofuu tries to break all of his bones and guess what he does it!


This is one more video on Boxing Simulator. This game is similar to Weightlifting Simulator. In this video, Tofuu becomes a Boxing Master and wins the match!

9. The OWNER Joined And Gave Me DEVELOPER Rank.. “Roblox Weapon Simulator”

Weapon Simulator is about grinding your way to achieve good weapons and enjoy yourself with your friends. In this video, Tofuu makes his way to the best sword by buying it with Robux.

10. I am the FATTEST in the UNIVERSE With 1,000,000,000 CALORIES (Roblox)

Omnom Simulator is a game in Roblox where you have to eat and eat to become fat. In this video, Tofuu destroys the other players to win in this game.

Is Tofuu’s Videos Kid-Friendly?

Yes, So far, the content shared by Tofuu Roblox is kid-friendly and can be watched by any kid without getting into a problem. There is some amount of violence in the Roblox game, but that can be said as kid-friendly. Because the developers verify the games before getting approved on the platform. Apart from Roblox and Minecraft videos, Tofuu shared some of the vlogs and other interactive videos. Some of the other videos are as follows –

Trying Tofuu in Real Life

We played ROBLOX TOY HIDE AND SEEK in REAL LIFE for $1,000!!

tofuu roblox colors his hair

Other Streamers

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Final Words

Tofuu Roblox is a great youtube channel to follow regular Roblox content. His videos are not only fun, but they are unique to other Roblox YouTubers. Along with Roblox videos, he also publishes on Minecraft and other daily life videos. Overall, his channel is growing very fast and is one of the best YouTubers out there for Roblox.

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