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How To Use Roblox RAP Checker To Your Advantage?

In Roblox, there is a marketplace to buy and sell cosmetics. It’s called Roblox Library. It has innumerable items made by several players. Mostly, there are some insanely high-priced items that everyone wishes they had. Hats, Faces, Gears, Accessories, and many other types of cosmetics are available in Roblox.

Roblox RAP Checker
Roblox RAP Checker

Roblox RAP Checker stands for the Recent Average Price of an item in the Library. The average price of an item gets you can get an idea of an item’s current price. Roblox RAP Checker is used by many players to check the price before buying it. In Roblox, some rare items have insane prices, and there is a possibility of getting scammed. To avoid this, RAP is used.

What is the Roblox RAP Checker?

Roblox RAP Checker is used to check the recent average price of any item over the Library. There are many different extensions and plugins to do so. But using the RAP from the Roblox official site is always recommended for your safety. Moreover, If Roblox itself provides the data of Recent Average Price, then why do we need other software?

Roblox RAP Items List 1
Roblox RAP Items List 1

On any particular day, the Recent Average Price is calculated by summing up all sold items divided by the number of items. Unlike median usage in Steam Market, Roblox Market actually calculates the Average Price of the item.

Why do we need a Roblox RAP Checker?

There are millions of players in Roblox. Out of them, thousands of players have ultra-rare cosmetic items. As per the rules in Roblox, you can sell the item in the market place. This feature allows the player to player market with a 30% commission earned by the Roblox. Sometimes, the items are so rare that its listing price is much more than its RAP. This is where RAP comes in handy; it gives you an exact idea of how much Robux this item is worth.

Roblox RAP Items List 2
Roblox RAP Items List 2

RAP can also be used by the sellers to place a proper price for their item. Placing an absurdly high price will not attract any players, or placing a low price will result in our own loss. RAP helps to get an idea about the current price of the item. With the new trade update in October 2020, now all the players have to wait three to seven days to complete their trades.

RAP of some top Rare Items

Some items in Roblox are very high priced, and you need to look at their Recent Average Price to have an idea about buying them. Here are some RAPs for some of the rare items.

Dominus Empyreus4,159,438
Dominus Frigidus2,295,354
Domino Crown2,108,731
Purple Sparkle Time Fedora4,343,434
Dominus Astra1,706,642
Dominus Infernus1,664,046
Red Sparkle Time Fedora1,645,895
Rainbow Shaggy1,304,335
Lord of the Federation1,277,922
Midnight Blue Sparkle Time Fedora1,053,184
Dominus Aureus1,026,306
Bling $$ Necklace877,092
Duke of the Federation789,468
Dominus Messor782,290
Black Sparkle Time Fedora752,336
Eerie Pumpkin Head643,571
Dominus Rex642,959
Green Sparkle Time Fedora628,794
Red Tango618,006
Eccentric Shop Teacher576,204
The Wanwood Crown546,791
Archduke of the Federation541,709
Lady of the Federation506,401
The Golden Robloxian504,110


Is RAP visible for every item?

No. Currently, Roblox only displays a Recent Average Price for the items that are rare. A limited supply of items creates a scarcity in the community and makes an item rare.

Are there any extensions for a Roblox RAP Checker?

Yes. There are many extensions in Google Chrome that allow you to fetch the RAP of any rare item. Roblox+ is all one extension that can also help you to find RAP.

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Final Words

Roblox RAP Checker is a boon for all the traders in Roblox. Buyers, as well as Sellers, have a great advantage while buying selling costly items. Roblox is improving the market day by day, and soon we can get a well-detailed analysis of sales of any items. Due to its freedom to provide customizability to the avatar, there are more than millions of items published over the library. Share this post with your friends who want to learn more about RAP.

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