Overwatch Standard Vs Legendary: 3 Differences That Matters The Most

Overwatch Standard Vs Legendary

Overwatch is a popular first-person shooter (FPS) multiplayer game developed by Blizzard Entertainment. The game can be played on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. Released on 24th May 2016 for all the leading platforms, this game took streamers by surprise with its attractive and fluent gameplay.

So, if you plan to get this game, we are here to guide which one you should go with Overwatch Standard Vs Legendary? Read till the end of the passage to completely veil yourself with the fundamental difference, gameplay, price, and server information before jumping in to buy either of them or maybe both? This multiplayer game has gained huge popularity for its extremely gripping elements within a few days.

Overwatch Legendary Edition
Overwatch Legendary Edition

The game’s objective is to play in a team to secure and defend certain regions known as control points. So in this game, good communication and team formation is highly needed. Players are even asked to escort a payload across a map in a limited time based on game modes. Players are awarded rewards, which include character skins, victory poses, and upgrades based on player gameplay, proficiency to complete a mission, and teamwork. This game has been used widely for various video essays, rants, and roasts other than stream for which the game has gained more popularity.

Watching Over Overwatch Standard Vs Legendary Editions

There are few reasons for the gamer to go with the Legendary Edition but wait, and the same can be said for the Standard Edition. This variation is simply because both of them excel in interface, gameplay, and player engagement. Even though Blizzard released the Legendary version of the game just last year, let’s take a detailed look at why you should buy either of the arrangements.

Upgraded, Better, and New Skins

The Legendary Edition comes with skins for heroes those were not existing when the game was first launched i.e., the Standard Edition. There are skins for both Ana and Moira, which are two characters of Overwatch.

Overwatch Legendary Edition Epic Skins
Overwatch Legendary Edition Epic Skins

Skins are cosmetics overlook that the player gives to the characters for appearance but play no intensive part in gameplay. But one thing that it does is that it makes your hero look cooler.

So, the Legendary Edition throws in some new skins for you to redesign your characters.

Digital Goodies

They are throwing in additional Loot Boxes, which contain in-game currency, emotes, voice lines, sprays, and more.

Direct Comparison: Overwatch Standard Vs Legendary:


Skin is one of the most important aspects of this game, but that has no impact on your gameplay. It is cosmetics only, and it makes your hero look more attractive. There are more than 30 heroes in the game, and Legendary edition gives you new tons of skin, which can be applied to the heroes to provide them with an astounding look.

Overwatch Legendary Edition Origin Skins
Overwatch Legendary Edition Origin Skins

Legendary Edition: New and Upgraded
Standard Edition: Default

Digital Goodies:

Legendary edition offers you some exciting Digital items added to your inventory as soon as you get the game. One of these items includes Loot Boxes.

Black Genji Skin
Black Genji Skin

Whereas In Standard edition, you will be granted a loot box only when you have reached up. Buying the legendary edition is a great way to get a kick start as you will own quite a few Loot Boxes right off the bat. So it is surely worth buying.

Legendary Edition: New, Updated and more Loot Boxes
Standard Edition: Default and sometimes New Loot Boxes.

Price Points:

Update 2021 – These price points may vary due to the free sale of Overwatch caused by e-sports teams. This event led to the increasing number of players in Overwatch and also made them decrease its price.

There is a lot of price difference between these two. The legendary edition is much more expensive than the Overwatch Standard. So, most people prefer to buy the Standard edition. Although Legendary edition offers you a few benefits, looking at the price tag became a cause of buyers’ concerns. Price list in different countries are listed below:


Legendary: $ 59.99
Standard: $ 19.99


Legendary: £29.99
Standard: £12.99


Legendary: ₹ 3,299.00
Standard: ₹ 1,500.00 (approx.)

Summing up:

Differentiating Overwatch Standard Vs Legendary, there are a few aspects where one flop compared to the other. We have already discussed the major elements of both the editions in detail.

I expect some of you may know that even Legendary edition offers you some of the best items and skin in the game. They are cosmetics only. However, there is no other effect on the gameplay. Moreover, the fan art images add up to the cosmetics.

This game also demands good skills. But you are extremely novice and not that much concerned about the cosmetics, then you can also get the standard edition to relish yourself.

Similarly, if you want to enjoy the game only, then go for the Standard edition as it is less expensive. But if you want to explore something new, you must get the Overwatch Legendary edition without any doubt. It will not disappoint you for sure. I hope this post will help you analyze the difference and guide you to get the right one.

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