7 Best Roblox Military Outfits [2024]

Roblox Military Outfits

Many players who are passionate about their game will be also patriotic towards their country. And that will be reflected in their game when they try to design or decorate their island and virtual characters’ dresses.

Roblox Military Outfits are dresses that are designed especially with an army look. The entire outfit is decorated with the stuff that is used by the soldiers and the pants and shirts are carefully chosen.

Roblox Military Outfits

Following are the outfits which you can give you a military look in Roblox


Roblox Military Outfit 1

Combat Goggles [70]
CR-L 10 [Front] [100]
Suspicious [150]
US Army Woodland LS [5] 
US Army Woodland Pants [5]
Woodland Camo PASGT [100]
Woodland Camoclava [75]

These Roblox Military Outfits are the best ones on our list and this will give you a real feel of wearing an army suit. This outfit is purchased for 505 Robux and the other elements that have been used to make it complete are simply extraordinary.

They have used Woodland Camoclava which is for 75 Robux and Woodland Camo PASGT which is a slightly costlier one and yet many players do come forward to get this for 200 Robux. When it comes to the Pants selection they have used US Army Woodland Pants and US Army Woodland LS which is 5 Robux each and it gives u an exact soldier look.

A Roblox Military Outfits are incomplete without a weapon with them so for choosing a weapon with this outfit you can always go with CE-L (front) which will cost you just 10 Robux and you will definitely need Combat Goggles which is only for 70 Robux and at the end of all these attachment, just bang everyone with your perfect dress.


Military Outfit 2

Andrew’s Beard [125]
Arctic Climber Left & Right Leg [125]
Brown Messy Side Part [80]
Camp Roblox [5]
M1 Helmet [140]
Roblox Camp [5]
Suspicious [150]

These Roblox Military Outfits look like the ones that are needed for a cold region army soldier. This one is entirely different from the above one but yet suits the best regarded to the situation. The designer has used Brown Messy Side Part for just 80 Robux and the usage of the M1 Helmet makes it perfect for a soldier outfit.

They have also used Andrew’s Beard for 125 Robux and they have tried to bring reality into fantasy. Suspicious is been used in this outfit and it will demand you to spend nearly 150 Robux. Other than this they have also used Arctic Climber Left and Right Leg which is for 125 Robux.

You might wonder to spend these many Robux on a single outfit but trust me it is worth the spend. On the whole, you can get this outfit for 630 Robux.


Military Outfit 3

Black Beret [75]
Err… [70]
Shotgun Radio Backpack [100]
Tactical Balaclava [65]
USSF Uniform – Stealth Pants [5]
USSF Uniform – Stealth Shirt  [5]

In case if you are not willing to spend so much on Roblox Military Outfits, then this is your choice. This outfit will cost you a minimum Robux but you need not compromise with the look that it gives you. For shorts and pants, they have used USSF Uniform- Stealth Pants and USSF Uniform- Stealth Shirts which is of 5 Robux each.

To give it a more enriched look they have used Tactical Balaclava which is for 65 Robux and will give you a grand and terror soldier look. There is an attachment used in this outfit that will not make you worry about using them, and that is Shotgun Radio Backpack which is for 100 Robux.

You have an alternative option if you want you can try this too, like using Black Beret which is only for 75 Robux. To give it a complete look and feel you can also use Err which costs you 70 Robux, and Tada! In the end, you will get the perfect Roblox Military Outfits.


Military Outfit 4

Err… [70]
Indonesia [2]
Nerd Glasses [30]
Pastel Hair for Beautiful People [90]
Russo’s Sword of Truth [NFS]
Shadow Antlers [79]
Soldier [5]
Soldier Pants [5]
White Scarf [75]

These Roblox Military Outfits are perfect when it is used in icy regions. They have perfectly designed with special attachments and have an impressive look.

The unique feature that they have used in this outfit is the Shadow Antlers which can be bought for 75 Robux and to give it a soldier look always use Soldier for Shirts and Pants which can be bought at a minimum rate is just 5 Robux.

The designer wanted to give this outfit an innocent look and so they have used Nerd Glasses which is for 30 Robux and used Pastel Hair Color for Beautiful people which gives a blue-colored hairstyle.

They have also used Russo’s Sword of Truth and a white Scarf which will be bought only by spending nearly 75 Robux. On the whole, you can get this wonderful piece of art Just for 356 Robux which will reward you in so many ways.


Military Outfit 5

:] [15]
Dog Tags [25]
General military – pants [5]
Green Beret [100]
Military gala [7] 
Sleek Tactical Shades [60]

These Roblox Military Outfits are for the players who want to have the best Military Outfits at a cheaper cost and too without any hindrance to the quality of the outfit. The total cost of the outfit is only 212 Robux and it looks exactly like a soldier outfit.

And for this, they have used General Militar- Pants which will cost you just 5 Robux, and have used Green Beret for 100 Robux. To give it a more stylistic look they have used Dog Tags which is purchased for 25 Robux.

Along with this, they have also used Sleek Tactical Shades which is purchased for 60 Robux and also Military Gala for just 7 Robux and brings out the result of finely knitted outfit.


Military Outfit 6

AFP uniform pants [8]
Bandit [40]
Beautiful Hair for Beautiful People [95]
Black Belty Pack V1 [32]
Black Ninja Headband of the Silent Sun [100]
Black Widow’s Batons [NFS]
Jungle Camo Top [10]
Sigmund [45]
WWII Infantry Helmet [15]

You will get fixed with these Roblox Military Outfits at first sight. Because this outfit is a combination of both gangster and soldier looks which at the end gives a heroic style to those who choose this outfit. You can use the WWII Infantry Helmet which is usually bought for just 15 Robux but only a few people know its worth.

When it comes to pants they have used AFP uniform Pants which will have the normal and usual army pants designs and they can be purchased for just 8 Robux. There is a headband being used in this outfit and you can get that with the name Black Ninja Headband of the Silent Sun which is a bit costlier(100 Robux) but it is worth it.

And if you want to keep it simple you can use Beautiful Hair for Beautiful People which will cost nearly 95 Robux. Along with these features, they have also added additional elements like Black Widow’s Batons and Bandit for just 40 Robux. At the end of the day, you can get these Roblox Military Outfits for just 345 Robux.


Military Outfit 7

Military Pilot Pants [5]
Military Pilot Shirt [5]
Roblohunk Hair [95]
Ski Mask [75]
Stare [100]
Tactical HCP-65 Helmet [125]
Tactical Sniper Mask [30]

These Roblox Military Outfits are purchased if you wish to give your character an attractive and mesmerizing outfit. To give it a realistic look they have used Military Pilot Pants and Military Pilot shirts which are purchased for 5 Robux.

And to increase their royalty they have used Tactical HCP as Helmet which is for 125 Robux and also Ali Mask for 75 Robux. They have also used Tactical Simpler Mask along with the other mask and made the outfit look exactly like a real one. Finally, you can get these beautifully designed Roblox Military Outfits for 435 Robux.

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