Rocky Seven RDR2 – Perfect Guide To Get Money

Rocky Seven RDR2

What is Rocky Seven RDR2 and how to execute the mission? Many players are curious at knowing more about Rocky Seven RDR2.

Rocky Seven is a robbery that has to be done in the Red Dead Redemption 2 when the player chooses the life of an Outlaw. The reason that led to many players of the game asking about Rocky Seven RDR2 is that it is not easy to find this location.

All that and more will be discussed in this article. That being said, let’s dive into the ultimate guide to Rocky Seven RDR2.

Rocky Seven RDR2

In Red Dead Redemption 2, when the player decides to play the Life of an Outlook it would mean that it requires the player to get involved with some thieving and stealing. It is one such instance of stealing that we have to do in the Rocky Seven Home Robbery. In this robbery, the player would have to part with the belongings of a very wealthy couple from them.

Mission Brief
Mission Brief

The couple from whom the player is supposed to steal has recently bought a house in the “far north of Van Horn”

There are two important aspects of finding the Rocky Seven Home Robbery House: one should be able to know where to find it and one should know when to find it.

The in-game description of the location is a bit unclear so let’s find out where the exact location of this is.

Rocky Seven RDR2 Location

Rocky Seven RDR2 Location
Rocky Seven RDR2 Location

Locating the house is pretty much the easier task in this quest, well if one considers playing 50-plus hours of Red Dead Redemption 2 as easy. The location of the house is on the Northeast portion of the map, North of Annesberg to be exact. The house is situated in a place called The Willard’s Crest. The location is pretty far north of Van Horn.

The location is the most North Eastern point in the Willard’s Crest area of the map.

Once the player reaches the location mentioned above the player should come across a cabin which is of medium size. The cabin should have an outhouse to the left of the property. If a player is unsure whether they have the right place or not all he or she needs to do is cross-reference the place with the picture given in the home robbery section in the player’s log.

House to Steal

If the player wishes to make use of the map to locate the house of the Wealthy Couple then it is to the North of Annesberg and exactly northeast of Brandywine Drop.

As mentioned above finding the place is the easier part of this task as the game doesn’t allow the player to access this home robbery unless the player is at a particular point in the game.

Now let’s answer when to find the Rocky Seven Home Robbery.

When To Access Rocky Seven RDR2?

If the player heads to the location mentioned above there will be no way available for the player to get in since the place would be locked. Since the place is locked the player will have no way to access or complete this robbery. Even though the player learns of this place pretty early on in the game the player will not be able to access it immediately after. The player will only be able to access it until the game’s story reaches chapter six.

To be exact, the game will trigger the Wealthy Couple’s House North of Van Horn only after the mission called “A Fork In The Road”.

Once the player reaches this point in the game story then he or she can head over to the location mentioned above, this time the house will be all set and waiting to be robbed. Many players reach this location pretty early on and find themselves unable to enter and many believe that it is because of a bug but one need not worry as that is not the case and can leave the area since you’re at the right place but just not at the right time.

Is It Possible To Access Rocky Seven RDR2 Early?

Since the players find out about the Rocky Seven Home Robbery Location early in chapter 2 of the game many players try to go to the place immediately afterward. However, the player will not be able to access it until Chapter 6 for reasons that are indeed major spoiler alerts. All that can be said is that the wait will definitely be worth it for the players.

So, if you are stuck in front of the house before chapter 6 and are frustrated that you can’t enter, don’t worry it’s not a bug it’s just that you are a bit early. So it’s safe to say that it is not possible to access Rocky seven RDR2 early.

How to find the location of Red Dead Redemption 2 Rocky Seven Home Robbery?

One can find the location for the home robbery at the northeastern most point of the map in Williard’s Crest. Once you reach the location you will come across a medium-sized cabin that has an outhouse located to the left of the property. The house of the wealthy couple is located north of Annesburg and northeast of Brandywine Drop.

How to rob Rocky’s Seven in Red Dead Redemption?

A player is required to reach Chapter 6 to unlock this mission and enter the place. As part of this activity, there are two missions. The first one is teaching the woman that you find there how to hunt. Once she finishes the hunt, she will invite you to dinner.

Stealable Places inside House
Stealable Places inside House

You will find a map there and on it, you will find that you are required to mark the lady in order to rob the house once the mission is finished. After completing the mission, leave the house and return after a couple of days to finish the second mission as well and then rob the house.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is there in the Van Horn Mansion?

Van Horn Mansion is hardly what its name suggests. You will find two men asleep at a table inside the house who will turn hostile if woken up. You can also find several items in the mansion like Premium Cigarettes, Money – $50.00, Canned Vegetables, Coffee and also wildlife and plants like Black-tailed Jackrabbit, Herring Gull, Cottonmouth Water Snake and Burdock Root.

Is Red Dead Redemption 2 a sequel to the first RDR game?

Even though it is the second game to come out under the franchise, Red Dead Redemption 2 is actually a prequel to the first game. This game expands the story of the Van der Linde gang that RDR only slightly hinted at. For the same reason, RDR2 also contains a few inconsistencies here and there.


Many players of RDR2 are confused when it comes to Rocky Seven Home Robbery as many players reach this place early on but find themselves unable to enter the place. While many initially think this is a bug it is just because the player had reached the place earlier than he or she was supposed to. This very often frustrates the player.

This article has given the answer to how and where to find the Rocky Seven Home Robbery location as well as when to go to the location.

Hope this article has been insightful and has cleared all the doubts regarding Rocky Seven RDR2 and would lead to the player having a more enjoyable and less frustrating experience doing this confusing house robbery.

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