Politoed Vs Poliwrath: Which Is The Better Amphibian Pokémon?

Politoed Vs Poliwrath

People of all ages appreciate Pokemon and its continual development. With hundreds of Pokemon, you might think about which one is better than the other.

Politoed Vs Poliwrath is one such battle and since both belong to the same class, we might have to choose between them. In this post, we’ll go through all the aspects of the pokemon and then decide which one is better for us.

Politoed Vs Poliwrath: Summary

Due to its Fighting-type, Poliwrath has a little bit more diversity. Still, it also makes it weaker to a variety of different things, as opposed to Politoed, who is only vulnerable to Electricity and Grasstype attacks. If you have a shadowy form of Politoed, it was preferable to use that instead of Poliwrath.

In addition to having access to some fairly intriguing move combos involving Blizzard and Hydro Pump, Politoed still can learn Mud Shot. In contrast, Poliwrath can use both Water and Fighting types. Poliwrath has a better attack and defense as a Pokémon with basic stats than Politoed.

Abilities of Politoed Vs Poliwrath

Politoed already has many attacks under his sleeve. Additionally, its stats are average and even further balanced than Poliwrath’s. Unfortunately, its lowish CP limits it and forces Politoed to nearly always do less damage than Poliwrath. Evidently, getting a Politoed with something like a strong move set is simpler than getting a Poliwrath.

Politoed Vs Poliwrath: Evolution & Backstory

Both Politoed and Poliwrath are evolved from Poliwhirl, though to get either of them you need to have two different types of items or holdings to be able to evolve them into their respective Pokémon.

Evolution of Politoed


Politoed is also known as a ‘frog Pokémon’ It has a mix gender of Male and Female.

It has access to Damp (which prohibits self-destructive attacks from being employed) and Water Absorb, similar to its pre-evolutions and alternate evolution which allows it to heal up when a water move hits it. It has a secret ability called Drizzle, which was once associated with Kyogre and allows it to swap in and create rain.

With the use of its cry, Politoed can assemble its pre-evolutions from all over the place and act as their leader. It has an excellent voice and sings by opening its throat.

In the Anime, after transforming from a Poliwhirl that wore Ash’s King’s Rock, Misty now possessed a Politoed. Politoed is a cheerful Pokémon who subsequently shared a home with Brock’s Ludicolo. Due to Tierno’s skills in rhythmic dancing and his fights, Tierno’s Politoed, who eventually appeared in the XY series, had a personality that mixed both Misty’s and Brock’s Ludicolo.

Evolution of Poliwrath


When met with a Water Stone, it transforms from Poliwhirl. One of Poliwag’s last forms, along with Politoed, is this one.

A blue bipedal amphibian Pokémon, Poliwrath has a rounded body and strong arms. It has large eyes that stick out of the top of its head, and a white and black swirl covers its abdomen. Its hands look to be wearing white gloves, and its feet are spherical.

The muscles of Poliwrath’s legs and limbs never get tired since the majority of its body is made up of them. Additionally, it has no body fat. It employs every muscle in its body when swimming and can cover great distances without taking in a lot of air. Even sprinting short on the water’s surface is possible for it. It can also use its powerful arms to plough through ice and go forward.

Water Absorb, Damp, and Swift Swim are all potential skills for Poliwrath. When struck by a Water-type move, Water Absorb causes a small amount of Poliwrath’s HP to be restored as opposed to damage. While Damp precludes the usage of Explosion or SelfDestruct. In the rain, Swift Swim increases Poliwrath’s speed.

Poliwrath is a creature that was created via evolution and is seldom seen in the wild. Despite being a great swimmer, it is typically found residing on dry land close to the ocean when it is discovered. Poliwrath discovered in Alola are powerful enough to swim breaststroke.

Politoed Vs Poliwrath PvP


In a PvP battle of Poliwrath vs Politoed, Poliwrath seems to be the obvious winner based on base stats. Still, from many mock battles that were done we were proven wrong only to have Politoed make a miraculous win and become the underdog in this battle and coming out on top (these are rare cases).

As so in a PvP battle, considering for average, Poliwrath is our winner.

Verdict: Is Politoed Or Poliwrath Better

The verdict for this is that Poliwrath wins with a very big Margin as Politoed since Politoed has much less base damage, and it’s harder to defeat Pokemons with good base stats.


Is Politoed a good Pokémon?

Politoed is a good Pokémon to have, but when comparing, it would be preferable to have Poliwrath.

Who is better Politoed or Slowking?

Politoed is comparatively a very good Pokémon to have.

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