Woodcutters Axe Skyrim: How Good Is This Axe?

Woodcutters Axe Skyrim

Saying that Skyrim is an interactive game will be an understatement. The game offers the players a wide variety of options and tools so that can play the game the way they want to play it. One such tool that is available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is Woodcutters Axe.

The Woodcutters Axe Skyrim is a tool and a Weapon that can be used by the player. The tool has a huge purpose within the context of the game and therefore results in many questions being asked about the subject.

This article will attempt to provide you with all the information related to Woodcutters Axe so that you can answer all the questions and clear all the doubts if you have any.

The Woodcutters Axe Skyrim

Using Woodcutter's Axe
Using Woodcutter’s Axe

The Woodcutters Axe can also be used as a one-handed weapon in Skyrim. The main purpose of the Woodcutters Axe is to cut down the firewood seen in the various wood chopping blocks spread around the Skyrim map. Meaning, this axe is not very much effective for other activities other than chopping wood. But many players take this as a challenge and try to complete the game using Woodcutter’s Axe.

It is good to get firewood as later on after getting the firewood you will be able to sell it to characters such as Hulda, Hod, and Gilfre which could result in you gaining some money.

Woodcutter's Axe in Game
Woodcutter’s Axe in Game

If you don’t want to sell it, firewood still is useful as it can be used for making various items such as Bolts and Arrows. You can make them by visiting any of the blacksmith’s forges seen around the map. However, one needs to remember that you can only make these items if you have the Dawnguard add-on.

The Woodcutters Axe Skyrim is not a strong weapon, however, and is the fifth weakest weapon that is seen in the game. Two weapons that are ranked lower than this can be upgraded later on. There are some builds which you can use to make your axe better. Here’s how you can do it –

The swinging speed of the Woodcutters Axe is the same as that of the dagger, which is 1.30.

The Woodcutters Axe Skyrim –  Smithing

It is impossible to create or craft the woodcutter’s axe in any of the forges in the video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It is also not possible to improve or upgrade this useful tool by using a grindstone or any other methods.

The Woodcutters Axe Skyrim – Variants

There is a variant of the Woodcutters Axe called the Poacher’s Axe. This is a unique variant, and you can find it in the Halted Stream Camp.

The Woodcutters Axe Skyrim Locations

Now comes the question that you might’ve been wondering about. Where would you find the Woodcutters Axe in Skyrim? Well, it is very simple, and this article section will help you with it.

You will only be given the choice of cutting wood if you have the Woodcutters Axe in Skyrim. 

“If you’ve got an axe, you can always make gold chopping wood. Just bring me everything you cut.” The Mill Owners will say this dialogue if you approach them, suggesting how you’re only able to chop wood if you have a Woodcutters Axe Skyrim.

Finding Woodcutter's Axe
Finding Woodcutter’s Axe

Now, coming to where to find this tool. Well, the woodcutters axe in Skyrim is a very common tool that can be easily obtained in the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. You will be able to find one and, most often, even more than one of these tools in the majority of the settlements in Skyrim. 

Sometimes you will also be able to find the Woodcutters Axe Skyrim in the inventory of some hunters who roam around in the wild.

Woodcutter’s axe Skyrim ID

Woodcutter’s Axe Skyrim ID is 0002f2f4.

Where can I get Woodcutters Axe Skyrim?

You will be able to find at least one of these items in any of the settlements on the Skyrim map. Another way you will be able to get the woodcutters axe Skyrim is from the hunters who wander around the wild. The item will be there in their inventory. Riverwood Lumber Mill, Faendal’s house and Alvor and Sigrid’s house are some of the places where you can find the woodcutters axe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is a poacher’s axe in Skyrim?

You will be able to get the Poacher’s Axe from the Orc Bandit seen near the chief of bandits at the Halted Stream Camp. The Orc Bandit would wield the Axe. The Orc can be found next to the grindstone situated inside the mine.

Does the woodcutter’s Axe Respawn?

One place that offers a lot of Woodcutters Axe Skyrim is the Great Plateau. These axes are respawned when when you return to the area from other area.


The Woodcutters Axe Skyrim a tool is essential to the players if they wish to chop woods which can be sold to certain NPCs and collect money. Other than this, the wood can also be used for making certain weapons which is always a good thing. So one might understand the importance of the Woodcutters Axe!

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