Is Onix A Good Pokemon? Here’s The Reality Check

Is Onix A Good Pokemon

“As a Rock type Pokémon Onix is best as he is big and strong”.

– Brock Steele (Pokémon Trainer)

Is Onix A Good Pokemon? Read more to find out, as the answer is at the end of this article.

ONIX The Pokémon is a Rock-type Pokémon that digs through the ground made out of rocks and has a long snake-like body meant for battles on land. It absorbs a lot of complex objects to make its body even more robust. It has a long head top and small eyes. As it grows bigger and older, he gets more rounded and smooth, eventually becoming like a black diamond.

Origin of Onix

He was introduced as a Generation 1 Pokémon. When traded while wearing a metal coat, he evolves. The probability of catching Onix is 11.9%.  In Pokémon Legends: Arceus Onix evolved when he was exposed to a metal coat. Its way of life involved living underground and digesting humongous rocks and soil like that of an earthworm than that of a snake from which its design was taken. From “Onyx,” the name “Onix” was formed.

Pokémon Trainers who caught Onix

Trainers who caught Onix
Trainers who caught Onix

Bryon had an Onix when he faced the challenges of ‘The Fortress of Steel’. He called him to combat the difficulties as he is a well-favored Pokémon when doing Rock-type or Steel-type challenges.

Hareta caught Onix on Iron Island during her intense training. 

The most well-known and widely known Onix Pokémon instructor is the original ‘Brock’ from Pokémon.

Is Onix A Good Pokemon? Stats Wise

Onix had a height of 28’10 and a weight of 463 lbs. Bind and Rock Head are two attacks used by him.

Onix had basic health of 35 and increased as the Pokémon evolved and attacking power of 45, the special attack was 30 points and the special defense was 35 points. He had a fantastic pace compared to his height and weight which was 70. He was known for his defense being 160 which was very high compared to his other stats.

Onix details
Onix details

In a rating, he is rated as 3/4 in velocity, 2/2 in strength, skill became 1/2 and stamina was 4/4. Onix is rated as a 10/12, which is a very good rating compared to other Rock-type Pokémon.

Onix has many weaknesses being a Rock type which are Steel, Fighting, Water, Ice, and Grass

 ‘Heavy Impact’ and ‘Rock Avalanche’ were two attacks used by Onix. 

What is Onix’s evolution form?

Onix had an evolution form which we never see much throughout the display. ‘Steelix’ changed into the call of his evolution. It is a metal and ground kind Pokémon; it’s miles twice the dimensions of Onix and is an Iron-Snake class.

It had a weakness to fire, water and ground. Steelix has a stat higher than Onix however, due to its heavy body, its speed decreases and becomes slower while its defensive ability becomes even better.

Is Onix A Good Pokemon?

Onix is a good pokemon from start to the end, be it the game or the series. Even if he does not have good attacking power, he has a good defense, making him a valuable Pokémon. Onix has many excellent and dangerous moves that can put the enemy in a bind even without his high attacking power. Ghosts, Psychic and dark-type pokemon are challenging to fight against, but the high defense of Onix, it makes the fight easier if not advantageous on your side.

Onix Fighting
Onix Fighting

Most of the trainers tend to use a high attack or flying type Pokémon which makes fights harder when using Onix, but due to his height and long-range attacks, Pokémon find it difficult to fight against him.

When going up against Pokémon with water, ice, or grass types, Onix is weak, if not the worst, type of matchup, so before using him, figure out which Pokémon you’re going up against. Using ‘Geodude’ is what every trainer prefers as he is vital in fighting power; the next option is always Onix. As such, Onix is a good Pokémon to use but he has his own wrong sides and matchups.

For those new to the game or the series, Onix is a good option as his figure is also intimidating, and his defense is an excellent option to use when trying to make up your strategy to fight.

Is Onix a good Pokémon in diamond and in Platinum?

As a starter, Onix is one of the must-needed Pokémon in Diamond and in Platinum. He has a large workload in both of them as digging through many places requires Onix. Overall as a starter pack and to have an advantage over other starting trainers, it is an excellent choice to have Onix on your team.


Is Onix a good Pokémon?

YES, Onix is a very good Pokémon to use, especially if you are starting off.

Is Steelix or Onix better?

Steelix is more appreciated and better than Onix as his stats are better than his even with the same abilities.

Should I use Onix?

When starting the game, Onix is a must-needed Pokémon in your team.

How rare is Onix?

Onix is a rare Pokémon. He can only be found in specific places. The chances of capturing Onix is 11.9%.

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