Roblox Twenty One Pilots Event Gathered Thousands of Players

roblox twenty one pilots

Roblox Twenty One Pilots virtual concert was described as a “pioneering interactive virtual concert powered by the latest Roblox Technology. The virtual concert aired on 17th of September at 4 p.m. and it had the whole Roblox community geared up for the performance! Did it slap or did it slop? Let’s find out.

Roblox Twenty One Pilots: The Details

Who doesn’t know Twenty One Pilots? With about 36 awards and 127 nominations, this musical American duo has garnered a lot of acclaim for their songs that usually have themes of depression, anxiety and the struggle that people face while fighting them.

The band includes lead singer Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun on the drums. With songs like ‘Heathen‘, ‘Stressed Out‘, and ‘Ride‘ the Twenty One Pilots has become a pretty common name for both teens and gamers. The Twenty One Pilots made an amazing appearance at Roblox and the five song set continued till early morning on 20th September.

twenty one pilots event in roblox

Developed by the Roblox Corporation, Roblox as a game, provides you with an immersive experience that has no limitations. Here, you can escape the continuous monotony of your life whilst programming and playing games!

With an ESRB rating of E10+ for everyone ten and above, Roblox has over 164 million active users. Roblox has been praised for its vast array of games that have been shown to boost creativity in children.

High praise has been showered on the Roblox Studio by Trusted Reviews who in a statement, said that it’s a fantastic platform for anyone who’s into developing computer skills and creating projects that will be received and recognized by a global audience.

A dynamic setlist for fans? Check. Thrilling pre-concert quests? Check. Exclusive custom designed virtual merchandise? Check. Hold your horses, that’s not all. Whatever your weekend plans were, we’re pretty sure they have paled in comparison.

Read on to find out more about the unique experience Roblox Twenty One Pilots has for you!

Roblox Twenty One Pilots: Features

Use your ability to control the order of songs performed by quick voting once the concert starts! This dynamic setlist will feature songs with Roblox’s lighting, physically based rendering and motion capture technologies.

Find emotes, interactive features and customized virtual merchandise (or as we all now know it “verch“) with over 30 exclusively designed pieces just for you!

roblox twenty one pilots in game

Pre-concert quests that take you on journeys spanning metaverse that are now integrated into three special Roblox experiences namely – Ultimate Driving: Westover Islands, Creatures of Sonaria, and World // Zero. Players will be able to win Twenty One Pilots prizes and will be transported directly into the Roblox Twenty One Pilots concert venue.

Surf through exclusive Behind The Scenes footage and watch how the virtual concert was created. Interview Twenty One Pilots themselves with questions you’ve always wanted to ask!

Roblox Twenty One Pilots: Rewards

  • Twenty One Pilots Flag – Scavenger Hunt Reward
  • Yellow Bandito Bandana – Quest Reward
  • Car Radio Ski Mask – Quest Reward
  • Red Blurryface Beanie – Quest Reward
  • Icy Sai – Grand Prize

Roblox Twenty One Pilots: Coins & Their Locations

While playing make sure you collect these 18 tokens present in various locations throughout the game!

The first and second coins are pretty easy to find. For the third one you would have to jump over the roof of a car and you’ll find the fourth one in a nearby building. The fifth coin requires a bit more effort but it’s simple enough. Push around the boxes in the alley to make the fifth coin yours!

For coins six and seven you’d have to enter the building near the dumpster present in the alley. To find the coins eight, nine and ten you’d have to go further into the alley. You’ll find one on the corner and another in between two dumpsters.

For the eleventh coin you’d have to achieve an extraordinary feat of parkour. Go back to the main road and keep climbing the dozen staircases that will lead you to the eleventh coin. You’ll find the twelfth coin an alley away from the main road.

You’d have to jump on the boxes to get it. Keep going through the alley and you’ll find the thirteenth coin waiting for you above the stairs. You’ll find the fourteenth coin behind the Records’ sign (just jump over the mailbox below!).

Go further along the way and you’ll find an alley to your right where your fifteenth coin awaits you. The sixteenth coin is on the roof of the blue car nearby and the seventeenth one is on the topmost floor of the Record’s building. You will find the eighteenth coin behind the flag by spawn! 

More About Roblox Twenty One Pilots Concert

Mark Eshleman, the band’s creative director tells us about Twenty One Pilots and their beliefs in the accessibility of their music and their own selves. They haven’t narrowed their audience down. Their music is available to all and they’ve tried their best to make it reach out to as many as available. He has also mentioned the kind efforts of Roblox who have left no stone upturned in making the whole experience possible.

Due to the cancellation of concerts and tours last year (and in 2021 too), video games have become the new venue for both music and gaming fans. Artists like Travis Scott, J Balvin and Lil Nas X have already tried out these virtual concerts and found this as a new and unique marketing strategy that could draw in both listeners and fans.

With this new advent that blends both music and immersive experience, we are excited to see the marketing developments and collaborations in multiple brands and studios.

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