How to Tame and Breed Boars in Valheim?

Boars in Valheim

Valheim features many different interactions with animals. Taming and Breeding Boars in Valheim is one of these features. Just like Minecraft, you can make certain animals as your pet. This post will guide you in the process of taming and breeding boars.

Where are Boars found in Valheim?

In the Valheim game, the boars are the creatures that a player will face. Boars’ location in this game is at the Meadows, located near the water and the game’s deserted farms. The player will not face any difficulty to find the boars as they are landed initially in the meadows.

How do you Tame Boars in Valheim?

Taming Boars in Valheim

In this game, the players can tame the boar animals, and for doing it, one should prepare themselves by collecting the food from the forest or the crops cultivated by the players. The workable food in the taming process is Mushrooms, Raspberries, Blueberries, Carrots, and Turnips. But players note that the boars will not consume yellow Mushrooms. The player should also get prepared with a pen/fence where they can harpoon the bears, which will make the taming process easy for the players. The players should keep away the penned from the fire sources, such as the Campfire or Torch for the boars, to be cam down.

After a boar gets penned, jump over the pen’s fence and begin with their taming process by dropping the food into the pen. Then the boar will indeed look into the food when they are calmed down. Once a bear will start eating the food, a yellow heart series will appear on their heads, indicating the process of taming. While a player is getting close to hearts will display acclimatizing and the percentage about how tame the boar is. A player must do this feeding process multiple times until the ”acclimatizing” process reaches 100 percent, and at a point, it will display the “tame” status.

The taming process for a bear will approximately take 30 minutes and by assuming the range of players within the entire range of time. After completion of taming, Pink Hearts will appear beside the boars in Valheim.

How do you Breed Boars in Valheim?

Breeding Boars in Valheim

After successfully taming one boar, they can be fed whenever the animal’s hungry status is being displayed. The Fed boars will occasionally become “Happy” and seek other “Happy” status boars to mate, which will mark with pink-colored clouds. After spending some time, a pregnant boar will give birth to a piggy that will grow and become an adult boar that will permit the player locally to farm Leather Scraps and Raw Meat.

Boars in Valheim will only breed with six individuals and in close presence. And if in the game two bears try to mate when the other four boars are in the radius of five meters, they will not give birth to small offspring (piggies). In such situations, when players are farming for their drops should routinely cull the boars until and unless there are two minimums in pen to keep the flow of breeding.

Advantages of Breeding Boars

Advantages of breeding boars

In the game, the player should get more boars in their camp, and their pen will get filled up with small piggies, which will be further grown up and become adult boars in Valheim. The boars will provide a continuous flow of meat, leather scraps, and other resources. These resources are crucial for any player. It is a most straightforward way to establish sustainability in their challenging quests and level up in Valheim. The player must only remember that they should throw food into the boars’ pen to continue the process of thriving in the gameplay.

How to build a Boar Pen in Valheim?

For acclimatizing the process of boars in Valheim, a player must drop some vegetables and some fruits into the pen. A player can click on the Mushroom and Raspberries available in their inventory out of the menu. And while doing this process, a player should throw in the ground of the direction a player is facing. When a player feels safe from all the threats, they will slowly consume the food and become happier.

After moving around the game’s grounds and happily enjoying the food and after some time, it will eventually turn into a tame boar. After some time, once a boar is tamed, a player can enter into the pen and be very obedient. A player can also pet their new friends, and it will release pink-colored hears whenever a player does in the game.

What to do if boars in Valheim are Frightened?  

In the game, the player should roam around the lands, and they will receive wild boars. The boars are having a fear of fire and with the hand of man, but the players can teach the boars and make them being obeyed. The player should quietly go and allow them to eat the player’s stock and remember that the roots are pleasurable for boars.

How to do Selective Breeding to obtain Better Boars in Valheim?

The piggies bred will inherit the traits of their parents. Boars in Valheim are produced in three classes, and they are indicated by the star rating system, which is available under their health bar.

  • No Stars: If the boar has no stars, the meaning is that they have 10 HP, and their Damage is 10.
  • 1 Star: It indicates that a boar has 20 HP and the Damage is 15 HP.
  • 2 Stars: If a boar has two stars, it is informed that the boar has 30 HP and the amount of Damage is 30.

The piggy bred from two boars having a matching rating of a star will have the same rating. A piggy born from two different boars with ratings will have a 50/50 percent chance of inheriting their parents’ traits. An essential point for the players is that the breeding process with higher boar stars will surely drop more leather and scraps when they get killed. Also, it is guaranteed that they will drop raw meat with two stars of boars in Valheim which will give higher quantities.

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