Overwatch Liao – A Diligent Founding Member Of The Game

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Overwatch is a popular first-person shooter (FPS) multiplayer game developed by Blizzard Entertainment. The game can be played on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. Overwatch was released on 24th May 2016 for all the leading platforms. It grabbed all the popularity within a few days with its fantabulous gameplay.

Overwatch Liao was one of the important six founding members of the game. Moreover, she was one of the members of the main squad that stopped the first Omnic crisis. In this article, we will discuss her story and legacy after her death in detail. The game’s objective is to play in a team to secure and defend certain regions known as control points. For this game, good teamwork is one of the major requirements. Members of the squad should have good communication skills.


Dr. Mina Liao was a scientist from Singapore who did her specialization in robotics and artificial intelligence. She was one of the parts of the overwatch since the beginning. She created Athena, a Winston AI system that is used to announce events in the matches.  She was also responsible for the making of Omnics and the Echo. Omnics is an artificially intelligent robot that was made by Liao as she wanted to change the world.

Overwatch Liao Appearance
Overwatch Liao Appearance

“ Why can’t we see that artificial life is still fundamentally life? Instead, we are going in the opposite direction. Violence against Omnics is on the rise, and even more, governments are cracking down on their rights and freedoms. I can only hope that this project can change the conversation: that people can understand that the potential of artificial life is so much greater than whatever we have to gain by treating them as our property, or our servants.”- Dr. Liao. (Source: Gamepedia)

Story of Overwatch Liao

Overwatch Liao always believed in the power of artificial intelligence, and she also believed that an AI system could transform humankind’s lives for the better cause. She was deeply involved with the prototype of Athena. At the same time, she started a new project on Artificial intelligence.  Omnic and Echo have added a unique flavor to her journey.

Also, she designed the guns of many characters which currently stand on the top of Overwatch meta. All these characters have unique weapons and playstyles.

Omnic Crisis and Overwatch Liao

The Omnic Crisis has been shattered with a humanmade triumph. However,  some disasters were there; it was not enough to alter Liao’s belief in Artificial intelligence and its strength regarding the transformation. She always dreamed of developing the basic Omnic designs. She pushed herself towards the robotic world. She observed that after the crisis, the relation between human and Omnics were falling.

Echo and Overwatch Liao

Overwatch Liao’s theory was considered as the basics of the Echo project. She pitched her new idea for the adaptative robot to commander Morrison and Gabriel Reyes. Though Morrison was reluctant to the idea, in the beginning, he approved it at the time of the success of Athena.

Liao With Echo
Liao With Echo

After the Omnic Crisis, Overwatch brought some curbs on artificial intelligence research. So, Liao was forced to limit the Echo’s potential. From medical help to construction, she made a multitasking robot but had some limitations, especially on decision-making and logical thinking as per the Overwatch’s instructions.  The most thrilling part is Liao programmed Echo, with general artificial intelligence that could learn by observation. After spending so many hours, Echo adapted the Overwatch Liao’s behavior. Though very few knew the secret, She was recalled deeply by her Echo project.

Liao’s last journey

Liao's Death in a Lab
Liao’s Death in a Lab

She was killed in a blast at the Overwatch Lab. It was a massive explosion. Her demise was really miserable. She always wondered if she could help the world for the betterment. She was always remembered for her two masterpieces, Omnics and Echo.

Legacy and Overwatch Liao

Liao working in the lab
Liao working in the lab

After Liao’s demise, the Echo project was terminated. Echo herself put into Isolation. Later on, McCree recovered the Echo, restarted it, and sent her to join Winston’s reformed Overwatch. Echo is considered to be the legacy of Liao as her life reflects on Echo’s potential. But for the next generation, Liao is better known for Omnic. At the same time, her personal log was retrieved.

Liao and Sombra Stealth Abilities

Sombra and Liao were part of a special anonymous group. It’s expected that Liao has helped Sombra to develop her stealth abilities which she currently has in-game. Although, there is no available proof for this statement but the rumors are saying the same.

Trivialities regarding Overwatch Liao

  • Liao is her Chinese surname; in Singapore, it is written as ‘Low.
  • In 2016, a Brazilian magazine marked Dr. Liao as an upcoming hero of the Overwatch and a cryogenesis expert.
  • The cover page of the canceled comic Overwatch: the first Strike portrays six human characters, and 6th one was Liao.

Summing up

Overwatch is undoubtedly a thrilling video game for all young generation. But the best part is it helps to learn us how to work in a team. This team-based game has so many enthralling elements and characters. Dr. Liao was one of the founding members. The white apron and wear glass gave her an extraordinary appearance, which actually she was. Hopefully, her passion for the work and research will motivate her to win the game the descendants.

So if you want to get energy from Dr. Liao, then you must flick through the post. You may relate it while will you play the game.

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