All 17 Overwatch Mercy Skins Rated From Best To Worst

Overwatch Mercy Skins

Overwatch is a big game comprising of 32 heroes. With each hero having their own abilities and sets of skins, it is quite difficult to identify the perfect skin that’ll suit you. Choosing a good skin is one of the top ways of flexing in Overwatch. Many players flex their legendary skins just by equipping them, even if they are bad in-game. In this post, I’ve rated all of the 17 skins of Mercy (Support).

Overwatch Mercy Skins are some of the top elite skins in the whole Overwatch game. With 32 Heroes keeping in mind, some of the Mercy’s skin is probably the best-ranked skins.

Mercy, aka Dr. Zeigler, is an overwatch support hero to heal the allies. She is rated as S Tier hero or A Tier hero in most of the Overwatch Tier List. This is the main reason to add her to your team composition. The bloom of Mercy created an urge to look for the best mercy skins in overwatch. That’s why I’ve made a list of all available Overwatch Mercy Skins to keep track of it. Without wasting our time, lets jump right into it –

Classic Skin in Overwatch Mercy Skins

Classic Skin in Overwatch is a default skin that is made available for every Overwatch Hero. Mercy’s classic skin is good, but its colors not much vibrant and cannot add up to the character.

classic mercy overwatch skins
classic mercy weapon

Rare Skins


In Celestial Overwatch Mercy Skins, the red-orange color of the skin is replaced by the blue color. This Rare Skin is easily obtainable, but the look of it is not that good. Apart from the blue color, nothing has changed in this skin to respect to classical skin.

celestial mercy skin

The primary weapon also has blue tint on the top of it to match the skin.

celestial mercy weapon


Mist is another color change of Classic Mercy Skin to a gray one. Although this skin is Rare, it’s colors are not that good to be noticeable. Players who like the black and white combination of skins can go for this skin. The weapon is also white-colored in this skin.

mist mercy skin


Orchid is also a color change of the Classic Overwatch Mercy Skins. With this purple color, the skin becomes more glowy. This is definitely the best skin in Rare Skins of Mercy.

orchid mercy skin


Verdant is a green-colored Classic Skin of Mercy. In this skin, the green color looks weird in-game and is definitely not better than the Classic Skin.

verdant mercy skin

Epic Skins


Amber is one of the Epic Overwatch Mercy Skins. This skin has a good yellow to dark red gradient tone. Also, the wings in this skin are a little small in size. The best part about this skin is that the Halo totally suits it.

amber mercy skin
amber mercy weapon


Cobalt is a good color remake of Overwatch Mercy Skins. Although there is no structural change, you can definitely identify the beauty of this skin. The blue color and grey color makes up a perfect color tone.

cobalt mercy skin
cobalt mercy weapon


This skin has a maroon color on the front side of it. Unlike other color reworks, this skin has both the colors same on the Armor plant and the ribbon below it. The maroon Halo also has an awesome touch to this skin.

eidgenossin mercy skin
eidgenossin mercy skin


Fortune is, without a doubt, the best skin in Epic Overwatch Mercy Skins. This skin has a metallic armor plate with good color texture. Also, the wings are colored in the same tone.

fortune mercy overwatch skins

The fortune weapon has a red color tint on the top and metallic brown color on its body.

fortune mercy weapon


Unlike the above skins, Sigrun has a complete rework on the body of Mercy. In this skin, Mercy appears as a wild warrior with an Armor plate and good winter clothing. This Mercy skin has long hair (All other skins have short hairs).

sigrun mercy skin
sigrun mercy weapon


Valkyrie is the same as Sigrun Skin in terms of body structure. The only difference between the two skins is the hair colors of Mercy. In Valkyrie, she has white hair, whereas, in Sigrun, she has red.

valkyrie mercy skin

Legendary Skins


Devil is another Overwatch Mercy Skins where you can observe a structural difference from the classic skin. In this skin, there are two horns at to head of mercy, just like the devil. Also, the color tone of this skin is like hell’s costume.

devil mercy overwatch skins
devil mercy weapon


Imp can be called a heavenly version of Devil Skin. This skin has the same structure as the Devil skins, including the horns and hairs. This skin has a positive vibe attached to it. This is definitely one of the top-rated Overwatch Mercy Skins.

imp mercy skin
imp mercy weapon

Winged Victory

Winged Victory is like old aged middle east skins. The best part about this skin is the hairstyle of the Mercy. With a good white-colored costume, this skin really adds a new character to Mercy.

winged victory mercy skin
winged victory mercy weapon


With a large round hat and west wild costume, this skin is loved by the community too much. The size of the wings is absurdly small in this skin. Apart from that, these skins live to its Legendary mark. Also, the voice lines of these skins are mind-blowing. The primary weapon in this skin is like a broom. This extra detail completed the character of Witch skin. Witch is definitely a Legendary Overwatch Mercy Skins that is worth your money.

witch mercy skin
witch mercy weapon

Combat Medic Ziegler

This skin has an awesome healer costume along with wings. This unique concept really adds up to the character of mercy since her main role is to provide support to the team. With a great blue colored costume and great hairstyle, Mercy is the new doctor you need in Overwatch!
Also, the primary weapon is an awesome medical stand in this skin.

combat medic ziegler mercy skin
combat medic Zeigler mercy weapon

Sugar Plum Fairy

Sugar Plum Fairy is the unique skin I’ve seen in the whole Overwatch skins club. The wings are the most beautiful item in this skin. Including the tail and the plum color palette, everything in this skin is perfect.

sugar plum fairy mercy skin
sugar lum fairy mercy weapon


Zhuque refers to a Chinese bird which is reddish yellow in color. Inspired from that bird, Zhuque Overwatch Mercy Skins was released. This skin has unique shaped wings. Along with good costumes, the small structure around the head makes it look even better. This is the best mercy skin without a doubt.

zhuque mercy skin
zhuque mercy weapon

All Legendary Skins of Mercy are indeed worthy of legendary titles. With custom hairstyles and different models, you can experience a whole different level of playing from Mercy. As all of the legendary weapons have different VFX, they can be changed if you are bored with any skin. Although it’s hard to obtain the skin if you’ve missed them during the events, you can always try opening loot boxes to get one.

Final Words

Overwatch has made many good looking skins in just 2 years. Even though some skins are irritating and look like pay to win, you can definitely enjoy them while playing casual matches. As they have banned using skins in the Overwatch League, it’s limited areas where you can use them.

Happy Gaming!

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