All (GPO) Grand Piece Online Accessories [March 2024]

Grand Piece Online Accessories

Grand Piece Online Accessories are the most critical items in a game that the players collect, and the accessories are dropped by the bosses, which a player can collect.

These GPO Accessories help increase the stats and reduce the effect of different powers, so owning and wearing an accessory can make you strong and progress faster in games. Wearing and adding up accessories makes your boss fight easily so try to create a good combination of accessories to increase your skills.

Types of Grand Piece Online Accessories

There are two types of accessories available: In-game GPO accessories and GPO Event accessories. In-game accessories can be achieved by progressing in-game and defeating the bosses in Grand Piece Online. You can consider these as ingame drops.

They vary in their rarity, whereas the Event GPO accessories can only be seen during the specific events launched by the developers. Though the Event accessories have common items, once the event is over, the common items cannot be obtained and can be turned from common to rare or uncommon. Event accessories are of great demand since they are not introduced again in the game.

So it is suggested to chase the Event accessories faster to have the items in your inventory.

In-game Grand Piece Online Accessories

The In-game accessories will be available permanently in the game unless you have obtained the item. The accessories range in the rarity of Common to Legendary Chroma; a common item means it can be easily obtained, and Legendary Chroma is hard to receive the item.

Item NameBoss and LocationRarityWearing spotDrop ChanceStats
Eye PatchBandit Boss and Town of BeginningsCommonFace50%+5 HP
Metal JawLogan and Shells TownUncommonMouth25%+25 HP
Buggy’s CapeStar Clown (Buggy) and Orange TownRareBack10%+50HP
Gravito’s CapeGravito and Gravito’s FortUncommonBack5%+60 HP
Marine Captain’s CapeFlame Admiral Zeke and Marine Base G-1′RareBack5%+50 HP and +2 Stamina Regen
Captain Zhen’s CapeCaptain Zhen and Marine Base G-1RareBack5%+75 HP and +2 HP Regen
Gorilla King CrownGorilla King and SphinxRareHead5%+1 Regen
Guardian’s HelmetHead Guardian and Sky CastleRareHead5%+75 HP
Neptune’s CrownNeptune and Fishman IslandRareHead5%+1.5 HP Regen
Shark NecklaceRyu and Fishman IslandRareNeck (Removes mouth items)5%+2 Stamina Regen
Ice NecklaceHie – Hie User and DungeonsRareNeck (Removes mouth items) 5-25%+10% freeze time is reduced
Flame ScarfMera – Mera UserRareNeck (Removes mouth items) 5-25%+15% Burn damage is reduced
Lantern of HopePika – Pika User and DungeonsRareWaist5-25%+25 HP and +0.5 HP Regen
Kingdom Guard OutfitKingdom Guards and Desert KingdomRareArmor?%+65 HP
Pharaoh Akshan’s CapePharaoh Akshan (Crocodile) and Pharaoh’s Castle or Desert KingdomRareBack5%+85 HP, +1 Stamina Regen, +1 HP Regen
Cho’s CrownCrab King Cho and Crab Cave or Desert KingdomRareHead5%+50 HP and +1 HP Regen
Tomoe DrumsThunder God (Enel) and Sky IslandLegendaryBack (It can be combined with other back items too)1%+2 Stamina Regen and +50 HP
Slayer’s Mask (also known as Sea Beast Mask)Rough Waters or Sea Serpent (known as Sea King also) and Frist or Second SeaLegendary ChromaMouth1%+0.5% base damage is reduced, +0.5% for every 75 levels and a max of 5%
Slayer’s Armor Set (also known as Sea Beast Armor) Rough Waters or Sea Serpent (known as Sea King also) and Frist or Second Sea Legendary ChromaArmor1%+75 HP and +2 Stamina Regen

+1% reduced damage of base, +0.5% for every 100 levels and a max of 10%
Kraken Armor SetRough Waters (Karken) and Second SeaLegendary ChromaArmor1%+100 HP / +1% reduced damage of base and +0.65% for every 100 levels
Kraken Cape Rough Waters (Karken) and Second Sea Legendary ChromaBack1%+60 HP and +1.5HP Regen
Marine CapHigh trade value and it was rewarded to testersUnobtainableHeadNoneNone (cosmetic item)
Musashi’s HatMusashi at Sashi IslandLegendary Head1%+40 HP
+1 Stamina Regen
+2% Sword DMG Multiplier
Musashi’s KarutaMusashi at Second Sea’s Sashi IslandLegendary Chestpiece1%
+50 HP
+2 Stamina Regen
+3% Sword DMG Multiplier
Marine CapeCollectibleBack
Zombie Knight’s HelmetZombie KnightsRareHead5-25%+50 HP
+1 Stamina Regen
Zombie Knight’s ArmorZombie KnightsRareArmor5-25%+95 HP
+1 HP Regen
Moria’s TophatMoria at Thriller BarkEpicHead5%+85 HP
+1 HP Regen
+1 Stamina Regen
Moria’s NecklaceMoria at Thriller BarkEpicNeck5%+50 HP
+2 HP Regen
Bat SwarmMoria at Thriller BarkLegendary Ear1%+35 HP
+1 Stamina Regen
Moria’s OutfitMoria at Thriller BarkLegendaryClothing1%
Ryuma’s ScarfRyuma at Thriller BarkEpicBack5%+80 HP
+1 HP Regen
+2 Stamina Regen
+2% Sword DMG Multiplier
Ryuma’s OutfitRyuma at Thriller BarkLegendaryArmor1%
+75 HP
+2 Stamina Regen
+5% Sword DMG Multiplier
Borj’s ArmorBorj at Thriller BarkLegendaryArmor1%
+105 HP
+1 HP Regen
+1 Stamina Regen
+5% Strength DMG Multiplier
Drippy Fit V2UncommonClothing
GPO FedoraUncommonHead
All Seeing EyeStoreMythicalNeck
Soul King’s ScarfBrookCollectableNeck0.5%
Soul King’s Rockstar OutfitBrookLegendaryClothing1%
Soul King’s Top Hat (Rockstar)Brook (Rockstar)EpicHead5%+90 HP
+2 Stamina Regen
Soul King’s ShadesBrook (Rockstar)EpicHead1%
Soul King’s TophatBrookEpicHead1%+90 HP
Soul King’s OutfitBrookLegendaryClothing1%

Event Grand Piece Online Accessories

The Event accessories range from uncommon to rare only, but if you miss an uncommon item, also it turns into a rare item as it cannot be obtained again.

Item NameBoss and LocationRarityWearing SpotDrop ChanceStats
Star Shades (Easter 2021)Elo The Bunny and Elo’s IslandUncommonFace5-25%+15 HP
Rainbow Halo (Easter 2021)Elo The Bunny and Elo’s Island RareHead5%+15 HP
Bunny Hoodie (Easter 2021)Elo The Bunny and Elo’s Island UncommonHead5-25%+2 Stamina Regen
Elf Hat (Christmas 2020)Santa’s Elfs and Sky Island (Holiday Town)UncommonHead25%+1 Stamina Regen
Santa’s Hat (Christmas 2020)Santa and Sky Island (Holiday Town)RareHead5%+1 HP Regen

So, here is the list of Grand Piece Online Accessories with the location, boss name, rarity, effect, and drop rate, which lets you have a perspective on achieving specific items and the worth of an item.

FAQs on GPO Accessories

Which is the best Grand Piece Online Accessory?

Tomoe Drums and Kraken Armor are considered to be the best accessories.

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