Octopath Traveler Best Party Combinations

Octopath Traveler Best Party

Octopath Traveler is role-playing developed by Square Enix and released in July 2018 for Nintendo Switch. The game features eight Travelers, each beginning their own journey in different ways. All the eight characters come from eight different parts of the world, having different jobs and skills. Each character has a unique “Path Action” command that is essential to interact with the Non-Player Characters in the game.

Octopath Traveler Best Party Combinations will allow you to dominate opponents in the game. As there are multiple characters in the game, the party combinations will ensure that you have proper tactics in mind. In this post, we’ve mentioned all the party members and their combinations.

The game provides turn-based battles, in which the players attack using different kinds of attacks and weapons. Currently, th Octopath Traveler is available on Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, Stadia, and Xbox One.

The game is set in the fantasy land of Orsterra. The Order of the Sacred Flame believes that their world was created by thirteen deities. However, the twelve deities were forced to seal the fallen God Galdera, who refused to relinquish the world they created. The afterword can be accessed through the sealed Gate of Finis. The players follow the story of eight heroes. These heroes are:

What is an Octopath Traveler Best Party?

All eight characters have various sets of skills that are required to fight battles. When the characters are teamed up, keeping in mind their skills, the players can form a pretty strong party. Certain character combinations can defeat the enemies right away. The players can have at the most four characters in a party.

Top Three Octopath Traveler Best Party Combinations

The top three Character combinations are given as follows:

  1. Cyrus, Ophilia and Primerose
  2. H’aanit and Olberic
  3. Alfyn, Therion, Tressa, and Ophilia

Which Octopath Traveler Best Party combination is the Best?

Octopath Traveler Best Party Combinations

The team of Cyrus, Ophilia, and Primerose can crush the enemies right away. Each character adds a kind of elemental magic to the game. We all know, each enemy is weak to some sort of elemental damage. Cyrus will cover damage, Ophilia is a great healer, whereas Primrose can debuff Foes. Thus, they can boost SP terrifically. Olberic or Alfyn can be an excellent addition to this Octopath Traveler Best Party.

Ophilia Clement

Ophilia Clement is a Cleric from the Frostlands. This twenty-year-old is one of the sisters that work at the Church of Flamesgrace. She is on a pilgrimage to restore light to the Realm in her adoptive sister’s stead. Ophilia has straight, long blond hair and brown eyes. She is a soft-spoken girl and has a healthy relationship with all her fellow travelers. Her cleric skills are as follows:

• Heal Wounds
• Holy Light
• Sheltering Veil
• Luminescence
• Heal More
• Reflective Veil
• Revive
• Aelfric’s Auspices

Cyrus Albright

Cyrus Albright is a scholar from Flatlands. He is a professor at the Royal Academy in Atlasdam. He is passionate to teach people around him and greatly cares about knowledge. This 30-year-old man with long black hair always puts knowledge first. He believes in sharing knowledge with people. Cyrus often provides academic knowledge to his fellow travelers, with mixed results. Ophilia and Alfyn rejoice on his vast wisdom, whereas Therion and Tressa find it boring. His scholar skills are given below:

• Fireball
• Icewind
• Lighting bolt
• Analyze
• Firestorm
• Blizzard
• Lighting blast
• Elephants Enlightenment.

Tressa Colzione

Tressa Colzione is a merchant from Coastlands. This 18-year-old girl is the daughter of two merchants who created the Colzione Trading Shop in Riopletide. She is a cheerful, curious, and savvy girl, who looks for adventure everywhere. She is a born merchant who is willing to take risks of venturing out alone. She is very caring about her fellow travelers and will never fail to make clever remarks using her knowledge as a merchant. Her skills include:

• Collect
• Tradewinds
• Rest
• Trade Tempest
• Donate BP
• Sidestep
• Hired Help
• Bifelgan’s Bounty

Olberic Eisenberg

Olberic Eisenberg is a Warrior from the Highlands. This knight from a lost kingdom is set out to find answers to his questions. Olberic is a 35-year-old bulky and strong man who has dedicated his life to protect his liege and kingdom. He is a man of few words but always has feelings o protect people around him. Olberic interacts with his fellow travelers only when needed but will always step forward to protect them. His warrior skills are:

• Level Slasabide
• Spearhead
• Incite
• Cross strike
• Stout Wall
• Thousand Spears
• Brand’s Thunder

Primrose Azelhart

Primrose Azelhart is a dancer from the Sunlands. She has taken the cover of a dancer in Sundhase to track down th goons who instigated the murder against her father. This 23-year-old brown-haired girl was forced to mature quickly due to her father’s death. She now wants revenge for her father’s death. She may sometimes seem ignorant around her fellow travelers, but then later opens up when she starts trusting them. That’s why, she is a must character in Octopath Traveler Best Party. Her dancing skills include:

• Lion Dance
• Moonlight Waltz
• Peacock Strut
• Mole Dance
• Night Ode
• Panther Dance
• Bewildering Grace
• Sealticge’s Seduction

Alfyn Greengrass

Alfyn Greengrass is an Apothecary from the Riverlands. Alfyn is a 21-year-old, kind, genuine man with blond hair. He is always willing to help people in need without expecting anything in return. This high-spirited young man has taken this adventure to help cure the I’ll all over the Realm. Alfyn has a healthy relationship with all the fellow travelers and always cheers them through their journey. His Apothecary Skills include:

• First Aid
• Icicle
• Rehabilitate
• Amputation
• Empoision
• Vivify
• Last stand
• Dohter’s Charity


Therionis a thief from the Clifflands. Even though he is a master thief in the Realm, nobody knows how he looks. This 22-year-old man has shaggy white hair and green eyes. Therion is cocky and cynical. This lone wolf is quite sarcastic and has a dry sense of humor. Thus, he has problems trusting his fellow travelers. His skills include:

• Steal
• Wildfire
• HP Thief
• Shackle Foe
• Arnkr Corrosive
• Steal SP
• Share SP
• Aeber’s Reckoning


H’aanit is a hunter from Woodlands. She is one of the last descendants of the people who live in a forest. She is in search of his missing master Z’aanta. This 26-year-old cool lady had brown hair and green eyes. She has dedicated her life to protect her clan after her master went missing. This fierce hunter is very cool-headed. Her skills include:

• Rain of Arrows
• True Strike
• Thunderbird
• Leghold Trap
• Mercy Strike
• Arrowstrom
• Take Aim
• Draefendi’s Rage

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