New CS:GO Operation Riptide Reveals New Skins, New Gamemodes, and More

CSGO Operation Riptide Update

Operation Riptide is the newly released operation in the Valve and Hidden Path entertainment’s multiplayer first-person shooter game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive also known as CS:GO.

CS:GO is the fourth game in the Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment developed Counter-Strike series. This 2012 released First Person shooter game has been a popular game since the day of its release.

Operation Riptide

Operation Riptide was released on the 21st September 2021 and according to the official CS:GO website the ongoing Operation Riptide will be ending on May 3, 2021. With the recent release of Operation riptide, Counter-Strike has marked the 11th operation on the series.

Operation Pass

To enter the CS:GO Operation riptide you need to have the Pass. The Operation riptide Battle Pass costs $14.99. This pass is required if you want to complete the missions and earn the progress coins. You can buy it now or later after getting the stars backdated.

Along with the Operation Pass, you will be getting An Operation Riptide coin which you can upgrade by giving 10 stars a week. These coins can be Bronze to diamond and will be displayed on your profile in CS:GO. Also, you will be getting all new features.

New Features

In the new operations, players will be getting new features like private queues, private premier matches, deathmatch modes, new agents, new collections of trains and mirages, new stickers, new maps, new patches and new weapon collections, new skins, new sprays and many more. In this operation, you can also buy the operation pass and upgradable mission coins.

Along with this five new interesting community maps also have been added. The new officially added maps are county, ravine, Extraction, Insertion II and Basalt.

New Agents

Operation Riptide has a new agent collection in it which will be of yours as a reward. The New agents in Operation Riptide have Guerrilla Warfare Terrorists, the CT SEAL team “Frogmen” and the French Gendarmerie.

CSGO Operation Riptide T Agent
In-game screenshot

The Guerrilla Warfare terrorist has few new agents on the list which are:

  • Guerrilla Warfare Crasswater The forgotten, the former Navy SEAL Capt. Crasswater who has been taken prisoner by the Guerrilla Warfare. During the imprisonment, his patriotism have turned into hatred which made him join the Gerrilla Warfare Terrorist.
  • Gurreilla Warfare Vypa Sista of the New revolution, is a notorious rebel, brilliant improviser who attacks against her own country
  • Guerrilla Warfare elite Trapper solmon, a captor turned into a terrorist for the money and charm.
  • Guerrilla Warfare Arno The Overgrown.
  • Guerrilla Warfare Col. Mangos Dabisi
  • Guerrilla Warfare I Trapper
  • Guerrilla warfare I Trapper Aggressor

The SEAL CT team “Frogmen” also has some new members with them to win in the game which is inspired by U.S. Navy SEALs to fight the New Guerrilla Warfare Terrorists :

  • SEAL Frogman Skipper Frank ‘Wet Sox’ Baroud.
  • SEAL frogman skipper Davida ‘goggle’ Fernandez.
  • SEAL Frogman Lieutenant Rex Krikey
  • Gendermerie Nationale Chef d’Escadron Rouchard
CSGO Operation Riptide CT Agent
In-game screenshot

The French Gendarmerie has few new agents with them to fight the New Guerrilla Warfare Terrorists alongside the CT SEALs ‘Frogman’ team.

  • Gendarmerie Nationale Chem-Haz Captaine
  • Gendarmerie Nationale Sous Lieutenant Medic
  • Gendarmerie Nationale Officer Jacques Beltram
  • Gendermerie Nationale Aspirant

Other than these agents the Operation Riptide has other agents as

  • The Proffesional Bloody Darryl The Strapped
  • SWAT Lieutenant ‘Tree hugger’ Farlow
  • Brazilian 1st Battalion Primeiro Tenente
  • NZSAS| D Squadron Officer

In the Elite Crew here you will have Mr. Muhlik.

New Riptide Weapons

The Operation Riptide features 17 new community-designed weapons and Gamma Doppler knives as a special rare item. The new Riptide weapons are pretty interesting to have so it’s a must look for. The new Riptide weapons are:

  • G3SG1, Keeping Tabs by Debski
  • Dual Berettas, Tread by Teo~ and VisHomin
  • AUG, Plague by mara_der and hexeth
  • Desert Eagle, Ocean Drive by kiku
  • AK-47, Leet Museo by Oscar
  • SSG 08, Turbo Peek by K A S I and Sparkwire
  • Glock-18, Snack Attack by Sparkwire and 2Minds.
  • MAC-10, toybox by SIC
  • M4A4, Spider Lily by streson and emu
  • MP9, Mount Fuji by khan and puchara
  • Five-seveN, Boost protocol by Pet3D and dre
  • FAMAS, ZX Spectron by SHADOW
  • MAG-7, BI83 Spectrum by cimota and MultiH
  • XM1014, Watchdog by Zaphk and Oniloz
  • USP-S, Black Lotus by moonfighter and Ariata
  • PP Bizon, Lumen by Boaz
  • MP7, Guerilla by BASBAY

New Riptide Train collection

CSGO Train Collection
In-game screenshot

The new Riptide train collection has

  • Spring Twilly SSG 08
  • Amber Fade AUG
  • Full Stop UMP-45
  • Safety net Tec-9
  • Blaze R8 Revolver
  • The coalation M4A4 by SLIMface
  • Gamma Doppler Glock-18
  • Meltdown FAMAS
  • Propaganda MAC-10 by Sparkwire
  • Whiteout USP-S
  • Syndicate CZ75-Auto by SLIMface
  • Space Race P2000
  • MPD-SD Autumn Twilly
  • Red Quartz NOVA
  • Sputnik Desert Eagle
  • Fizzy POP M4A1-S

The new Operation Riptide also has 21 MIRAGE collection skins, 19 VERTIGO Collection skins, and 19 DUST collections skins which are the highlight of the operation. If you get the chance to choose these rewards surely go for the newly released collections.

New Riptide Sticker and Patch Collection

CSGO Operation Riptide Stickers
In-game screenshot

The new Riptide sticker collection will have 9 CT SEAL-themed stickers and 13 Surf Shop Collection. With that, you can also get the 12 Riptide patch collection similar to pirate-themed.

Advanced Gameplay

In the new gameplay, new changes have been added which give the players the opportunity to play the team deathmatches for free so they no longer need to browse community servers. They can also drop grenades now just like the weapons and bombs.

The Operation Riptide has new body damage features in it. For example, the M4A1-S will have more body damage while the Body damage of the Deagle has been reduced.

In the CS:GO Operation Riptide Valve has also introduced a riot shield for CTs to equip in the casual hostage maps.

Private Queue

Private Queue is a pass for your own private premier match on Valve servers. You can either have a player’s private queue or a steam group private queue.

In the Player’s private queue you can have a match among your friends in a premier match on Valve servers. For that, you need to have a player-generated Queue code. You can have the match by being a team or in a pair or maybe solo and can let the matchmaker decide.

In every steam group private queue every steam group has a private queue code that only the members of the steam group can use. This private queue code allows the established team group to host their private premier matches on Valve servers or give access to make a steam group for your friends where they can use existing steam group tools to manage memberships, hold discussions regarding the new Operations or anything, make announcements and schedule your events in the game.

Overall to connect more with your friends through this game. You can also find and join the existing steam groups or can make a new one.

In this Operation Riptide, you can choose your rewards by spending your stars. This Operation reward features new agents or new items like new weapon collection, stickers collection, patches collection, maps collection, trains collection etc.

To redeem those operation rewards you need to earn or purchase enough stars to fulfil the reward requirement.


This new Operation is worth the shot with all the new features. You can get every feature by paying a certain amount of stars which you will be getting upon completing the missions, so in the time try to get all the features. This Operation is going to be on for 152 days as it is going to end on the 20th of February, 2022 so try to make the best of it.

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