7 Cute Royale High Outfits In 2024

Cute Royale High Outfits

Royale High game was made to allow the players to live nostalgic school life again through a virtual way. It is a roleplaying game in which a player can live a fantasy school life and try out numerous outfits to show off their style. This game is installed with maximum features extracted from the Roblox platform that helps the player explore a vast range of realms combined with different environments.

Cute Royale High Outfits are some of the best outfits which you can wear to look great in the game. Moreover, these outfits will get you more attention from other players.

The players mostly love Royale High due to various outfits, which they can try while making progress in the game. These outfits are the primary reason players try harder to achieve and obtain the coolest one to show off in the virtual fantasy school. So, here is the list of some outstanding outfits which you can try to look amazing throughout the game.

Cute Royale High Outfits

White Hipster Outfit

Royale High White Hipster Outfit
Source: Pinterest

This Cute Royale High Outfit is referred to as a White Hipster dress which looks like party wear, and it is of white color one-piece dress combined with a white color headband designed in the form of butterfly. This dress looks like a princess when it is paired up with white color gloves.

A player needs to add a touch-up of makeup like blush, lipstick, and eye-liner to complete the fairy look. The one-piece is fitted with an off-white color belt, and the lower part of one piece is designed like a swirling frock. This dress makes your character look cute and pretty with minimal dressing.

Pink Hipster Outfit

Royale High Pink Hipster Outfit
Source: Pinterest

This Cute Royale High Outfit is referred to as a Pink Hipster dress which looks like party wear, and it is of a pink color one-piece dress combined with a pink color headband designed in the form of a ring attached with tiny hearts. This dress gives a princess look when paired up with white earrings and a small white necklace.

A player needs to add a touch-up of makeup like a slight pink blush, pink lipstick, and eye-liner to complete the fairy look. The lower part of the one-piece is designed like a piece of a straight frock. This dress makes your character look pinkie, cute character, and pretty with minimal dressing.

Pink Cat Disguise Outfit

Royale High Pink Cat Disguise Outfit
Source: Pinterest

Every time pink is not cute, as this dress provides an appealing look of a pink cat, it holds a naughty attitude. This pink cat dress is a one-piece, where the upper dress is designed in a floral manner, and the lower dress is made in the form of waves. This dress is paired up with the pink color cat ears headband with the pink glasses attached in between, and there is an extension of the headband with edgy two-sided tips.

This look-up does not require additional makeup, other than the pink eye shadow. This dress provides the look of a cute cat with hidden evil inside, and this attire can be copied without any hassle choices.

The Modern Catch-up Outfit

Royale High The Modern Catch-up Outfit
Source: Pinterest

Apart from looking cute all the time, a few of them would like to be dressed in a modern manner and give a sharp look to their character. This dress comprises a white color crop top included with buffed full sleeves, and the lower part is the shimmering blue color full-length jeans and a small brown pouch in hand. There is a brown color hairband with an edgy extension till the shoulder, which enhances the look to get the visual of a sharp girl.

To complete this modern outfit requires makeup like red color lipstick, red color eye shadow, and highlighter. Altogether, this makes a complete outfit for a player who prefers to look a little bad-ass girl. This outfit is one of the most loved among the players.

Chinese Samurai Outfit

Royale High Chinese Samurai Outfit
Source: Pinterest

Chinese samurai Cute Royale High Outfit is a different art like a dress that will provide a Chinese ethnic look to the character. This outfit has a blood-red color, with a black upper outfit and a dark maroon skirt, attached with half sleeves and black forearm armor. There is a hat of brown paint to complete this deadly look, inspired mainly by the witch’s hat and the extension of netted cloth till the halfback.

This outfit is best suited with the long hairs of your character. The make-up is minimal, having light orange blush and lipstick of the same color. The nail polish is red; if you dress up exactly as mentioned, it will result in the most exotic look of your character.

Pretty Sea-Green Outfit

Royale High Pretty Sea-Green Outfit
Source: Pinterest

A Pretty sea-green cute royale high outfit is the soothing outfit for the eyes and is lesser than a mess. It is a one-piece dress, with a simple, attractive frock design attached with a blooming sleeve designed like a flower and a pretty queen-like headband. This dress has the best outfit look with long braided hair.

It requires a bit of face touch-up, including a light blemish lipstick and a light orange eye shadow. It is the most simple dressing with the soothing sea-green color accompanied with the same color headband.

Strawberry Candy Outfit

Royale High Strawberry Candy Outfit
Source: Pinterest

Strawberry candy like a dress is the one that makes your character look like the yummiest and sweetest in the game. The whole outfit provides a look of a three-tier cake with a topping; the one-piece dress is designed like a fluffy dress which starts as fit from the top and blooms at the bottom with the strawberry printed on the dress added with pink lines, and she has the forehand white gloves to fit the match. It would be best to have a pink hat with printed strawberries and swirling pink lines to complete this look.

The pink color make-up is necessary, which includes pink lipstick and pink blushes on the cheeks. There is a silver color neckband with a stone of pink color, and for the hairs, it is mostly preferred the white or the grey color.

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Final Words

The outfits shown to you are the most desired dressing in the Royale High game. These outfits are the most beautiful for the character and consist of simple, modern, fairy, Chinese ethnic wear, and fruity dressing styles. All these outfits are unique in their way and also have a side role in giving a complete look to your character.

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