Parting Gifts Treasure Hunt Walkthrough – Far Cry 6

Parting Gifts Treasure Hunt Walkthrough

The biggest treasure that you can ever hold is the experiences that you get when searching for the treasure. Treasure hunting is seriously many people’s dream and they try to feed their dream by playing such games. These games are full of surprises and fun.

Parting Gifts Treasure Hunt is a mysterious treasure hunt in Far Cry 6. You should follow certain steps and guidelines to successfully complete this hunt and many fail to complete it because they don’t go in the continuous flow rather try to complete it by skipping many parts.

Parting Gifts Treasure Hunt Overview

Parting Gifts Treasure Hunt Location
Treasure HuntParting Gifts
RegionEl Este
RewardMGL-6 (Grenade Launcher), 1 Gun Powder (Resolver Material)
XP Reward150 Guerrilla XP
  • Region: El Este
  • Sub-Region: Conuco
  • Requirement: Locate the Treasure Hunt starting point in the open world and read the note at its location.

Parting Gifts Treasure Hunt Walkthrough

Parting Gifts Treasure Hunt Objective

The Parting Gifts Treasure Hunt starts by finding out the location of it and begins at Coco’s Conuco Oven in Conuco, El Este.

This is an exciting quest that you will find in the game and completing this quest is worth the effort that it takes to complete the task. The starting point of this quest is to read the note that is placed inside the box and the box is placed right on the table.

Reach the stash in the Coco Oven

After reading the note, just shoot your enemy who is bout to attack you from a far distance. The Parting Gifts Treasure Hunt will be completed only when you will be able to get accessed to the coco oven so first, you will have to put out the fire inside.

Parting Gifts Treasure Hunt Walkthrough 1

Then, just get inside the shed that is in front of you and unplug the two wires that you see there. This will disconnect the machines and shutdowns the system.

The next step is to step outside the shed and you will find the blue truck attached with the trailer. But, you have to disconnect the trailer by interacting with it.

Then, just get into the truck and don’t forget to connect it with the orange generator that is placed near to the shed by taking a reverse.

Parting Gifts Treasure Hunt Walkthrough 2

As a next step, you have to drive the generator over to the open hut south of the coco oven. Just correctly fix the generator inside the hut.

For doing this you will have to take a reverse or disconnect it and place them inside the hut.

Parting Gifts Treasure Hunt Walkthrough 3

As soon as the generator is connected, it will provide a power supply to the blue water pump.

Once you notice the power being activated you should go near the water pump and open the valve so that the water supply gets activated. And this will put off the fire in the coco oven.

Parting Gifts Treasure Hunt Walkthrough 4

Parting Gifts Treasure Hunt is not completed yet, you have to head inside the oven and you have to look towards the fan to see a lock on a roof hatch.

Just don’t take a second thought and shoot it off. After shooting you will find a ladder outside the building climb on that.

Parting Gifts Treasure Hunt Walkthrough 5

Get into the building and collect the key that is hung on the wall and get out of the building.

Parting Gifts Treasure Hunt Walkthrough 6

Reach the stash in the coco oven, you will find an orange box on the table, and using the key you can open it up and get the Parting Gifts Treasure Hunt.

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