How to Get the Trapper Gear Set in Far Cry 6

Trapper Gear Set

This walkthrough will help you find all the Trapper gears and complete your Trapper gear set.

The gear sets are famous and can be found in the store, on the island, or via treasure hunts in Far Cry 6. These gear sets have no particular space where you can look for them.

But some specific gear sets can not be found randomly in the primary mission or via the treasure hunt, or you can not even purchase them from the shop. So, it can only be found by searching in specific locations.

The locations of the gears are shown on the map with a liberated crate sign.

Trapper Gear Set

Trapper Gear Set Overview

The gear sets are mostly random, but the trapper gear set is a specific one. The four pieces of the gear are going to be underwater among the total of five pieces. The last and the fifth one is going to be outside the water.

The trapper gear consists of five items

  • Trapper Cap (Headgear)
  • Trapper Vest (Chest gear)
  • Trapper Slacks (Leg gear)
  • Trapper Boots (Foot gear)
  • Trapper Bracer (Wrist gear)

Trapper Cap: The Head Gear

The Trapper headgear is present near the Costa Del Mar. You can reach the crate’s location by a jetski; upon reaching the marked point, dive into the water and get your gear.

The crate location directions will be shown on the left side of your screen so you can easily keep track of it.

Trapper Vest: The Chest Gear

The trapper vest can be found in the Cobre Shores of the Aguas Lindas. You can find a liberated crate sign in that area to continue the search.

Upon reaching the location, dive into the water and look at the broken ship there. You will find the crate on the boat.

Trapper Slacks: The Leg Gear

To find the Trapper slacks and the leg gear, you need to head towards the Cienaga Nublada National Park in Balaceras.

Upon reaching there to the liberated crate mark, dive into the water, where you will find a submerged hut.

Go with the railings of the fence of the hut, and you can find the crate there containing the Trapper Slacks.

Trapper Boots: The Foot Gear

For the footgear of the set, the Trapper boots, head to the Oku Creek of the Barrial.

After reaching there, jump into the water near the house, and you will find the crate containing the Trappers boot at the foot of the half-submerged house.

Trapper Bracer: The Wrist Gear

This gear does not require to go underwater to find it. To find the wrist gears, Trapper Bracer, you need to head to the Murrete Point in Barrial.

There, you will reach a rocky place in the middle of the water where, on looking around, you can find a broken ship with some junk around it. In the junk, you will find the crate with the Trapper Bracer.

By finding this, you will be completed with all your five pieces of the Trapper gear set. Now, you can get a Trapper Gear Set with ease.

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