All 18 Piggy Roblox Characters Explained With Their Abilities

Piggy Roblox Characters

Everyone has an idea about the scary world. These thoughts make us help us think more when we spend much time on them. For instance, watching horror films, posters, and games. Wait, games? Horror games? Yes, horror games are loved and played by those who literally love those fields. In other words, we can also say that horror games are the added feasts to all horror lovers.

Piggy Roblox Characters are present in the game Piggy, which is a survival horror game. It is creatively created through the inspiration of many character-themed survival horror games. The players should have a variety of items to unlock each level. This game is all about survival. There are many characters in this game, both good and bad.

Horror games gain popularity just because the scary, interesting thought rules the minds of horror lovers. It gives a different feel while watching horror ideas as a game that people would sense the real vibe of thriller in their hands.

How many Characters are there in Piggy Roblox?

Piggy Roblox Characters Preview

Piggy Roblox Characters are known worldwide and are considered as the horror expressing Piggy. There are nearly 248 characters, but only some of them are very important and powerful. Make sure you select all these characters before ever you start the game.

Piggy Roblox CharacterRole
PiggyTitular Antagonist
Little BrotherNon-canon Skin
MotherMain Antagonist Of Station – Chapter 2
FatherMain Antagonist Of Gallery
SheepyMinor Antagonist In Gallery – Chapter 3
PandySkin With Black Ears With A Matching-colored Nose
TeacherMain Antagonist Of School – Chapter 5
MemoryAntagonist Of Distorted Memory
KittySkin With Orange Cat With Tan Cheeks And An Orange Snout
DinopiggySkin With Green Pig With Dark Green Cheeks
AngelSkin With Grey Nostrils, A White Glowing Pupil
DoggyAntagonist In Forest
BearyMain Antagonist Of Hospital
FoxySecondary Antagonist Of Carnival
ZompiggyCommunity-suggested Skin In Piggy
BunnyOne Of The Two Antagonists Of Plant – Chapter 12
SkellySkeleton Skin Of Piggy
TigryTiger Skin Of Piggy


Piggy is the first main character in Piggy Roblox Characters. It isthe first sjin antagonist. Her appearance seems to be like an infected one. She wears a long red dress, and her red eyes create a horror surrounding her. Her way of attacking is to lift the bat and swing around the enemy. She has a jumpscare origin that troubles the other character.

Little Brother

He is one among the Piggy Roblox Characters family. He is the first non-canon skin to be added to the game. He is also an infected one and looks similar to Piggy. His way of attacking is to lift the bat and knock the enemy down. He uses the Baseball Bat as his weapon.


She can be got with 75 tokens and is a skinned character in Piggy Roblox Characters. She dresses in orange color and has pinkish-red cheeks. She is one of the five original skins. She can put the player down by striking hard with the Baseball Bat. She can be brought in Skins Book 1 section.


He is also known as Daddy Piggy of the Piggy family. It costs 100 tokens to buy, and you can buy it from the Skins/ Book1 section. He is a bot that can jump on to fling them. Of course, he is a male, yet he has female arms. He is the first infected one in Piggy Roblox Characters.


Sheepy Character in Piggy

She is an NPC and a skin that appears in the cutscene of Gallery -Chapter3. Sledge Hammer is the weapon that she uses to knock her enemy down. She moves her hammer up and down while attacking. She is also called Suzy Sheep and appears like a white sheep with white ears. She adorns herself with a pink dress and has one red glowing eye with a pink nose.


She is one of the members of The Silver Paw. Pandy, known as Pandora Panda, is a panda with an oval-shaped nose in Piggy Roblox Characters. She holds a katana weapon always that makes her terrorful. She is the first bot to have this type of weapon. If you are planning to free her in Factory, then you would definitely need a ladder.


Her skin name is Madam Gazelle; she possesses brown horns, pink cheeks, yellow pupils, triangular ears, and cyan eyeshadow who wears specs. It costs a total of 175 tokens to buy her. She uses her ruler as her weapon and attack using that. She walks with swaying her arms and head lowered and destroys the enemy with her swing. She is the first character to have written a note.


She is the antagonist of Distorted Memory and is a skin in Piggy Roblox Characters. She is just the darker version of Mother. She uses a black Baseball Bat as her weapon and costs you 200 coins to purchase it. She is the first character who doesn’t have pink cheeks. Her boldness makes her stand upright in front of her enemies.


She is also known with her skin name as Candy Cat, with one red and one white eye. She uses Shovel as her weapon. It costs her merely 225 tokens to get her. Players prefer the oldest Kitty version to be best than the present one.


He is the spotted and scariest piggy in Piggy Roblox Characters. His weapons are quite different from other characters. It costs you 240 tokens, and it is worth spending. First, he tears the enemies into pieces with his claws. Then, he lifts his arms and scratches the other player. It has his base from George Pig’s Dinosaur.


This piggy is so precious that it is an unlockable skin. She is created based on the Abrahamic religion. She uses its Staff as its weapon. She looks like a white pig with a green dress and blue eyes. She also has wings and a halo above her head. Her cheeks are decorated with pastel yellow.


His skin name is Danny Dog, and an antagonist of Plant and in Forest. His strongest weapon is Fire Axe, and he swings it at the player. If you have 275 tokens, then you can get it. Doggy is the first skin to use the boy model in Piggy Roblox Characters. He is the only one to have Heterochromia and Anisocoria. He wears dark violet pants and has a brown colored body.


He is the main antagonist of Hospital and has one red and one black eye. His skin name is Doctor Brown Bear, and a player must need 290 tokens to hold it. His glasses are slightly tilted, and he wears a Doctor’s suit. He could give the scariest and strongest attack among the Piggy Roblox Characters.


He is a good-looking orange fox with a blue and white pupil. He uses a small knife as his weapon yet gives the strongest dash. He can be brought by lending 300 tokens. He has the loudest themes in Piggy Roblox Characters and makes the players standstill by his stabs and Jumpscare. It is also known as Freedy Fox.


She looks like a Zombie and is the first one to form an entire species. It costs nearly 325 tokens to make it free. She is very dangerous and uses a Skeleton Arm as her weapon. Her way of attacking is unique. She swings her Skeleton Arm and hits you in the chest to knock you out. She has an Easter Egg with her.


She is the cutest playable skin in the Piggy Roblox Characters. She has white and black eyes with a light pink nose and red cheeks. It costs 350 tokens to unlock her. She uses Crossbow as her weapon, and her shots are never missed out. Her skin name is Rebecca Rabit.


It uses the Roblox Skeleton Package, but instead of having a skull, it has a head. It uses its hands as its weapon and costs you 375 tokens to unlock it. It has a visible mouth full of yellow-colored teeth.


Tigry Character in Piggy

He has black eyes and whiskers with a black triangular nose. He uses Dual Daggers as his weapons and doesn’t allow the enemies to be escaped. It costs 400 tokens to unlock it. It gives a 360 degree turn to attack and stab the enemy with the daggers.

Who is the main character in Piggy Roblox Characters?

The player is the main character in Piggy. He is the person who plays the game and must try hard to escape from Piggy. A player will have Gun, Willow’s Gun, and a Crossbow as the weapons. A player’s capability and attacking powers depend upon the player’s skill.

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