Exp. Share in Fire Red: How Does It Work?

Exp. share in fire red

Exp. Share in Fire Red is an item that made its first appearance in Generation II. Although it also existed in Generation I, it doesn’t have the thing to divide Exp. Amongst the whole party, Generation IV brought back the original form of Exp. share in fire red that is impossible to understand if you don’t know what it does in the first place.

Pokémon have a vast range of characters with their abilities, special powers, and the whole indulging environment that make the users experience the real fantasy world. All pokémon are somewhere that makes us feel nostalgic as they are part of everyone’s childhood or even we always follow them. Read on to find answers to all of your questions and queries!

What is Exp. Share in Fire Red?

Exp. share in Fire red

Exp. Share in Fire Red functions on their own in the game, whenever you gives an Exp. Share to a Pokémon in the party that wasn’t first in the lineup and battles, a fair part of the experience points gained by the battling Pokémon is then given to the one holding the Exp. Share in fire red. It must be noted that the battling Pokémon does not gain a regular amount of experience. It gains only half of the usual amount.

What is Exp. Share in Fire red

However, there is only one Exp. Share in each game as well as you can use other methods to gain more. For instance, they can cheat, win one at the lottery, trade it with a Pokémon holding another Exp. Share in fire red. You can also gain more of them in Pokémon Black and White, receiving another one from the Pokémon Fan Club Chairman. Exp. Share helps us to raise low leveled Pokémon faster. For instance, Exp. Share in fire red can help Magikarp evolve into Gyarados or keep an entire Pokémon Team around the same levels.

Lucky Egg

After Generation IV, Exp. Share got back to being a key item that shares 50% of the earned Exp. during a battle with any other Pokémon available in your current party that didn’t join in on the battle. You can also have the battling Pokémon hold a Lucky Egg that will multiply Exp. by 150%!

In case the Pokémon holding the Exp. Share is the one in battle, the extra experience will not be gained, and experience will not be given to any of the other Pokémon in the party. The only item that will help you boost Exp. share in fire red is the Lucky Egg, and finding it is pretty rare which you will only get it once you are held by a wild Chansey. Generation VI, Pokémon that wins a battle will receive 100% on the Exp. while the rest of the Pokémon in the party will receive 50% rather than being split.

How to Get Exp. Share in Fire Red

Fuschia City

Exp. Share is complicated to acquire, and it only happens in the first place. You will have to catch fifty different Pokémon species. To get Exp. Share in Fire Red we will have to travel in the eastern direction right out of Fuchsia City. You will have to enter a gate while leaving the city toward Route 15.

At the entrance, you will have to head out upstairs to the second floor and start looking for one of Professor Oak’s aides. He will provide you with Exp. Share if you have caught 50 Pokémon in the Pokédex. Theoretically, you could help a friend trade you an extra one, or you can use two cartridges to trade yourself multiple.

Note: The level cap is 100, in Pokémon Fire Red. After gaining level 100 a Pokémon will not gain more experience or level up.

What is the Maximum EV in Pokémon?

In the game, all pokémon hold a maximum of around 510 EVs that are spread throughout in all six statistics. You have the command to reset the EVs to increase the statistics. At last, every pokémon contain around 252 EVs put into individual statistics. Hence the resting process gives you the benefits of managing the hidden points in the game series.


Following are the FAQs regarding exp. share –

What is the working process of Exp. Share in fire red?

In the pokémon fire red, you gain the Exp. Share when it is unlocked, then you spit them equally to all pokémon who did not appear on the battlefield. If ruling pokémon is in the battleground, then you distribute this exp. Equally in five and spread to every pokémon complete experience, those are presented in the party.

Is there any possibility of Exp Share effects EV BDSP?

In most of the pokémon series, each pokémon who is presented on the battleground gets a reward of EVs given on the proportion of opponent enemy statistics. Additionally, you have the advantage of providing BDSP rewards of pokémon that includes EVs and Exp. to each pokémon in the party except those pokémon who participate in the battle.

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