Best 6 Genshin Impact Meteorite Shard Locations That Are Easy To Navigate

Genshin Impact Meteorite Shard

Genshin Impact is a globally accepted adventure game that inhibits various Anime playable characters to use and explore the fantasy world. Genshin Impact Meteorite shard attracts players worldwide to be a part of this game and enjoy the adventures, tasks, characters, powers, and fights between the enemies. Altogether, these happenings in the game made are interactive and record a massive number of logins daily, and also, the new players are loving Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Meteorite shard is one of the precious stones chased by the adventurous map players. It is not so tough to find, but you have to look out for it to own the hidden shards actively.

Genshin Impact has numerous things to do, and one of the small tasks is finding the ingredients and precious items that make your character strong and helps to provide progress in the game.

What is Genshin Impact Meteorite Shard?

It has been launched as a part of the event, in which the player searches for this Meteorite shard. It is a blue color gem with a light color shining until picked; this blue color gem is called Meteorite shard.

While you will be searching for the Meteorite shard as a task, you will be rewarded with an item known as Fading Star Might.

What is the use of the Genshin Impact Meteorite Shard?

Genshin Impact Meteorite Shard Appearance
Meteorite Shard Appearance

This Meteorite shard also helps in the character ascension, but you have to collect enough of it to meet the requirements.

You can also spend these Meteorite shards to purchase other rewards from the shop opens during the Events known as Event Shop. From the Event Shop you can exchange these Meteorite shards for obtaining few Moras.

How to find Genshin Impact Meteorite Shard?

To find these Genshin Impact Meteorite shards, you have to update the game and then access the Unreconciled Stars Event page in the game. When the page opens, click on the Unknown Star, which drops a mark on the map.

Follow and travel to the mark located on the map, which is highlighted with small circles; you can also take the help of Mini Map. Once you had made your way inside the ring, start searching for the blue gem (Meteorite shard), which can only be found within the highlighted area.

When you see the Meteorite shard, interact with it to collect it, and have it in your inventory. The fragment is not so tough if you are actively playing the game since it shines in a slight blue color in the specified region. It is suggested to use the characters like – Keqing, Mona, Klee, Jean, and Noelle; these characters easily find vision who quickly points to the Meteorite shard.

Genshin Impact Meteorite Shard Locations

To complete your event, you need to obtain seven Genshin Impact Meteorite shards in six different areas. You may not like to spend your precious time of adventure farming these Meteorite shards one by one. So, we have some guidance for the maps to provide you with the fastest route for each area.

Starfell Valley

Meteorite Shard Location Starfell Valley
Meteorite Shard Location Starfell Valley

The marks with grey background and diamond made of blue color are representing the Meteorite Shard. Immediately after you spawn in this Starfell Valley, you will get three Meteorite shards on the left side and the other four shards on the right side. This will enable you to get the gems in a cluster, which will make you finish the objectives of the Starfell Valley in an easy manner.

Cape Oath

Teleport to Cape Oath region, which is at the northwest, you have to follow as highlighted in the map and traverse the graph from left-top to right-top and then towards the down-left, ending at the right-bottom side of the map. If you follow and move according to the guided directions, you will collect all the Meteorite shards of the Cape Oath region in a linear-manner.

Guyun Stone Forest

Meteorite Shard Location Guyun Stone Forest
Meteorite Shard Location Guyun Stone Forest

The blue diamond with a grey background is marked as Genshin Impact Meteorite shard. Teleport to the waypoint and start from the second top island here; you will get three shards immediately the continue towards the east.

Qiongji Estuary

Meteorite Shard Location Qiongji Estuary
Meteorite Shard Location Qiongji Estuary

Teleport to the west of the waypoint that is, above the arrow mentioned in Guili. Then move to the right from the top. After reaching the end, move down then to the left; this helps you get the Meteorite shards as you walk through the path.


Meteorite Shard Location Minlin
Meteorite Shard Location Minlin

This map requires zig-zag movement and takes a little longer to collect all the Meteorite shards. You have to start from the peak of Qingyun and then move on the top, and then to the left side moving towards the down-side in a zig-zag manner. At last, get to the right bottom side for the last shards.


Meteorite Shard Location Qingce
Meteorite Shard Location Qingce

It is the largest map for the collection of Genshin Impact Meteorite shards, spawn on the left-top side of the map and then head towards south from the edges. Move-in a circular manner to make an easy way to collect the shards.

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Final Words

Meteorite Shards are significant to get Prigmogems. These gems are then used to get the latest characters with unique abilities. This port will definitely help you to find all the shards necessary to get the Tartaglia or Diona. All the best in finding them!

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