How To Use Genshin Impact Condensed Resin To Get Awesome Rewards?

Genshin Impact Condensed Resin

Genshin Impact is one of the most fabulous creations of miHoyo. It is easy to play an online game that you can get on your device for free. There are a lot of free online games available on the internet. But within a few days, this game gained more prevalence than its contemporaries.

Genshin Impact Condensed Resin is a gadget that can revitalize the Petrified Trees and Ley Line Blossoms to gain rewards. These rewards are one of the best features of condensed resin. Moreover, you can preserve your energy by using condensed resin.

What makes Genshin Impact unique? Genshin Impact is an action-based fantasy game that means here you will get the war-like ambiance along with an imaginary world. Moreover, this anime-based game is gaining popularity within the streaming community as days pass.

It is a mystery as to how they are keeping is the outstanding game free. With things to craft, cook, and weapons to gain, and places to go, this game is enormous in itself.

In the multitude of largeness, the character needs to be upgraded continuously, for which items such as condensation resins or original resins are needed for a bonus and easier gameplay and faster damage recovery, and quicker damage control. With its latest update on the verge and places to visit yet, and the story still to be completed, the gaming community can’t keep their breath.

In this post, we will talk about Genshin Impact Condensed Resin and its uses. So, without delay, Let’s dive into it.

What Is Genshin Impact Condensed Resin?

Genshin Impact Condensed Resin is one of the essential gadgets used to rejuvenate petrified trees and Ley Line Blossoms to gain better rewards. But there is a small twist. You can use a maximum of 3 Condensed Resin at a time, and you can acquire the recipe to make Condensed Resin as well. But also remember, you can only get the recipe of Condensed Resin by reaching up to reputation at Liyue.

How Does Genshin Impact Condensed Resin Look Like?

Its Crystal-like structure is filled with intense energy. You can say Genshin Impact Condensed Resin itself is the epitome of power. The Silvery white Irminsul trees and blossoms are linked to ley lines, which get blocked at a certain period. The energy which was in trees resin can filter out the obstructing substance.

Why Genshin Impact Condensed Resin Is Used?

Genshin Impact Condensed Resin Craft

It is used to regenerate Ley Line Blossoms, which get blocked at a time, and it is also utilized to rejuvenate petrified trees in Domains that need at least 20 original Resin, getting two sets of rewards at a time. But you cannot select the tips. It would be random rewards.

How to Use Genshin Impact Condensed Resin?

Use Condensed Resin

Now that the fact has been established that you can obtain rewards by using the condensed resins, that next question arrives at how to use it when obtained. They are Resins but the condensed form of Original Resins; thus, they can be used in place of the original resins while proceeding to domains and battling bosses and ley lines.

Rewards from Condensed Resin

Thus, the steps are simple to approach a ley line marked on the map. Then activate it. Defeat all the spawned enemies, which will result in the spawning of a Ley Line Blossom. Upon touching it the player will have an option to use either Original Resin or Condensed Resin.

How to Obtain Genshin Impact Condensed Resin?

A condensed resin needs to be crafted in the game. Here are all the steps you need to follow to craft a condensed resin in Genshin Impact.

Craft condensed resin:

Condensed Resin Blueprint
  • 1 Crystal Core
  • 40 Original Resin
  • 100 Mora

You would also need to get Blueprint as Liyue Reputation Reward. After you are done getting the Level 3 Reward, this unlocks the recipe for Condensed Resin. No visit the blueprint in the Precious Item Menu.

You need to use the “Instructions: Condensed Resin” in the Precious Item Menu to be able to craft the item. Now simply go to the Craft section and craft the condensed resin as shown.
You can hold on a maximum up to 3 condensed resins.


Genshin Impact is an exceptional game with updates on the edge of release. With a lot of positive feedback from the gaming community, miHoYo games tried to upgrade the gameplay in the upcoming updates.

This being said it is no secret that this game obtains most of its gameplay from the Legend of Zelda with a combination of Minecraft. But what sets it apart from these games is simply the beauty of this anime-based game.

With a multitude of items to cook, craft, create, and break, this legacy has absolutely no end. In fact, crafting Genshin Impact Condensed Resin is but a very minute portion of the gameplay. Therefore, the game is up to the player to explore with interactive mission and objectives to craft and end up with.

Genshin Impact is available on PC, Android, iOS, and PS4. With the latest updates withheld, the quest is yet to discover, and the story is yet to know. Till then, there exists a large open world to keep exploring.

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