10 Funky Friday Emotes Summarized

Funky Friday Emotes

In this busy digitalized world many people engage themselves in social media or in gaming platforms. The latter is far better than the former and it helps a person to come out of the loneliness or stress they suffer from. This keeps your mind busy and never fails to give you company.

Funky Friday Emotes are the emotes which are present in the Roblox game. There are various emotes and the player can get them by paying certain prices. Some of the emote has also been taken back when the game was updated.

Funky Friday is a competitive rhythm game that was created by getting inspired by one of the best browser games named Friday Night Funkin’. This game is entirely free to play but some of the emotes are priced. You need not even try to download it rather can play on your web.

What are Funky Friday Emotes?

Many of the players still don’t understand or know what are these emotes that are found throughout Funky Friday. Emotes are the added feature that allows the players to sit on the speakers and bop their heads to the beat. If you expecting the details about the speed of your character bopping its head then understand that it is determined by how fast or slow the song is.

Funky Friday Emotes and its Prices

Default 1Free
Default 2Free
RadioCode (million likes)
DJ Tricky800

Emotes References

In Funky Friday you will be able to get emotes and below are the following emotes

Default 1 is a Funky Friday Emote that is based on Girlfriend from the Friday Night Funkin.

Funky Friday Default Emote

Default 2 is an Emote that can be based on Volatilemask’s Genderswap Girlfriend.

And the Penguin Emote is based on the famous Club Penguin dance emote.

Funky Friday Penguin Emote

The Funky Friday Emotes that are got from the Touhou Project Series is known as The Reimu Emote. It is also based on the dance that she does in “Neko Miko Reimu”.

The Emotes that are got from the Friday Night based off of the Henchmen in Week 4 is known as The Henchman Emote.

One among the Emotes is The Tricky emote which is from the Vs Tricky Mod and by the end of Madness Combat 4: Apotheosis and it is based on the Tricky on the title screen.

Funky Friday Itsumi Emote

The Itsumi emote that is being the DJ in Salty’s Sunday Night on Week 5, Dinner Date is based on Itsumi.

How to use Emotes in Funky Friday?

If you are the one among the person who is puzzled about using Funky Friday Emotes, then this article is for you. You can easily use them by following the steps given below.

The first step that you have to do is to visit Funky Friday and then log in.

Then, choose the Avatar choice which can be seen in the hamburger menu present at the upper left of the screen.

Then, make your move towards the Visuals and then choose Emotes from the drop-down menu.

As a next step tap on view, all under Suggested, and that will help you get more Emotes.

On the left side of the game, you can click on Selected Emotes from Collection.

After this step, navigate to the bottom of the webpage. You could find all the free emotes here.

If you wish to get a freebie Emote, then go to the next option and click get.

Then, start to browse How to Use Emotes in Funky Friday, you would return to the Animations list and then click on the Emotes choice after you received your favorite emoticons.

Don’t Forget to select the Attach Emotes from the drop-down menu.

And the last step is to set your newest Funky Friday Emotes in the space, and for that, you have to try clicking on it and then pick the channel wherever you wish to go.

Why did Agoti get removed from Funky Friday?

After the new update was released many of the Roblox fans were disappointed to know that the Agoti Mod for the Funky Friday was no more in the game and it really broke the player’s heart. This created chaos and a lot of people raised questions and arguments to the game developers.

Due to the huge demand for the reason behind this removal,  Lyte Interactive, the developers behind Funky Friday, released a statement stating that It was removed due to the recent drama revolving around the key author, Agoti. And also they didn’t wish to associate with the mod and so they made a distance from the drama. The developers didn’t any other reason other than this and the world of Agoti was shut down completely in the new update.

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