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Equal Dragon Weapon

The Equal Dragon Weapon is a manufactured monster imagined and developed as an Ancient Civilization theme or similarly being one of its kind. It has been created from the corpses of multiple senior, and elder dragons are clasp together along with a steel carapace. Also, it is served as a super-soldier earlier to the extinctions of Ancient Civilization, and finally, it is sparked the first Great Dragon War.

How does an Equal Dragon Weapon Look Like? 

Equal Dragon Weapon Look

After you look at the equal dragon, you will feel that it is somewhat similar to a bipedal dragon, and the dragon has a draconic head with long limbs, a large pair of wings, and finally, a thick tail. The natural body of this dragon in the game consists of red and orange-colored skin.

The shine is available on the neck, chest, and upper arms, along with exceptional white marbling. The body of the dragon is coated with a grey color and thus has steel armor. The steel armor is mainly seen on the face, back, limbs, wings, and finally on the tail of this dragon. You will see on its head three horns which are kept.

Along with these three horns, the middle one is long and yellow while the other two, the left horn and the right horn, are smaller and white are white. You will also notice that the middle horn points high towards the sky while the other two horns point’s down towards the ground curved, which is similar to a bull.

But unfortunately, in the game as this dragon has a visor-inspired structure on its head, and that’s the reason the dragon has no visible eyes through which he can see the game; but though its mouth is available on full display throughout the game. And finally, when he destroys the structures, it will surprisingly uncover a pair of blank white-colored eyeballs in the game.

Is the Equal Dragon Weapon a Canon?

As in the initial Concept Art, it was designed for the first Monster Hunter game, and thus it included a concept, and it is popularly got famous as the “Equal Dragon Weapon.” It was an essential key factor that was designed for fighting the Elder Dragons. But unfortunately, this factor was never considered in the further sections beyond this point of game development and never considered Canon.

The Equal Dragon weapon released an encyclopedia in the Japanese language, and it included the information of all the games from its first series launched in Japan. Also, they incorporated a section that consisted of new designs in the game.

Lore of Equal Dragon Weapon vs. Fatalis 

The Fatalis can influence the things that are available outside the planet, such as the locations like meteors or eclipse. Secondly, we will take a note about Black fatails. In the game, they will always apparently have immortality as displayed in its gear and an ancient black-colored sword in the cave, and this sword frows and reforms.

The ancient civilization develops the Equal Dragon Weapon. It takes the dead bodies of hundreds of dragons, mingling them together in one single body to generate an impious curse of hell that will technically trigger the ancient old dragon war that vanished completely from the ancient civilization.

What are the Abilities of Equal Dragon Weapon?

The Equal Dragon is a combination of dead Senior Dragons, which reveals their unique features like strengths, secondly durability, and firepower, comparable with other living dragons. In the game, and wields Wu-Xing element that is being able to utilize ice, fire, water, thunder, and dragon.

Also, it can use a variety of forms that can be used to correlate with a specified element that has its specific strengths and effects of status. In the game, there is a total of six modes for you to enjoy.   

Destruction Mode

The mode is evolved and in the utilization of Fire Element, and it is determined by Equal Dragon Weapon, which develops an aura of red color and forms a powdered flame. The monster will use short-ranging streams, which will burst out love in the broader section of the area for dealing with significant damage to hunters.

It focuses on singular, powerful hits as opposed to combos. The flames will inflict Blastblight on contact. And also, it can be shifted from one mode to other modes and similarly to the other four elemental forms randomly.

Suffocating Mode

The second model in the game spins around the Water Utilization Element and is determined by the Equal Dragon Weapon. It develops a blue aura and forming virulent water over its claws. The mode will allow monsters to mostly give up straight damage to apply deadly status effects onto hunters.

By covering the room firstly with streams, secondly with pools toxic water and leaving it to remain on ceilings and floor. It is similar to the theory of how a Duremudira uses its poison. This water will act as Corrupted Poison on contact. And with the five primary modes, it will create the worst damage directly towards the output and the best area of effect. Similarly, it can be dropped down between this mode and the other four elemental forms randomly in the game.

Grenade Mode

In the third mode, it spins off the use of the Thunder element. This element is set by the Equal Dragon Weapon, which builds one yellow aura and creates electricity over its claws. The monster will give up the movement speed in approval of splash damage for defeating hunters. And it can be done with the help of its electric projectiles that have a vast radius upon bursting.

Finally, it mainly depends on attacks that are ranged in this mode. It will release the shots from a distance to make sure that hunters get seized in the blast. Thus, in the end, it can be transferred between this mode and similarly with the other four elemental forms in an unplanned manner.

Weapon Mode

So, we will move on towards the fourth model in the game, and in this mode, you will rotate around the utilization of the Ice Element. It is also determined by the Equal Dragon Weapon that builds a compelling white aura and forming ice on its claws.

The monster will utilize a balance of speed followed by power, range, and area of effect to kill enemies by forming different types of weapons created with ice. The following weapons will inflict Blur while having contact. Finally, it can move between this mode along with the other four elemental forms randomly.

Ferocious Mode

Now, we will walk around the last mode in the list. In this mode, it will rotate around with the usage of the Dragon element. It has been determined by the Equal Dragon Weapon, which develops a black aura in the game and by expanding its claws and its course with Dragon energy.

Also, in the Ferocious mode, the monster will move towards the ranged attacks in favor of quick, cruel combos, with the slashes and catches Bleeding while having a contact. In the five fundamental modes, this mode has the thrash range and the best speed. And thus, it can move between this mode and randomly to the other four elemental forms in the game.

What are the Attacks of Equal Dragon Weapon? 

Equal Dragon Weapon Attacks

Claw Swipe

The attack deals medium-high damage, and Equal Dragon Weapon quickly scratches at the hunter with its claws. 


It runs towards the hunter in an attempt to ram them, further swings its head towards an upward direction, and both hits deal severe damage.


Equal Dragon Weapon dives at the hunter and bites towards them. The next attack deals medium-high damage.

Hip Check

Equal Dragon Weapon gets moved to one side and then hits the hunter with the other side of its body and note that this attack deals medium-high damage.


It directly has contact with the foot deals serious damage.


The next attack deals medium-high damage and kills the hunter down.

Horn Swing

This attack has a range of medium-high damage and further moves around in the air with hunter flying.

Tail Whip

Equal Dragon Weapon stands in place and swings its tail at the hunter twice in a row. This attack deals medium-high damage.

Wu-Xing Ball

Equal Dragon spits a ball consisting of either Fire, Water, Thunder, Ice, or Dragon energy at the hunter. 

Triple Wu-Xing Ball

It will spit the three balls consisting of one of the following Fire, Water, Thunder, Ice, or Dragon energy at the hunter, and fand will attack first in the right, then move left, and finally in the middle. 

Wu-Xing Beam

Equal Dragon Weapon be in one place before launching a large beam consisting of either Fire, Water, Thunder, Ice, or Dragon. 

Destruction Mode

Blazing Shockwaves

This attack performs significant damage and increases Severe Fireblight and Blastblight.

Blazing Stream

The next attack deals with severe damage and inflicts Severe Fireblight along with Blastblight.

Blazing Counter

The Equal Dragon Weapon rears back, then does a 360-degree spin while spewing a stream of powdery flame.

Blazing Minefield

Equal Dragon Weapon will drop the seeds into the ground and fill it with fire, causing giant explosions to occur in randomized areas.

Blazing Sphere

Equal Dragon Weapon forms a giant fire ball along by using his mouth and hands. 

Blazing Missiles

The attack will cause with severe damage and inflicts Severe Fireblight and Blastblight in the Equal Dragon Weapon.

Blazing Smash

The Blazing Smash attack performs with an excellent damage and inflicts Severe Fireblight and Blastblight in the game.

Blazing Nova

The following attack cannot be blocked without Guard Plus, and it bypasses the Guts skill.

Suffocating Charge

Equal Dragon Weapon envelops itself in contaminated water and charges at the hunter, releasing balls of water that leave puddles on the floor. This attack creates a medium range of damage and also pulls a heavy amount of Waterblight and Corrupted Poison in the game.

Suffocating Pool

It is an counterattack used against hunters which targets on its head, followed by chest, and then in stomach.

Suffocating Rain

Equal Dragon Weapon emits a beam which consisted of poisonous mist that soon coats the sky with toxic clouds, and from these clouds, deadly rain quickly rains down and falls all over the area. 

Suffocating Splash

Equal Dragon Weapon moves in the air and discharges a ball consisted of poisoned water on the ground and thus its forms a toxic puddle that soon spreads out, then dive-bombs the hunter, creating an enormous geyser of contaminated water as it hits the ground. 

Suffocating Geysers

The attack performs low-medium damage and inflicts Severe Waterblight and Corrupted Poison.

Suffocating Surge

The weapon will fire out a massive beam of contaminated water while performing a 360degree spin, which leaves remaining pools of water on the floor. 

Suffocating Storm

The next attack instantly kills hunters whose Water Resistance ranges below +25, with survivors being imposed with Severe Waterblight and Corrupted Poison. Players, you should note that this attack cannot be blocked without Guard Plus, and it bypasses the Guts skill.

Grenade Launch

Elder Dragon Weapon emits out an intensive ball of lightning at the hunter. It also throws out a large explosion hitting on the ground. The next attack will create significant damage and inflicts Paralysis.

Grenade Volley

The weapon will be in place and fling a group of exploding lightning balls towards the hunter, throwing the balls based on where the hunter moves. 

Grenade Onslaught

Elder Dragon Weapon will toss many explosive lightning balls in the surrounding and forward section while moving towards the hunter. 

Grenade Trap

Sometimes instead of exploding right away, the lightning balls will get lodged into the ground and will explode after 10 seconds. 

Grenade Dodge

It will form a ball of electricity in its hands and then tosses it to the ground before it before hopping backward, with it exploding while coming into contact. 

Grenade Rain

In the game, Elder Dragon Weapon will point out its mouth and arms into the air and fires a large group of lightning balls in the upward direction. 

Grenade Bombardment

The Elder Dragon Weapon will carry towards the air and fall an explosive lightning ball onto the ground while flying on the hunter. 

Grenade Cataclysm

Elder Dragon Weapon will fly high into the air in the game, and it will form a great ball of electricity with its mouth and hands.

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