Celeste Full Clear: How Can You Do It?

Celeste Full Clear

We all fight our demons at some time in life, in this game we help ‘Madeline fight her demons to reach the top of the mountain of Celeste. It is a single-player game made to remind you somehow and help you discover a story of yourself.

Celeste Full Clear is an achievement indicating you completely clear the game without dying and collecting all the collectibles. In this post, we’ll go through what collectibles you need and general guide on full clear.

What is Celeste Full Clear

A full clear is a star or timer you receive after completing a run after collecting all the red berries, the crystal heart, and the caseate tape in a single run. Checkpoints and save points cannot be used and accepted or even return back to the map cause after doing that, it will not be accepted as a full run.

Being able to make a full run without dying or pausing to make a checkpoint and being able to collect all the items while avoiding death is a significant achievement.

How do you unlock Golden Strawberry Celeste?

Golden Strawberry is a special collectible item that a player can obtain after clearing the Core-B-Side. There are specific requirements that you need complete to be able to obtain the Golden Strawberry, the Player has to only complete levels and has to take the strawberry to the end of the level without dying even once.

Golden Strawberry is a complex fruit to get as a lot of the time, levels become tougher, and the thought of completing a level while keeping the fruit secure and not dying causes you to make unnecessary and simple mistakes throughout the level. This is like having a mind game played with you while you are trying to play a game.

Requirements To Full Clear in Celeste?

In Celeste Full Clear Collecting all the items in the level mean starting from the start of the level and not from the middle. For example; If you are playing level 8 you have to start from 8a and not from 8c (considering you get the golden strawberry here), you are allowed to save and quit and come back to it later.


A lot of people think that saving and quitting will end the streak for the golden strawberry, but it is a misconception, and it is allowed to save and quit the game and then start the game again as it is recorded as the same session.

How many Collectibles are there in Celeste Full Clear

  1. Strawberry: Strawberries are found on every level and in every chapter. There are many types of strawberries All strawberries do give players the stats to unlock more and more challenges.
  2. Golden Strawberry: These are rare and require you to complete an entire level. These are slightly hard to obtain.
  3. Red Strawberry: Red Strawberries are the most prevalent variety in the game, and every A-Side has them, except for Chapter 6: Reflection.
  4. Strawberry Seeds: Small yellow collectibles called Strawberry Seeds are dispersed across the game. A Red Strawberry will spawn in a specific spot when the player collects them all, however getting them all requires the player to grasp them all without touching the ground.
  5. Winged Strawberry: Red strawberries with wings are rare and can only be obtained by finishing a screen without a dash. The fruit will fly up and offscreen if the player dashes on a particular screen.
  6. Winged Golden Strawberry: A secret item called the Winged Golden Strawberry is only accessible at the end of Chapter 1A if the player has finished the chapter entirely without dashing even once. If the player survives a screen change without dying, they may accidently dash.

Celeste Full Clear Stamp

Full Clear
Full Clear

Celeste Full Clear stamp can be achieved, but it requires you to not collect the golden Strawberries or re-start the game from a level as the timer for the game will stop, and that does not allow you to get the Full Clear Stamp.

There is a bug in the game that for an unknown reason, does not allow players to obtain the Full Clear Stamp if they restart the game; you have to complete the game in one full run without dying and without restarting any levels. Without this glitch/bug it is a completely obtainable Stamp and can be obtained by all players with the skills to do so.

Celeste Full Clear vs Celeste Clear

Full ClearClear
Celeste Full Clear refers to ultimately finishing the game by collecting all the items and collectibles that are in the game. Celeste Clear refers to finishing the game entirely but without being able to collect all the items or the Collectibles.
Celeste Full Clear will give a Stamp for completing the game with a 100% clear rate. Celeste Clear will not receive any stamps for the clearing.
Celeste Full Clear shows others that you have properly completed the game with full dedication and with a 100% clear rate.Celeste Clear shows others that you have cleared the game to get to the ending without obtaining all items and collectibles.
Celeste Full Clear requires a gamer to put in time, effort, and dedication to finish the game entirely. The time required is massive.Celeste Clear requires less time compared to Full Clear but the effort and dedication required are the same.


Can Celeste Be Full Cleared?

Yes, but you have to clear the levels from the start without dying and collecting all the items.

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