Hidden Cash Trophy Achievement Guide – Far Cry 6

Hidden Cash Trophy Achievement Guide

The Hidden cash trophy of Far Cry 6 can only be obtained after locating a stash of hidden Moneda in any special operation. This is a bronze-level Far Cry 6 achievement. So you can earn this trophy at an early stage.

How to Get The Hidden Cash Trophy

Hidden Cash Trophy Operation

For getting the hidden cash trophy, you need to get the online trophy by completing the special operations. To start the operations, you need to start the quest board at three main camps that are Madrugada, Valle De Oro, El Este.

This online operation can be played in solo mode also. In every location, you have to collect the stash key from the cooler and then open the stash with the hidden cash trophy to get the 400 Moneda Cash prize.

There are three locations for stash Mesozoic, Cocodrilo, and Maceo. Though there are chances that the cash trophy will be at any of the locations, sometimes the particular locations are not confirmed.

This Hidden Cash Trophy is a one-time achievement so if you find it on the first location now need to find more.

The only confirmed location for the Hidden Cash Stash is the Mesozoic location which can be found in the quick play special operation map.

Mesozoic Location

Locate the key to stash

First, you need to download the Mesozoic map, the special operation map. For which you need to go to the black market to meet Lola in Costa Del Mar there you can get the Mesozoic map.

In the Mesozoic map, you need to search for a while and walk for miles. You can take help from Lola while there.

Upon entering the map head to the building which has the PG-240X battery. It is the visitor’s center. There you will find the key to the stash near the cooler.

The Visitor’s Center is guarded by Lt. Ria Campos so you may have to kill him as well. Upon getting the key you need to head to collect the stash.

The Stash

After collecting the key to the stash, you need to head to the Pterodactyl statue present near the Visitor Center. If you have not killed Lt. Ria Campos in the Visitor Center, then you might get a chance to kill him now.

On your way to the Pterodactyl, you will find him, so try not to come directly to him. After killing him, head to the Pterodactyl statue on the hill. But before that, make sure there are no guards there.

After reaching the top, search for the stash where the hidden cash is present, near the rock next to the Pterodactyl statue. You will find the stash there in which you will find the Hidden Cash Trophy of 400 Moneda.


Here the stash key is found in the northwest part of the Cocodrilo. There you can also cool off the PG-240X using the water in the water point.

While killing enemies on your way. After that, you need to return to the lighthouse to find the stash with Hidden Cash Trophy which will earn you the 400 Moneda.


For this location, you need to go to Militar Omaja Airbase. There you will need to go to the water tower after getting the PG-240X to get the key.

You will also need to kill enemies there. From there you need to head to the base of the water tower to find the Stash with the Hidden Cash which will earn you 400 Moneda.

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