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Animal Crossing Goat Villagers List

Goats are a type of villagers in the Animal Crossing series. They have heads that are more extensive at the top, hooves, little ears, and short, somewhat in reverse bending horns.

There are ten goat villagers in the series (six males, four females), out of which two would be termed normal, two would be called jock, two would be termed lazy, one being cranky, one would be categorized as snooty, one smug, and one under the purview of sisterly.

Animal Crossing Goat Villagers are special in the game as they are extremely cute as well as well-behaved.

Animal Crossing Goat Villagers List

There is a total of 10 goat characters in the Animal Crossing game. Each of them has a unique personality, behavior, and friendship rewards. Some of them being rare animals, you can get aesthetic rewards by bringing them to your island. Following is the list of all goat animals in Animal Crossing –

  1. Chevre
  2. Sherb
  3. Velma
  4. Billy
  5. Gruff
  6. Iggy
  7. Kidd
  8. Nan
  9. Pashmina
  10. Sven

Starting with the list and their attributes: –

1. Chevre

Animal Crossing Chevre

Birthday: March 6th

Chevre is a normal goat villager in the Animal Crossing series. The name “Chevre” signifies goat in French. Chevre is a white goat with enormous and glossy light blue eyes, and her horns have dull earthy colored orange and yellow stripes. Furthermore, with an ordinary character acting kind towards the player, Chevre may cause strife with cranky and sisterly villagers. As a typical villager, she will generally be simplest to get to know than most.

2. Sherb

Animal Crossing Sherb

Birthday: January 18th

Sherb is a goat villager who would be termed as lazy. Presented in New Horizons, and later Pocket Camp, his name comes from sherbet – a kind of frozen yogurt. He is a light blue goat with a tuft of marginally more obscure blue hair. As a lazy villager, Sherb will be well disposed and simple to coexist with because of his laid-back way of life. Like every apathetic villager, he has an affection for food and unwinding. His birthday is on January 18th.

Sherb is a new villager in Animal Crossing which was added in the New Horizons version. Her name originates from the word “sherbet” meaning ice cream. The personality of this villager is Lazy and his skill flourishes in talking to bugs. Developing a friendship with Sherb will provide you the rewards of Winter Sweater, Aroma Pot, and Sparkling Stones.

3. Velma

Animal Crossing Velma

Birthday: January 14th

Velma is a snooty goat villager from the series, and her expression comes from the sound goats make. She is a pink goat with dull pink spots and yellow horns. Velma has an inflated character, which implies she adores make-up and tattling. In Animal Crossing, she is by all accounts an energetic artwork gatherer. Her birthday is on January 14th.

4. Billy

Animal Crossing Billy

Birthday: March 25th

Billy is a jock goat villager in the series. His name is a quip on the term sire, alluding to a male goat. He is an orange goat with completely shut eyes, yellow horns, and pink inside his ears. He has a tuft of wiry yellow hair on the highest point of his head. As an athlete villager, Billy is enthusiastic and has an interest in actual wellness and action. His birthday is on March 25th.

5. Gruff

Animal Crossing Gruff

Birthday: August 29th

Gruff is a goat villager who would be categorized as cranky in the Animal Crossing series. His name comes from the Norwegian fantasy, The Three Billy Goats Gruff. A goat with green hide and earthy colored hair formed like a V-shaped hairline, Gruff has a surly character, implying that he will seem impolite and intend to the player from the outset. In the event that the player becomes a close acquaintance with him, he will be more pleasant to them. However, he actually will be marginally impolite.

6. Iggy

Animal Crossing Iggy

Birthday: August 11th

Iggy is an athlete goat villager who would be termed as a jock from the series. He is a blue goat with a white mustache and eyebrows. He also has an athlete character, which implies he appreciates working out. This is regularly astonishing because of his older appearance.

7. Kidd

Animal Crossing Kidd

Birthday: June 28th

Kidd would be termed a smug goat villager in the Animal Crossing series. His name probably comes from the kid, a name for a youthful goat. Kidd is a lilac goat with pink inside his ears, earthy colored hair, and half-opened eyes with dim blue eyelids. It fits both the laidback idea of his past lethargic character and the accommodating idea of pompous villagers. Kidd’s personality is cranky.

8. Nan

Animal Crossing Nan

Birthday: August 24th

Nan is termed as a normal goat villager in the Animal Crossing series. Her name may come from the babysitter, another word for a female goat, and her expression may identify with a child goat. She is a dim goat with pale spots on her cheek. Nan will now and then turn out to be extremely intrigued by garments after remaining for some time.

9. Pashmina

Animal Crossing Pashmina

Birthday: December 26th

Pashmina is an older sister goat villager in the series. She originally showed up in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Her name begins from “pashmina,” which is the best sort of cashmere fleece. Pashmina is an earthy-colored goat with a light-earthy colored gag, eyelids, and ears. She has an elder sibling character, a blend of the gaudy, ordinary, and energetic characters.

10. Sven

Animal Crossing Sven

Birthday: December 28th

Sven is a category under the lazy goat villager from the series. Sven is a blue, old-looking goat with white horns, hooves, and eyebrows, which seem, by all accounts, to be in a glaring shape. He has a languid character, appreciating talk about food or unwinding.

Out of the 391 villagers in the series, there are no goats that would be termed peppy. Chevre is the solitary goat to show up in each game in the series.

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Final Words

Among hundreds of characters in animal crossing, goat villagers are one of the most fascinating species. Inviting them to your island will not only create a good atmosphere but also bigger rewards. These rewards can be then used in your house to decorate it. Increasing popularity for decorating items will definitely create attention to goat species.


Who is the rarest goat villager in Animal Crossing?

Chevre is the rarest goat villagers in Animal Crossing. With aesthic rewards, this character is meant to be one of the top rare characters in the game.

Is Sherb a rare villager?

Yes. As sherb was added recently in the game, the players find it difficult to find him. As there is no Amiibo Card availbale for this character, the players cannot find the conditions to find him.


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