Is Bloodborne Respec Possible? Make Best Use Of Your Skill Points

Bloodborne Respec

Bloodborne is a 2015 role-playing action-based game made by Sony Entertainment. The leading player is a ‘Hunter‘ from the Victorian Era, inspired by the city of ‘Yharnam‘. The people living there are affected by the ‘Bloodborne‘ Disease. The player is fighting Beasts and Cosmic beings while unraveling the mysteries of the city and searching for the cause and cure of the plague.

Bloodborne Respec is the point allocation within a game that reallocates the points in a character’s skill tree or skill chart. Most games allow for Respec, but they cost you specific points of money, while others do not allow you to reallocate any points unless you restart the game from the beginning.

Origin of Respec

Respec has originated from the word Respecify or Respecialization, whose abbreviation is Respec which keeps the same meaning. According to the Urban Dictionary, the word Respec originated in the game ‘DARK AGE OF CAMELOT‘, but the word became more popular and more often used due to the game World of Warcraft.

Allocation of points usually makes a character’s game play different ranging from strength, pace, dexterity, and special abilities. Players feel more confident when their characters build is according to their type of gameplay, some prefer their character to be overly powerful, while others prefer if their character is more flexible or quicker than the enemies.

Is Bloodborne Respec Possible?

Stats available in Bloodborne
Stats available in Bloodborne

Unfortunately, the game of Bloodborne does not allow for Respec, you have to restart the game all over again to be allowed to change your build or skill tree to a specific type. But there is a way around this: completely level up your player to level 200, which gives the player an all-around build.

Sadly Bloodborne Respec is not possible, but the restart of the game with a new build allows you to learn from your mistakes and helps you rise the ranks and levels quickly as you already have the knowledge and strategies in place for normal monsters as well as boss monsters.

Is there any Bug related to Bloodborne Respec?

As such, there is no actual bug related to Bloodborne Respec, but to cancel out a specific build, there are two options where either you can restart the game and make the build you want and prefer OR upgrade and level up your character to level 200 (Maximum) which has all the builds and skills unlocked in the skill tree.

Best Build to Avoid Respec

Best Build For Bloodborne
Best Build For Bloodborne

There is no best build to avoid Bloodborne Respec as everyone has a build that they have in mind since everyone expects their character to be what they imagine him to be as such, the build that will decrease your chances of Respec is the ‘Soul’s Build’. This build depends on a player’s ability to collect Souls while finding weapons that sync well with your build.

Moonlight Great-sword makes a character’s arcane and strength rise by 50 points; adding the ‘Augur of Ebrietas‘ will make the weapon even more powerful as it allows you to shoot beams from the sword, which will keep your enemies at a distance while dealing them significant damage.

Check out our Chickage build guide, if you’re planning to use it.

Skill point Investment to avoid Bloodborne Respec

Vitality and Strength are the best places for a Hunter to invest their skill points at the beginning of the game to avoid losing or regretting it later. This skill point allocation will allow the hunter to have a bigger/longer Health and allow him to damage the enemies quickly and easily.

After that, the next skill investment will be in the ‘Bloodborne‘ Stat as that will allow the hunter to make more moves and deal more damage while in the Arcane state. Investing in the Skill attribute is also recommended as it will make a hunter deal more damage with skill-based weapons and enhance the impact of the Visceral attack.

Is Respec possible in other games like Bloodborne?

There are a few games that are like Bloodborne, which allow for Respec; I will specify which games allow for Respec and how to do those.

  1. Dark Souls: In Dark souls, you can Respec your character by talking to ‘Rosaria‘, who leads the Rosaria Fingers Covenant. Rosaria is a hidden NPC located in the Cathedral of the Deep on the second floor.
  2. Salt and Sanctuary: In this game, it is impossible to Respec a character entirely, but you can make small changes by obtaining ‘Grey Pearls‘, which allow you to reset a specific Skill.
  3. Lords of the Fallen: This game allows you to reset your stats ONCE every game, which means you have only one chance to build a new character before fighting the Commander cause after fighting him, you will lose that chance, but in return, you will gain a powerful and fantastic weapon.


What is Respec in Elden Ring?

Respec or Rebirth is a command in-game which allows a player to reset a character’s stats. Elden Ring allows for this mechanism.

Can you restart in bloodborne?

Yes, you can restart in Bloodborne as a new character with the basic stats of a new Hunter.

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