Elden Ring Dual Wield Staff – Complete Guide For Best Attack

Elden Ring Dual Wield Staff

Elden Ring Dual Wield Staff has been the talk of the town for a while now. But why is this so? That article will give you a comprehensive and complete understanding of this topic. What is the purpose of dual-wielding a weapon, and whether or not it is possible to dual-wield a staff in Elden Ring will be discussed in this article. Elden Ring provides you with a wide variety of weapons, including staff, and it does not come as a surprise that some players wish to dual wield some of these weapons, whether it be for the sake of looking cool or for a strategic purpose.

This article, as mentioned earlier, will give you an insight into the topic of Elden Ring Dual Wield Staff. Let us dive into understanding the purpose of dual-wielding a weapon in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Dual Wield Staff: Purpose

Dual wielding refers to carrying the same class of weapons and weapons of different classes on both the right and the left hand. In Elden Ring, the ability to carry the same class of weapons in both the left and the right hand is called ‘Power Stancing’, and the ability to carry different classes of weapons on both the left and the right hands is called ‘Dual Wielding’. This Power Stancing feature was introduced in one of the previous games, Dark Souls 2 by the game developers FromSoftware

This feature allows the players to take advantage of both the weapons that he or she is wielding.

Dual Wielding provides the players with a wide variety of advantages no matter what the play style is. Few, while playing, is making the dual wielding weapons of the same class and doing a power stance is providing the players with extra move sets that would not have been available earlier.

The main purpose of dual-wielding is to cause a lot of damage to the enemies. If you have status effects such as Bleed applied to your weapon, the damage you deal will increase significantly.

You will no longer have to take multiple hits to defeat an enemy, but you will be able to plead them much faster than earlier.

Is Elden Ring Dual Wield Staff Possible?

There are no specific stat requirements to be able to dual-wield weapons in Elden Ring. Dual Wielding weapons will increase the damage caused considerably.

Dual Staff Equiped
Dual Staff Equiped

Now coming to the question at hand to know whether or not Elden Ring Duel Wield Staff is possible. It is theoretically possible, considering how people have played the game with the meteorite staff in the main hand and Lusat in the off-hand. This has caused an increase in the damage dealt by the player.

If you have passive effects such as “Deal 50% more damage with moon spells” then you will be able to use one staff from the off-hand and another which has a higher scale on your primary hand to be able to cast spells such as moon spells which will be beneficial for the 50% buff.

One must note that this will only work if your spells get both the buffs.

Elden Ring Dual Wield Staff Stats

Statistically speaking there is 10% of it is happening, and many fans consider this not worth it. You will need to give up and sacrifice your ability for the defense to be able to dual-wield staff. A better alternative that many fans consider is to wield a staff and a shield as the purpose of dual-wielding staff does not exist. 

Dual Staff Wield
Dual Staff Wield

You can try Night Comet while duel-wielding Staff of Loss x 2 (80 ints) or Ancient Death Rancor while duel-wielding prince of death staff x 2 (80 int & 80 faith). It may be better to stop at 80 int and 60 faith. To get the best damage per second, Duel Wielding Staff is to use the staff called Prince of Death in the left hand and the Lusat staff in the right hand. Another alternative is to hold the Carian Regal Sceptre and the Lusats in the right hand. 

Elden Ring Duel Wield Staff makes a considerable difference as many players have used the meteorite staff throughout the game and were able to defeat most of the bosses. The Lusat Glintstone staff offers +6 damage than the meteorite staff. Equipping both of them will result in getting 200+ bonus damage if you use the rock sling.

Gravity buff, which is available with the meteorite staff, enhances the rock sling, and making use of dual-wielding the Lusat staff along with the Meteorite staff will make you get 200+ bonus damage. 

What weapons can you dual-wield in Elden Ring?

Giant Crusher, Starscourge Greatsword, Prelate’s Inferno Crozier, Antspur Rapier, Godskin Peeler, Rivers of Blood, Scavenger’s Curved Sword, and Spiked Club are some of the weapons that you will be able to dual wield in Elden Ring.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you dual-wield magic Elden Ring?

The game offers various weapons and an extremely fun dual-wielding mechanism. You can dual-wield in any number of combinations, so you can dual-wield magic in Elden Ring.

Does 2 handed staff do more damage in  Elden Ring?

Two handling weapons provide the players with multiple buffs and debuffs, which increase damage by around 30%. The exact increase in the damage caused will be dependent on the weapon used.

Is dual-wielding better than 2 handing Elden Ring?

When you are made to compare dual-wielding and two-handling, the answer is glaringly obvious. Two-handed weapons are much more efficient and better than dual-wielding weapons.


Elden Ring Dual Wielding Staff and the questions related to it have been actively asked by the Elden Ring community for a while now. Considering that, this article has attempted to provide you with everything you will need to know regarding the topic.

Hopefully, this article has been informative and will give you a better understanding of the topic of Elden Ring Dual Wield Staff to play Elden Ring with better strategy and enjoy the game better!

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