Dragon Quest 11 Marriage Options & End Scenes

Dragon Quest 11 Marriage

Dragon Quest or Dragon Warrior (former name in North America) is an RPG game on which several other Japanese anime, manga were based. Dragon Quest 11 is in continuation to the series Dragon quest. Nintendo 3Ds initially published the game in the year 2017. Marrying someone in Dragon Quest XI isn’t an option until post-game; that too is an option.

Dragon Quest 11 Marriage was not even expected to be a part of the same game, and even no one even demanded it. But to make it even realistic, the option was prioritized in the post-game. For the marriage to occur, you have to build a particular site; once completing the building, you need to pass a trial to be with someone and choose him/her for the rest of your life.

What is Dragon Quest 11 Marriage?

For those sitting tight to be with someone they love in-game, This post is dedicated to you. Although we understand that Dragon Quest 11 Marriage isn’t the appropriate word to be used inside the game cause you can only get married to your childhood friend Gemma truly. To support our claim, we would like to back up the fact with the game’s dialogue,

Do you take Gemma to be your lawfully wedded wife? Will you love her as long as you both shall live?

Many users might find this offensive, but Cohabit might be the real replacement for Dragon Quest 11 Marriage in the Game. You can marry any other party member in the game, but this is a live-in, especially with a male party member. For females, the scenario is similar to a coquet. This is well reflected in their dialogue, as they always talk about companionship, being physically present. But nothing of being a wife, love, or marriage as your childhood crush Emma does.

For a marriage to occur, You are supposed to Rebuild the entire Cobblestone and transform it into a crowded village. This might prove to be a Herculean Task as from running in between quests to a lot more tough battle, everything needs to be completed before you can build one village. After accomplishing building village, you must complete Disciplines Trial. Victory in the trial would provide you with an option to make a wish. There you can choose the opportunity to be with someone you genuinely love.

What are the Marriage Requirements in Dragon Quest 11?

Marriage in Dragon Quest 11 is available only after you finish the game (post-game). This optional interaction is available for you at the end of the game and you can choose which female character you want to marry in the game. In the post-game, you’ll have a task to build the place which later asks you to marry.

All the Dragon Quest 11 Marriage Options

Dragon Quest 11 Marriage Options

We have made it easy for you by letting you know the characters that can be chosen and are ideal for marriage.

  • Gemma
  • Jade
  • Rab
  • Erik
  • Hendrik
  • Serena
  • Veronica
  • Sylvando

We want to explain what Cohabit meant and reference we were saying it; the story’s ideal replacement would be Live-in. The state of being with someone for a more extended period and you are not an item. You will share the same house and upon both will sleep on different beds. It’s not real-world Live-in but a faithful companion or friend from the game’s perspective. Cohabit is suitable over Dragon Quest 11 Marriage as Rab concerns the main character Granddad so it won’t be legit to marry him. But at the same time live in or cohabit with him is acceptable.

The game leaves this aspect on person perception. The union of two people and what name you want to give is based on your knowledge and perception. It is mentioned in the Game, That it could be a marriage or something else. Interpretation is the viewer’s choice.

Each Character’s Partner Ending Scenes

Dragon Quest 11 Marriage Jade

Every character in the game has different ending scenes. Each of these scenes has its easter eggs. Here is the list of all partner ending scenes contributing to the game’s ending.

Final Words

The game is a beautiful adaptation to a real-world scenario. Even in the world where we live, Dragon Quest 11 Marriage is the most respectable union. The game has offered such a beautiful partnership to replicate our feeling into reality. We recommend at least once be a part of this ceremony. In the end, we hope our article would have been informative to you. If you like our work and posts, Don’t forget to bookmark our website.

Happy Gaming!

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