Dragon Quest XI Magic Key Doors & It’s Rewards

Dragon Quest XI Magic Key Doors

Helloreaders hope you are doing well, so let’s begin today’s article with another great topic named Magic Key Doors or “Red Doors in Dragon Quest XI. As we are enjoying the game further, we will come across a strange Red-colored door while traveling in the game, but unfortunately, it’s locked. There are treasures with valuable objects behind these doors that cannot be accessible until and unless a gamer reaches the middle of the game and finds six different orbs.

Dragon Quest XI Magic Key Doors are the mysterious door to find the treasure inside it. A Magic Key can only open magic Doors. This Magic Room contains several treasures that can help you find the best item for your upgrades. This post will go through all the magic door locations and their rewards.

What are Dragon Quest XI Magic Key Doors?

Dragon Quest XI Magic Key Doors

This game’s story is related to a key that the player cannot miss. As the player moves around Edrea, you will come around some mysterious red Dragon Quest XI Magic Key Doors in various cities and fields. But for it, you have to defeat the boss named “Dora-in-Grey.” After that, the player receives a magic key that can open each magic door found in this game world. And once the player obtains the Magic Key, the search proceeds to see all the Magic Key Doors and Red Doors and seek all the treasures inside it.

Locations of all Dragon Quest XI Magic Key Doors

Locations of all Dragon Quest XI Magic Key Doors

Now we will look into the locations of these Dragon Quest XI Magic Key Doors as follows –

  • The Hotto Steppe: So let us see the first Magic door or say the Red door. This door location is in Hotto Steppe and a magic key where the player can unlock its Magic Key and receive treasure. The player will get this Dragon Quest XI Magic Key Doors directed towards the top left-handed side map. Have a look near the Cryptic Crypt. 
  • Puerto Valor: Moving on to the next red door Puerto Valor. A player should go to the house situated right across from the church.
  • Gondolia: The third red door lies in Gondolia city. A player can find this door near an item shop.
  • Insula Occidentalis: This something new and exciting to reach this destination, a player has to take the ship to proceed towards one of the islands situated in Andrea, and the name is known as Insula Occidentalis to discover the red door. The location to reach the player has to come in the north island from the strand to find the located red door.
  • L’Academie De Notre Maitredes Medailles: The next entry is inside the academy, and you can see this door on the top-left side of the headmaster’s office you will find this door.
  • Phnom Nonh: The player in Phnom Nonh can find another magic door. It lightens up on the second floor of the armor shop.
  • Gallopolis City: So moving on in Gallopois, we will find our next magic door. It is up in a house toward the bazaar’s eastern side and unlocks the red Dragon Quest XI Magic Key Doors.
  • Dundrasil Region (South): Now, the player has to travel to the southern part of the Dundrasil region, where the player will find his next magic door and collect the rewards.
  • Lonalulu: Traveling across Lonalulu, you will find your next red door in the town’s eastern cliff.
  • Zwaaardust – Ruins: Finding a magic door here is a bit tricky for this the player has to move on the stairs near the east side of the ruins where the red door is situated.
  • Insula Centralis: Moving on in this journey, we will find another red door located in the Edrea islands known as Insula Centralis; to reach here, the player has to teleport towards the east option and go to the island to find this door situated.
  • The Last Bastion: So coming towards the end, remember we had seen a red Dragon Quest XI Magic Key Doors near Cobblestone there you have to go again there near the passage in the east you will find a Magic Door.

Rewards from all Dragon Quest XI Magic Key Doors

Rewards from all Dragon Quest XI Magic Key Doors

After seeing the Dragon Quest XI Magic Key Doors’ locations, let us move on to the rewards hidden behind them.

Magic DoorRewards/Treasures
The Hotto SteppeBanishing Blade
Puerto ValorFalcon Knife Earring
GondoliaDivine Designs Recipe Book
The seed of magic
Mini medal
Insula OccidentalisFalcon Blade
L’Academie De Notre Maitredes MedaillesUniforme de Le’Academie
Seed of skill
Phial Sage of Elixir
Phnom NonhSecrets of the Silversmith Recipe
Phial Sage of Elixir
Gallopolis CitySecrets of Silversmith Recipe
2000 Grams of the seed skill
Dundrasil Region (South)3 Mini Medals
LonaluluZombie Mail
Seed of Life
Mini Medal
Zwaaardust – RuinsClassy Clobber for Kingly Kids Recipe
Purple Orb
Enchanted Stone
Insula CentralisSainted Soma
The Last BastionWristorative

Final Words

Finally, now we have come to an end for today’s article we have seen about the most exciting facet of the game known as “Magic Key Doors,” or we can say Red Doors,” which is appeared on the map but remember it will not navigate if you go far-off. Also, we have seen the locations where these doors are available and the rewards locked beside them, and when a player receives the key, you can move all over around Erdrea.

It is also amazing to visit and move around the remaining islands to gain information about the other two regions simultaneously. Thus, Magic Key” will help us unlock all the doors and get the immunities to help the player future Dragon Quest XI.

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