Radio Libertad Walkthrough – Far Cry 6

Radio Libertad Walkthrough

A simple mission itself is a thrilling part of an action series game. What if those missions have series on them? That would be the super cool adventure series ever. Moving through all those make up the play is very fascinating.

Radio Libertad is the important exciting mission on Far Cry 6. It sets a quality standard on its feature as it holds three simpler distinct processes in completing the levels. Having mission levels keeps the role of lead to be more superior and powerful on Radio Libertad.

Mission Objective and Brief

The mission Radio Libertad is the prominent one that stretches to three different actions including various locations on completion of the quest. These three actions help the player in restoring the area network. It is all about doing some petty works on towers at their respective locations.

Here this guide is about all the required actions to complete the mission of Radio Libertad. The locations for all three steps of the mission are marked on the map.

Radio Libertad Walkthrough

Tower 1

Radio Libertad 1 Walkthrough

Firstly there is identification on Bandidio Escarpment. Here the player starts a mission on the help voice of Bicho and hits airways for good propaganda. When the player has been placed in that location he has to walk straight to the road and kill every man who is kept guard for that environment Radio Libertad.

By walking in for a few steps the player spots an ash strong door towards his left. He has to get in and very straight he sees a regulator. The player has to pull down and leave up to peer up the antenna where one level of Radio Libertad is completed.

Tower 2

The second one has also been marked on the map. At that place, the player initially finds a building. He/she has to go behind that and by walking straight there finds another one. Going in and opening up the gate, the stairs are spotted. Here also the guide is made by Bicho.

By climbing the stairs and still climbing up to wood the player finds a ladder-like structure. Using that he/she has to move up. Meanwhile, the instructions regarding the antennas are given by the Bicho saying what has to be done on Radio Libertad.

Radio Libertad Tower 2 1

Turning to the left after climbing the ladder the player has to cross or get to the other side using a rope. And by turning right from there the fighter finds an arrow mark guiding towards destination. Following that the player turns right and moves up. The player is now placed at some top of the building.

Radio Libertad Tower 2 2

Then by moving towards the left the player finds a blue-colored gate. And he/she has to shoot the lock which is very inside in order to open up.

Radio Libertad Tower 2 3

And by walking a few steps straight and turning towards the right there finds again an arrow. Following up that the player climbs the top.

Radio Libertad Tower 2 4

From there survivor gets on to the other side and finds an end regulator. Finally, the character should pull down and leave up the regulator. If the player finds there is no power then he/she has to check power connectivity in the nearby room.

Making alternated things on the main box the second level of mission on fixing red antennas to bring Radio Libertad online is done.

Tower 3

Radio Libertad Tower 3 1

The Bicho starts at the beginning when the player is placed on location. Here the player has to walk straight and turn right and climb up to the tower. He/she can make use of the zipline and stop at the left then start to walk. Again he should still climb up the tower using a ladder or some other helpful instruments.

Radio Libertad Tower 3 2

And finally at the before-end top of the tower there finds a regulator same as on towers 1 and 2. Therefore moving that down and up makes the mission Radio Libertad complete by boosting the signal.

Radio Libertad Tower 3 3

Hereby the whole mission of Radio Libertad is completed.

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