How to Get Inside Fontana Fort In Far Cry 6

How to Get Inside Fontana Fort In Far Cry 6

Located in the tiny separated island of Toledo Bay off the coast of Vacia, the Fontana Fort doesn’t just house an anti-aircraft cannon. The Fontana Fort is a military-controlled area found in the southernmost tip of the El Este region in Far Cry 6.

As part of an Operation mission, the Fontana Fort is where you can pick up El Florecer. But picking up the El Florecer is not as easy as it sounds. For starters, getting into the Fontana Fort is not a cakewalk.

This article will guide you on how to get inside Fontana Fort and more!

How To Get Inside Fontana Fort Without Helicopter

Many guides will teach you to get inside the Fort by the way of air. But there is a different hassle-free way of getting inside without causing chaos.

To do this, move through the right wall of the fort until you find an intersection of two walls. The terrain at this intersection is in such a way that you can easily jump over the wall and get inside the back area of Fontana Fort.

The good part is you don’t alert anyone in the fort and carry out the mission as quietly with stealth as possible!

How To Get Inside Fontana Fort Using Helicopter

Firstly, gain access to a helicopter which will be available in the El Este main guerrilla camp. Once you are near the red zone, gain altitude while flying towards Fontana Fort. You need to remember that your position of entering into the fort doesn’t matter much now.

The only essential thing for you will be the altitude of the helicopter. But gaining altitude doesn’t mean flying so high that you experience turbulence and cause the aircraft to restart. Learn your lesson Icarus.

How To Get Inside Fontana Fort Using Helicopter

Once you have acquired a suitable altitude, gun in for near maximum altitude to help yourself weave your way through the air smoothly.

Keep increasing your altitude if you are still unsure about how high you must go. While you are doing that pay attention to the turbulence alert sound that will go off.

Now start descending but make sure it’s just a little bit. Keep the helicopter hovering over. Start bobbing the helicopter up and down to ensure the chopper engine works uninterrupted and undisturbed.

Do not let the chopper engine restart. Now maintain the altitude as much as you can and steadily get closer to the Fontana Fort.

After you enter the red zone, your screen will display a prompt saying RESTRICTED AIRSPACE! LEAVE OR BE SHOT DOWN.

Fret not friends, we keep forging ahead. You’ll listen to the canon sounding off but try to not panic. You will have approximately 5 seconds to jump off after the prompt pops up on your screen.

Maintain a high altitude while moving forward. The sound off from the anti-aircraft cannon will be your cue to parachute yourself off from the helicopter.

How To Take Down Fort Fontana Anti-Aircraft Cannon

If you are playing through the main mission you will have some exploding and obliterating to do. You will have to blow up the anti-aircraft cannon from the inside.

After you have landed on your feet inside Fontana Fort you will have to use your Exterminador Supremo to blow up the cannon.

The Exterminador fires barrage of homing missiles and launches not just rockets but chaos while taking down your enemies.

How To Open The Door In Fort Fontana

In case you are trying to infiltrate Fort Fontana early on in the game you should know that forcing your way through the door won’t work. Shooting, blowing up, or obliterating the door won’t work either.

As Fort Fontana is a part of the Operations mission, you will encounter the door naturally and be able to open the door only then.

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