Keep Chunks Loaded In Minecraft Server: 4 Useful Methods

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Chunks is a term to refer to groups of blocks in Minecraft. Typically chunks loaded in Minecraft comprises a column of 16 × 256 × 16 blocks. Another term that has its roots in the word chunk itself is that it refers to a group of 16 × 16 × 16 blocks stacked upon each other. It’s called a “subchunk,” and although you might be surprised, this is still not the end of chunks.

Spawn Chunks, for instance, are unique chunks because no matter what, they are always loaded in memory, unlike regular old chunks that only get loaded when the player is nearby. Quit looking for answers because here we will get to know about all the possible options available to keep the chunks loaded along with the command which will do this job easily.

Keep Chunks Loaded In Minecraft Server

How To Keep Chunks Loaded In Minecraft Server 

To keep your chunks loaded in Minecraft Server (excluding Spawn Chunks), you will need to move an entity through a Nether Portal. The entity is usually referred to as an item that you can move through a Nether Portal. You can also use hoppers on the chunk border between spawn chunks or other chunks that are always loaded. Place the hopper so that it stands facing the chunk that has to be loaded, and it will let you have the chunks loaded easily.

nether portal chunks loaded

Can We Keep Chunks Loaded In Minecraft Server? 

While playing Minecraft, we log out and often travel to other dimensions. In this scenario (when you have logged out or are traveling to a different dimension), all the loaded chunks will remain loaded for 60 seconds before 1.9 version and for 10 seconds in 1.9 version and above.

If an entity moves through a Nether portal during these 60 seconds, all loaded chunks will remain just as loaded for another 60 seconds.

Can Hoppers Help You Keep Chunks Loaded? 

Only with the help of a long loop of hoppers will you be able to keep the chunk loaded but make sure that the hopper chain starts in the spawn chunks. You will also be able to use chains of hoppers to extend the area of chunks at spawn that is kept loaded.

Can Command Blocks Help You Keep Chunks Loaded?

chunk loader

If your device is low end, you will not be able to use command blocks to move the worldspawn with the current. On the other hand, new spawn chunks won’t be loaded by the command until and unless a you move within its range.

Keeping Chunks Loaded In Minecraft Using Mod

If you have created a farm or anything else really, miles and miles away from the unique spawn chunks or you are facing difficulties due to the chunk loader mods that haven’t been updated yet, then you can type out a simple command – setworldspawn <x> <y> <z>. You must also note that spawn chunks are usually loaded at all times, and this command will not load new spawn chunks unless we move within the range.

Compasses available in Minecraft typically point to the world spawn rather than the Northern location and thus will not be updated to the change until the worth is reloaded.

Keep Chunks Loaded By Using A Portal

chunks loaded in portal

One of the ways is to create a portal that has sent an item or is sending one every 30-35 seconds. This method can keep both the overworld and nether loaded and severe lags to the system. Iron Farms, for starters, should be built near spawn chunks to make it all about ten times easier. You can also keep a Redstone circuit running by putting it in spawn chunks.

Overall, these methods will help you to deal with the chunks and having complete knowledge about an item will let you handle the chunks in an effective manner. Therefore, before performing any action on an item you should know about it completely.


How many diamonds I can obtain from the chunk?

Approximately, you can get only one diamond ore generated from the chunk. Inside an ore vein, you will find 3 to 8 diamond ores in it. But you need to know that the ore vein is quickly overwritten by other structures like – caves which will provide a blank chunk.

Is there a possibility of crops to grow Spawn Chunks?

If you plant the crops in the loaded chunk, the crops will grow, and if the chunk is not loaded, the crops will not grow. Though, we can sometimes encounter an exception in growing crops. On the other hand, the chunks are considered to be always loaded.

How many Netherite are there in a chunk?

A netherite is old debris that is super rare, and the spawn is seen in nether Y17 or below. You can get two to three ores in a single chunk on average.

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