Card Saga Wars (Video Game)

Card Sagas Wars

Card Saga Wars is one of the best fighting games in today’s world. Aaron and Okrimides developed it, and with the help of the WinMUGEN games engine, the game characters and the various sections of video games. On 21 June 2018, the developer of the game declared a prototype build of the game.

And finally, on 01 July 2018 Card Saga Wars team build its Prototype Version 2, and the developers announced that the game would no longer receive any further updates in the future as they are no longer working on developing the game.

History of Card Saga Wars

The development of this game has begun in the year 2005, but its production was stopped for many years. Before getting the production discontinued in June 2018, Ahuron launched the prototype version of the card saga wars game in 2011. It has featured the four main characters in the game.

Minimum two updates featuring many more additional characters and their levels are planned and are expected to release soon. Still, beyond that, the game will no longer receive any updates or bug fixes.


Card Sagas Wars Gameplay

The Card Saga Wars mainly uses an uncommon control scheme that has five buttons. The standard attacks and followed with the special attacks and done with the help of two separate buttons. On the button, the alphabets such as X and Y are being printed, respectively. By pressing or holding these buttons in a specific direction in concurrence, the controller will get activated along with various attacks.

The Hypers are mostly referred to as Alfa and, followed by Beta Combos like Brawlhalla Combos. It will perform some traditional movements, and with the help of the Alfa, the Beta combo will require the motion in the left or right direction. In the next step, if you press the button on the console printed with the Z alphabet, the character’s green card will get activated, and you should have a minimum of one available yourself.

If you press the button engraved with A initial on the console, change the Green Card, which is available with you, to a Crisis Card. And in the further, it will activate the Crisis Attack of the character after you press this button again on the console. The button engraved with B initial will start a unique skill of your character in the game. But remember, it will not activate the fantastic talent of Etna. Etna is a flawed character in the game, and the button engraved with an “A” initial is allotted for her.

But because of some reasons, she will not have the Crisis Attack. The commands which you insert in the game are global across the entire star cast of the game. It promises the method towards Normal and Special characters are being handled. Every character is assigned with three Alfa Combos, followed by three Beta combos, two Alfa and Beta combos, and a Crisis attack. But there is once again an exception with Etna, who falls behind in the Beta Combo attack and Crisis attack in the game.

Game Characters of Card Saga Wars

Card Sagas Wars Gameplay

Below in this article, we have mentioned the list of all the characters available in the Card Saga Wars game, and they are as follows:

  • Cloud
  • Crono
  • Etna
  • Ivy
  • Lenneth
  • Link
  • Master Chief
  • Samus
  • Soma
  • Walkure
  • X


There are various levels in the game, and as you move on with the story, the difficulty percentage of these levels also increases.

  • Central Highway
  • Ceres Space Colony
  • China
  • Halo
  • Jungle Hijinx
  • Library
  • Lost Village
  • Sacred Forest Meadow
  • Zenan Bridge

Game Features

Assist Characters

It is the support card system. By damaging or blocking, you can receive a random supporting card. This card can be used to call for a character to perform an attack. The cards are ranked into the following categories such as A, B, and C. The cards in the A section are considered to be the most powerful, and these cards are the most challenging to get.

Few characters in this game contain their assists, and they appear in every special. Soma Cruz and Crono specifically will take the Up to Eleven along with Soma. He will make use of his souls, and Crono will make use of his fellow teammates.

Author Appeal

According to Aaron’s theory, it is likely the main reason for the chest size Ivy. Okimides requested to select the most significant size available for her sprite version. The final result will, however, set the limitations on the territory of Gag.

Boss Battle

It is confirmed today with the Mugen Guild thread, and it is the only revealed boss until today in the game.

Composite Character

These are several numbers of the cast in the game that are permitted to play, and the model is as follows:

Samus is considered one of the best examples. She will be wearing a Super Metroid or Metroid Prime age along with Varia Suit. You will see her carrying the standard arms and weapons; it also includes powerbombs, super missiles, and Ice Beams. But, you will also notice her getting along with the Grapple Lasso, the Overblast technique, and the Zero Laser.

Cool vs. Awesome

In this section, any match is expected to take place.

Dueling Games:

Not in many Card Saga Wars, but a few games, trailers, and a pair of characters you can consider as rivals in the franchise.

Demoted to Extra

For example, in the game, many characters, such as King DeDeDe, were initially considered rosters before being developed into Support Cards. One of the prominent examples is Mai Shiranui, who has pictures and footage of the game as a playable character before being downgraded towards Support Card Status.

Loads and Loads of Characters

You will see 12 characters are available in the prototype version of the game. And it is surprisingly upgraded towards the professional point of view. But they have never got close to the expected number of characters. There were total 36 numbers of characters that were being expected and were planned before the cancellation. The whole number of Support Cards and an exclusive 101 numbers of characters. Each character is different and is enormous from the universe.

Card Saga Wars Update 2

Card Sagas Wars Update


The playable characters available for you to play are as follows:

  • Samus
  • Master Chief
  • Lenneth
  • Walkure


  • Ceres Space Colony
  • Halo

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Final Words

Cards Saga Wars is an excellent fighting-based game, and the players can enjoy this game. It is appreciated by many players and recommended to the players who love to enjoy fighting-inspired games. And, the popularity of this game among players is increasing every day.