NWN2 Cheats and Console Commands

NWN2 Cheats

Neverwinter Nights 2 (NWN 2) is one of the most challenging and demanding adventure-based games in the gaming world. It is a fantastic role-playing game which you can enjoy with your friends. The Dungeons game inspires the development of this game. In NWN2, you want the game from a third-person point of view where your role is to control the hero in their attendant party.

NWN2 Cheats are console commands which can be used in the game to change some values or get some advantages. These commands are important from the developer’s point of view as you can customize things on your own. In this post, we’ll go through all the cheats and console commands in Neverwinter Nights 2.

How to Use NWN2 Cheats?

As in most of the games, there is a specific key bind to enter the cheats. In NWN2, you have to press the Tilde button (~) in your keyword to open up a console. In this console, you can enter the cheats from the below list.

NWN2 Cheats List

NWN2 Cheats List

In the next section of the article, we have mentioned the cheat codes of the game. By applying these codes will help you to reduce the difficulty level in the game.

Cheat CodeEffect
dm_givegold <number>You will receive the desired amount of gold.
dm_godYou will be Invincible.
dm_unlockcameraIt permits you to use the camera along with better scrolling and the such.
givefeat #Add the feat to your currently selected character. It is use #’s two between around 500
giveitem [item tag] #It provides active player item.
givespell #It will provide a spell identified by its id number to the character.
givexp #You will be rewarded the desired amount of XP to your character.
givexp [-ve number]It will reduce your experience points by the entered value.
irolltwentiesIt will provide you 20 in every statistic.
polymorph #The code will direct your controlled character towards a different creature.
removefeat #You have to erase the feat corresponding to that number.
resetlevelsIt will reduce the level if your experience points reach near to 0.
rs ga_alignment(1,0)The effect of this code is to move one point towards good.
rs ga_alignment(-1,0)The code is applied to move one point towards evil.
rs ga_alignment(1,1)It will help you to move one point towards Law.
rs ga_alignment(-1,1)It is mainly used to move one point towards Chaos.
rs ga_global_int (“01_Mineral_New”, “1”)Receive “1” more ore find.
rs ga_influence (x,y)It will develop an influence level for that companion.
rs ga_party_limit(6)It will increase the number of party members you might have at one particular time to 6. The default value is 3 in Act 1, and its value is 4 in Acts 2 and 3.
rs ga_time_advance(Hours,Min,Sec,Milli)The code will replace Hours, Minutes, Seconds, and Milliseconds to how much time you wish to advance in the gameplay.
rs gr_dmThe code will Spawn a Dungeon Master NPC who will permit you to spawn items also. It will allow you to add journal entries, open stores, along with the addition or removal of party members, and teleport.
rs kr_influenceIt is a simple influence editor, and it will in the form of a dialogue.
rs kr_roster_editIt will open a debug dialogue and the option to open the party roster to switch party members in and out at any moment.
Set Appearance #It will Make your gaming character and appearance of the # in the res reference to the table of the 2da appearance file but remember it this is just appearance*
SetCHA #The code will Set charisma to the provided number.
SetCON #It will Set the constitution to a provided number.
SetDEX #The code will help you to set dexterity to the given number.
SetINT #By entering the code, it will set intelligence to the given number.
SetSTR #The code will help you to set the strength to the given number.
SetWIS #It will set wisdom to a given number by entering this code.
unpolymorphIt will return your controlled character to normal

NWN2 Cheats Debug Mode

NWN2 Cheats Debug Mode
Cheat CodeEffect
DebugMode 0In the game, it will Disable cheats by applying this code.
DebugMode 1The code will help you to enable cheats in the game.
dm_allspells 0The code will Turn off the above code as a result.
dm_allspells 1Applying the following code will allow the use of every spell in the game—no class restrictions.
dm_cowsfromhellIt will Make angry cows as a result and will appear to kill your enemies.
dm_gettimeIt will display the current game time on the screen.
dm_givegold #By entering this code, it will provide you with a set amount of XP.
dm_givelevel #By applying this code, it will increase your level.
dm_godBy entering this code, it will enable God mode for you in the game.
dm_healThe code will Heal all the damage done to your Main Character in the game.
dm_levelupBy entering this code, it will give you just enough XP to gain one level.
dm_modifyage #It will change your Character’s age.
dm_modifyattackbase #The code will modify your base and change it to hit bonus.
dm_modifysavefortitude #By applying this code, it will change your fortitude saving throw.
dm_modifysavereflex #The code wills witch your reflex saving throw.
dm_modifysavewill #By applying this code, it will switch your will saving throw.
dm_modifyspellresistenceThe code will result in Modifying your spell resistance.
dm_mylittleponyIt will permit you with Speed Cheat.
dm_setraceThe code will result in setting and adjusting your Character’s race.
dm_settimeThis code will help you to Set the current game time.
fpsBy applying this code, it will Display your frames per second on the game screen.
GiveXP #The code will help you by Enabling Cheats by applying this code in the gameplay.
hidepartynamesIt will Hide your party’s names appearing on the sidebar of the game screen.
ModCHA #The code will allow you to add a specific number to Charisma.
ModCON #The code will apply an additional specific number to Constitution.
ModDEX #It will add a specific number to Dexterity.
ModINT #The code effect is to add a specific number to the intelligence.
ModSTR #It will put an additional amount of specific numbers to Strength.
ModWIS #The code applies the addition along with a specific number to Wisdom.
SetAppearance (001-298)The Character’s appearance will get changes by applying this code.
SetCHA #It will Set the Charisma within the range of 9 to 50.
SetCON #The code will fix the Constitution in the range between 9 to 50
SetDEX #You are applying this code will Sets Dexterity of your Character within the range from 9 to 50.
SetINT #It will put down the Intelligence level ranging from 9 to 50
SetSTR #The code will help you to regulate your Character’s Strength between the range from 9 to 50
SetWIS #The result of the code will set the Wisdom within the value ranging from 9 to 50
showpartynamesAfter entering this code, it will display your party’s names on the sidebar of the game screen.

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Final Words

The Neverwinter Nights 2 is a fantastic RPG game with various monsters, and it is entirely worth enjoying this game. The storyline of this game is excellent, and the game is available on their computers and laptops. Thus, it is a fantastic game for you to