Digimon World Next Order: Digivolution Guide

Digimon World Next Order Digivolution

Are you tired up of doing regular activities? Want to try something new? There are millions and millions of video games that are in use by youngsters all over the world. They get a feel of solace when they play such video games, and this is one among them.

Digivolution is a term that is coined after the word Evolution. It is one of Digimon’s special abilities and is considered the basic natural life cycle of a Digimon. It makes a Digimon to a higher level as the result of age and experience.

Digimon World Next Order is a role-playing video game that PlayStation Vita released in 2016. It is played from a third-person perspective, and the human character is accompanied by two partners named Digimon.

What is Digivolution?

Digimon Digivolution

Digimon World Next Order: Digivolution is a term that is uniquely termed for the Digimon series. It is a special process used by the Digimon monsters to create a parallel universe called Digital World. It becomes the main reason for Earth’s telecommunications network. With the help of Digimon World Next Order: Digivolution process, a Digimon will become more powerful than before.

We could see that Digimon lives in the Earth’s various electronic networks. They are the basic computer data, and so they can install and update themselves that makes them stronger. Getting enough data will trigger Digivolution. In the process of Digivolution, the color of Digimon gets changed; they become stronger than before, and it holds a different name than the previous name.

Though the form and name change, its consciousness remains unchanged. If it is not updating itself, the data that it holds becomes outdated, which weakens Digimon’s power in a matter of time.

Digimon World Next Order: Digivolution’s Stages

Digimon World Next Order Digivolution Stages

There are six main stages in the process of Digivolution. They are,

  • Fresh
  • In-Training
  • Rookie
  • Champion
  • Ultimate
  • Mega

It is purely based on a Digimon regarding the updation of data, and Digivolve from the first stage will always have its progress, and moving on the levels will also have good results in their progress. Most often, a sparse number of Digimon will always reach their final forms. Anger is the necessary factor that is used to survive in the battle of spur Digivolution.

When a Digimon gets deleted, they either get changed to Digi-Eggs or bursts out into pieces so that other Digimon can easily absorb the data. If you want to digivolve more quickly, then you can have a bond with a human. The process of involving Digivolving in the higher level will always demand greater energy if the Digimon is weak or injured in the battle.

Apart from these stages, some special stages can be obtained from special methods.


Only a selected Digimon is capable of this Digivolution, and it is considered as an ancient form. To reach this form, a Digimon should absorb some energy from one of the special Digi-Eggs. If your Digimon has more Digi-Eggs, then it will be more powerful among all. They act as a perfect equivalent to Ultimates.


In this level, your Digimon gets into the hybrid form and is considered a special level related to the Spirits of the Legendary Warriors. A Digimon can become more powerful in this Digivolution by joining with one or more spirits. It has four different forms.

Human Hybrid

It is one of the important forms that transforms a human or Digimon into a human-like Digimon. If you wish to attain this form, you must have the H spirit of any Ten Legendary Warriors. It is treated equally with the champions of the Digital Monster Card Game.

Beast Hybrid

It is a form that transforms a human or Digimon into a more bestial-looking Digimon. To get to this form, you must have the B spirit of any Ten Legendary Warriors.

Fusion Hybrid

It is also known as Fusion Form and is considered the most powerful form among all, and it can be achieved using both the H- spirit and B- spirit. It is treated as equivalent to Megas in Digital Monster Card Game.

Unified Hybrid

It is also known as Transcend Form, and it uses Five H- spirits and Five B- spirits and combines to give a powerful form.

Burst Mode

Burst Mode Digimon appears in the media, such as cards and games. Burst is “the power that exceeds Mega,” though it looks similar to other modes that increase the strength of the Digimon. A Burst Digimon will always have its similarity with its original form, but the power of the Digimon gets increased.


It is the Super-Ultimate level that is far higher than the Mega level. Only a few Digimon’s can cross this level, and they are often considered Mega’s for convenience.

Xros Wars

The levels are not mentioned in this Digimon Fusion and any other media; rather, these Digimon’s are  specified as being at the “Xros Wars.”

To be more specific in the animation and other media forms. Digimon will usually shout out its type of Digivolution and then shout out their names after that. It is a well-known fact that the term Digivolution is named after the word Evolution. Still, many consider that it is similar to Metamorphosis since it involves the aging factors in the stages.

Effects of Digivolution

Effects of Digivolution in Digimon World Next Order

The effect of Digivoluion in a Digimon is shown in various ways. Whenever a Digimon gets transformed to the next level, then the level of Digivolution, its appearance will have a slight connection with the previous one but has no connection. For example, they seem to be opposite poles, a Gatamon who looks like a cat Digivolution to Angewomon, an Archangel Digimon. Usually, in the Digivolution process, the present Digimon will always be bigger than the previous one.

Forms of Digivolution

Digivolution is on the forms that a Digimon undergoes to get much stronger and better. In this process of Digivolution, they might get more clothes or armor. In anime and other media forms, Digivolution can be easily triggered when the points of the Digimon drop to Zero, but that is not the same for the revised version of the Digimon.

Digimon Tamers

It isn’t easy to start the process of Digivolution in this world. The ultimate source for Digivolution is Calumon, a Digimon that the Digital Gods create. A tamer must swipe the card into their D-spirit that helps activate the Calumon, which results in giving them Digivolution energy.

Digimon Data Squard

In this form, the importance of DNA is brought out to the readers to trigger a Digivolution process. D.N.A. is a manifestation of a human partner’s emotions, and it is sent to the Digimon to start Digivolution. There is a possibility of mixing Fresh or In-Training Digimon to get to a higher level in this form. But the Digimon formed out of this process is not considered a type of DNA Digivolution.

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