Sonic Infinity Engine – The Best Custom Engine For Sonic Games

Sonic Infinity Engine

The sonic game has evolved a lot in the past 15 years. From basic movements to advanced movements, the developers have always surprised the players. With new engines coming into play, players can develop their own sets of levels and play around.

Sonic Infinity Engine is a custom experimental engine that is used by many developers to create new sonic levels. As the engine is not finished, it’s most probably deprecate project. Moreover, the engine is regarded as one of the best engines for movements but it lacks graphical details.

What Is A Sonic Infinity Engine?

Sonic Infinity Engine Game

The story of the development of the Sonic Infinity Engine is very strange. It was developed by a gamer named Oban, who was not really a fan of Sonic games. He just made the engine to practice game development, and this has managed to capture the attention of many gamers. The engine codes are now open to other enthusiasts who want to continue to work with them. Sure, it could use the help of some creative developers. This engine has potential that has to be recognized by the game developers.

Video game engines provide a technical base to develop other games (mostly fan games.)

Is There A Sonic Infinity Engine Released For Android?

The sonic game started free to play and optimized games for mobile phones. Required Ram is 8 GB, though the game barely goes over 1.5 GB. Although, it’s rumored to get released soon, it’s highly possible that this engine is thrown off the main project lines by the developers. There is no progress of the engine for the past 2 years.

Are Sonic Games Canceled?

Most of the people are wondering the same as the creator’s youtube, and Twitter accounts are dead. There are chances that the sonic games are canceled. To be precise, the games/levels on the infinity engine are expected to be canceled. As there is uncertainty about the engine itself, the fan developers also moved on to different engines to make better custom levels.

Sonic Infinity Engine Plus

Sonic Infinity Engine Plus

Sonic Infinity plus is the expansion of Infinity Engine. The team is lead by:

  • TheFizzWizz
  • Programmers: Vivianite, Hes and 31Emanuel
  • Graphic Designer: xKindredKinesis

The team will expand, improve and fix issues relating to the original Sonic Infinity Engine. Even though their work is still in progress, there are few demos available on Youtube.

Infinity plus will be made in Unreal Engine 4, which will allow users to create their fangame.

Sonic Infinity Adventure Pack

The Sonic Infinity Adventure pack is a 3D Sonic Fan Game developed by Oban with the Sonic Infinity Engine. The adventure pack is quite a game. The graphics are amazing, the sound of Sonic’s moment is really good, and the landscapes are genuine. The pack contains four levels. The game has a soundtrack of the Promised Neverland, which makes it more enjoyable.

Difference between Sonic Infinity Engine and Dash Engine

Sonic Infinity Engine and Dash Engine

Dash Engine is an Unreal Engine 4 Sonic framework. Sonic Infinity shares the same engine, however, These two engines are completely different frameworks. A ‘framework‘ basically provides all the gimmicks, tools and gameplay, that are necessary to start building some amazing games. The Engine is under development and is currently handled by the Galaxy Software, whereas the Sonic Infinity Engine is no longer in development as it was dropped by the original creators. The prerequisites for installing the dash engine are:

  • Unreal Engine 4.25
  • Visual Studio 2019 (16.5) – Any edition
  • Windows 10 build 1809

Although there are previous videos on Infinity Engine, the videos have stopped appearing for the past 2 years. To predict this correctly, this engine might’ve been set aside by the developers to focus on new upcoming things.

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