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Octodad Ties

Do you accept the fact that being stylistic is also very important to give a hero look? In reality, you can dress and wear different types of clothes to show your uniqueness. Can the same happen in the virtual world? Yes, It can!.

Octodad Ties are one such tool that helps you to bring out your unique style in the virtual world. These tools will provide you different ties for different occasions and you can use them the way you want. Many players would love to use all the ties and feel to be completed.

Octodad: Dadliest Catch is an independent video game that was created by young horses. Th game is divided into different levels with different goals. It will be similar to real-life incidents and it will make you feel like being existing in a different world.

What are Octodad Ties?

Octodad Ties is one of the best features provided in the game to make your player look more stylistic than ever before and has unique special powers. There are different types of ties and varieties with their colors and occasion.

Wedding Bells

Octodad Ties Wedding Bells

Classic Red

It is one of the types of ties that comes under Wedding Bells. It is described as “Octodad’s favorite necktie!” and attracts the players with its magnificent look. It is fully red in color,, and you can match it with the shirt that suits it. It is located on the doorknob in the dressing room that is near the reception area.

Wedding Cake

It is one among the Octodad ties that decorate the person who wears it. It is described as “Some of these spots are just cake frosting” and appears within a peach color with white round spots all over the tie. You can easily find out the Wedding Cake tie under, wedding cake in the reception area.

Piano Keys

These Octodad Ties are fascinating in their appearance. It looks like a piano keyboard is just printed on the ties. It is described as the “Someday these ties will be playable!” and it is easily found on top of the organ instrument located in the wedding reception area.

Home, Sweet Home

Home, Sweet Home

Number One Dad

These Octodad Ties are like a present from the kids to their dear fathers during the occasion of Father’s Day. It is fully black in color and you could find the word #1 DaD being printed in peach color on the tie. It is located in the Bottom left dresser drawer in the bedroom. It is described as a special gift from the kids to their fathers.

Flower Print

This tie gives a floral outlook and it is fully maroon in color and you could find the patterns of flowers being printed all over the tie. It is described as, “Stacy tried to plant this to grow a tie tree.” If you like it you need not search for it terribly rather you can find it out under the garden gnome in the flower garden.

Sports Print

All the sports lovers would opt for this Octodad Ties. It is fully black in color and the pictures of Balls are printed in two different colors. It is found on top of the shed in the backyard. It is cooly described as “Tommy wears this when he’s pretending to be Sports Johnson.”

Gervason’s Grocery

Octodad Ties Gervason's Grocery


These Banana Octodad Ties are quite famous and look exactly like a Banana. It is yellow in color and has black spots exactly like a real banana would have. It is described as “A demon spawn from your darkest nightmares.” and can be noticed in the banana bin in the produce section.

Hen Tie

These Octodad ties are unique in nature and they are yellow in color and have a hen picture being printed at the end of the tie. It is located on the air conditioning duct that is present above the dairy section.

Tasty Meat

This delicious tie is described as, “Not actually tasty, believe me.” It is coated with each color and could find a small portion of the tie is colored with the meat color to match its title. It is found behind the meat counter, which is near the circular saw.

Aquatic Fun Center

Aquatic Fun Center

Rainbow Dream

It is described in one single heavy word “Groovy!”. It is easily found out on the awning above the gift shop, just near the turnstile.

Shark Attack

Players who have the feel of giving a terror look prefer to wear these Octodad Ties. It is described as “The only time you’ll want a shark around your neck!”. You can find it easily inside the vending machine that is located near the beluga whale exhibit.


It is clearly described as “Diploria strigosa?” and many tie lovers would prefer using this tie for its grand outlook and feel. It is safely located in a locker in the employee-only area and you can find that locker on the way to the top of the shark tank.

World of Kelp

World of Kelp

Green Paisely

It is described as “Also called Boteh, an ancient pattern from the Sassanid Dynasty!” that takes place in the world of Kelp. You can also know the location of it in the Kelp place. It is situated on an otter standup in the area where Tommy continuously kicks urchins at kelp.


It is located Above the sun wheel and that is seen in the second area of the World of Kelp. It gives a fresh look to the players who wear it. And it is described as “The wearer of this will always wake up on time!”.

Octopus Pattern

It is found on the giant octopus jungle gym only at the end of the World of Kelp. By wearing these Octodad Ties no one will suspect a thing.

The Deep Sea

Octodad Ties The Deep Sea

The Question

It is described in a question format in order to match its title. It says as such, “OR IS IT?” and you can easily find it on the frame of the leftmost portrait in the very first room.

Disco Floor

If you are a person who enjoys parties then you should go for this tie. It is described as “This tie will never, ever go out of style!”. It is located in the box of pink glowsticks, behind the Snugglefish.

Pink Plaid

These Octodad Ties are found on the Snugglefish’s dorsal fin. It is described as “Currently in vogue with cherry blossom lumberjacks.”

Amazon Arcade

Amazon Arcade

Fish Pattern

You could find the fish patterns all over the tie in the combination of orange and yellow color. A player can easily find it on the big rock to the right of the Fish Toss game. It is described as though it is referring to the fish kinds.

Green Stripey

It is cleverly described as “A fresh tie with just a hint of mint.” It is present inside the Caiman Jaw Claw game, which is seen towards the back right.

Heart Pattern

In a full red color tie, you could see hearts shapes in mild colors being printed all over these Octodad Ties. It is described as “Did you know octopi have three hearts?” and is found out in a prize tree, but only after completing all ten arcade games.

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