Borderlands 3 Dedicated Drops List [2024]

Borderlands 3 Bosses & Dedicated Drops

Whenever we win a level, we are rewarded with exclusive gifts and powers in a video game. The same happens to a role-playing video game, and they give complete weapons and drops whenever you defeat an enemy.

Borderlands 3 Dedicated Drops are the reward items you get whenever you defeat a boss. Most of the drops are weapons, and it has extreme power and attacking quality. With the help of these drops, you will be able to equip your virtual character with much more power and energy. So, as a result, you will be able to win any most demanding level.

Borderlands 3 Dedicated Drops

There are many impressive Dedicated Drops in the game that can give you extraordinary drops, including weapons and other kinds of stuff. We will provide you with a quick overview of the boss drops and tell you how to defeat them in detail.

Story BossesDedicated Drops
ShivRipper, Moxxi’s Bouncing Pair
MouthpieceMindkiller, Nemesis
GigamindSmart Gun XXL, Red Card
Katagawa BallBrainstormer, Multi-tap
Katagawa JrStorm, Firestorm, Crossroads, Sand Hawk
The RampagerThe Duc, Good Juju
Captain TrauntTankman’s Shield, Kaoson
WardenFreeman, Plaguebearer
GenivivPolybius, Ten Gallon, Reflux
Billy, The AnointedLead Sprinkler, Raging Bear
AureliaFrozen Heart, Juliet’s Dazzle
The GravewardGrave, Ward, The Lob
Agonizer 9000/ Pain & TerrorDictator, White Elephant, Damned, BackBurner
General TrauntRecursion, D.N.A
Tyreen The DestroyerKing’s Call, Queen’s Call, Bitch
Troy CalypsoOccultist, Vosk’s Deathgrip

How to Get Dedicated Drops From Each Boss


Borderlands 3 Bosses & Dedicated Drops Shiv

It is located in Pandora and Covenant Pass and can drop essential elements. The boss will let you have Borderlands 3 Dedicated Drops like Ripper and Moxxi’s Bouncing Pair by defeating this story. But you must know how to beat him; only then will you be rewarded with this drop.

  • You can defeat Shiv by dodging his unique ability, and it will make him slam the ground by creating underground shockwave that travels directly in front of him.
  • Dodge this attack with the help of the area around you and jump in order to avoid his unique ability when it nears you. An when the time has come, spray him with bullets and try to take him at the earliest.


Borderlands 3 Mouthpiece

The mouthpiece is the second boss you encounter in the game, and it is located in Pandora, Ascension Bluff. By defeating this story boss, you will get Borderlands 3 Dedicated Drops like Mindkiller and Nemesis. But do you know the trick to beat him? Here it is.

  • You must escape from the Mouthpiece’s speaker attacks, and hence you must always try to maintain your distance from him. Usually, Mouthpiece has to raise his shield to unleash a speaker attack and, if you have the chance to shower him with your bullets.
  • Your focus shouldn’t be on killing the Apostles because he will call for many more of them, and it is merely a waste of time.
  • You must be able to take the Mouthpiece pretty quickly through regular use of your Action Skills and weapons.



Defeating Gigamin is not that hard, but you have to know where to hit in his body and its location to find it. It is located in Promethea, Meridian Metroplex. By defeating this story boss, you will get Borderlands 3 Dedicated Drops like the Smart Gun XXL, and there are additional Dedicated Drops named Red Card.

  • The weakest parts in his body are its head and back, so better keep aim for these spots.
  • The run and gun technique is needed to fight with this boss, and you must always cover nearby to escape from his projectile attacks.
  • To defeat him, you must definitely need the highest DPS weapon you have, like a Shotgun, SMG, or Assault Rifle.

Katagawa Ball

Katagawa Ball

It is located in Promethea or Skywell -27 and is unhappy when you destroy his laser in the eighth chapter of Borderlands 3. By defeating this story, the boss will give you Borderlands 3 Dedicated Drops like Brainstormer and has added the Mayhem 6 legendary Drop named Multi-tap. To trounce him, you can follow these steps.

  • Katagawa Ball’s weak spot is his eye, and if you wish to defeat him, you can spit your aim up there. And you can use Sniper Rifle to hit the target, and it might cause critical damage.
  • The more you manage your weapon in this fight, the more chance you can win the battle and use your Action Skills correctly.
  • Choose a weapon with high damage stat but with low accuracy to hit the boss. Select the explosive or Corrosive damage creating guns for this fight.

The Rampager

Borderlands 3 The Rampager

This Story boss has three different phrases, and each one should be handled with new mechanics. It is located in Promethea or Forgotten Basilic. By defeating this story boss reward you with Borderlands 3 Dedicated Drops like The Duc and the Mayhem 4 Legendary Drop is Good Juju.

  • Just shower him with a specific amount of damage, and this will make him slightly stunned. Hence you can damage him more at those moments.
  • Remember, during the final phase, he will jump around the room and attack you with his fireballs but try to dodge these attacks and run around. You can reshoot him, wait for him to get stunned, and attack until he dies.

Captain Traunt

Captain Traunt

It is located only in Athenas and is the most challenging boss to beat in the game. The point is that he has so many Shields and can recharge them, which makes him so powerful. By Defeating this story boss, you get rewarded with Borderlands 3 Dedicated Drops like Mayhem 4 Legendary Drop – Tankman’s Shield and Mayhem 6 Legendary Drop – Kaoson. To beat him, follow the steps given below.

  • It would be best if you aimed for the large generator which can be seen on his back or must try to shoot him in the face to stun him.
  • Always go with Shock Damage weapons that will take down his shields.
  • As soon as his shields are down, you can attack him with sniper rifles, shotguns, and assault rifles, creating maximum damage.
  • You can also lob a Porcelain Pipe Bomb, and so you can take him down in three seconds.


Borderlands 3 Aurelia

You could find Aurelia in Eden -6 or Black barrel Cellars. By defeating this story boss, you get rewarded with Borderlands 3 Dedicated Drop like the Frozen Heart, and the shield you get will create a cryo nova that will freeze your opponents and also steals their health. You will also get Firestorm Grenade in her loot pool. Defeating her will also gift you with Borderlands 3 Dedicated Drops named Mayhem 4 Legendary Drop – Juliet’s Dazzle.

  • She is merely weak to almost all types of damages so that you can defeat her with Shock, Incendiary, and Corrosive.
  • But here’s the trick when she encases herself in ice, you must shoot the ice immediately.
  • Her snowfall and whirlwind attacks are very terrifying and can be dodged by standing in one place.

The Graveward

The Graveward

This boss is definitely hard to fight, and before knowing how to defeat him, you should know where he would be located. You can see him in locations like Eden-6 and The Floating Tomb. Defeating this boss will give you Borderlands 3 Dedicated Drops like Ward and The Lob.

  • You have to aim for the glowing yellow areas on his head, chest, and hand since all these are his weak areas.
  • You can get more minor damage than usual if you are Powersliding beneath his beam attack.
  • If you find out that he is about to vomit, then you must run towards the opposite side of the area.
  • If the ground around is glowing, then be ready that he is about to launch his next attack in that particular area.

Katagawa Jr.

Borderlands 3 Katagawa Jr.

By defeating this boss you will be able to get Borderlands 3 Dedicated Drops like the Storm, Firestorm, and Crossroads. As an added advantage you will also get Mayhem 6 Legendary Drop: Sand Hawk. This boss can be located in Promethea and Atlas HQ.

  • If you wish to take down Katagawa Jr. then you must have both a good short range and long range weapon. For long range you can use strong Sniper Rifle and for short range you can use either a Pistol, SMG or Assault Rifle.
  • Using a weapon that deals Shock Damage and it can take out the shield for the boss.
  • If you made the Katagawa Jr down to the last 5% of his health, he will start to teleport around the battlefield and melee will start to attack you.



This boss will give you Borderlands 3 Dedicated Drops like the Freeman and you will be able to take control with this Rocket Launcher as you can guide the missiles. It is located in the areas Eden-6, and The Anvil. And as an added advantage you will get Dedicated Drops, Mayhem 6 Legendary Drop: Plaguebearer.

  • This boss has two bars, and the yellow bar is used to represent his armor and and the red bar is used to represent his health. The first step that you have to follow is to use your weapons and focus more on damaging the armor.
  • It is a well-known fact that The Warden has three phases namely, the Warden, the Super Raging Warden, and the Mega Raging Warden. If you are wanting to beat this beastful boss then with no delay you have to attack him in the very first phase.
  • You should try to avoid all his projectile attacks that consists of lasers and rockets which is let out during his first phase.
  • The Warden’s weakest location is his none other than his Head, and make sure you hit that particular spot.
  • Never forget to attack him continously because he has the ability to regain his health. If you are confused about his healing then you can still check the ground near his feet for a golden glow and it indicates whether he is healing or not. And you can break his healing by showering fire powder that attacks him badly.


Borderlands 3 GenIVIV

This boss has the ability to shower you with Borderlands 3 Dedicated Drops like Polybius and Ten Gallon. It can be located in Eden-6, and Voracious Canopy. And to increase your joy it will provide you Dedicated Drops like Mayhem 6 Legendary Drop: Reflux.

  • Like any other bosses it is important that you maintain certain distance from him so that it will avoid any incoming attacks from projectiles.
  • Shoot the red drones while downed, so that you will quickly get back into battle due to their low hp.
  • You should never forget to avoid the walls that are created by GenIVIV.
  • You must also try to avoid the the large green mines that GenIVIV throws out.

Billy, The Anointed

Billy, The Anointed

By defeating this boss you can get Borderlands 3 Dedicated Drops like the Lead Sprinkler and also the Mayhem 4 Legendary Drop: Raging Bear. As soon as you saw its Dedicated Drops you will be very much eager to know its location and you can find him in Eden-6, and Jakobs Estate.

  • You have no chance to play hide and seek with this challenging boss because he has the ability to teleport to your exact location and you will get caught.
  • The strategy that you can use with Billy is to run and gun within the theater.
  • This boss is a total of four different attacks – a shockwave, a jump, a purple energy ball, and flaming skulls.
  • You must learn to read his attack patterns and it will prevent you from unnecessary damages.
  • Billy’s weakest spot on his body is his skull, so make sure to attack him there.

Agonizer 9000/ Pain & Terror

Agonizer 9000/ Pain & Terror

He is located in Pandora, and Guts of Carnivora and by defeating him you can get the Borderlands 3 Dedicated Drops like The Dictator, White Elephant, and the Damned. And you will also have Dedicated Drops Mayhem 4 Legendary Drop: Crader’s EM-P5 and Mayhem 6 Legendary Drop: BackBurner.

  • You must be very clever in choosing the right weapon to attack him.
  • The weakest spots that you can find in his body is found in his eyes and the red fuel cans that are situated on his arm, back, and head.
  • You must be very much prepared to take down one of the many enemies that he spawns in the arena.
  • He also has the capacity to perform an attack that will causethe floor to flash red and then it turns to fire. And this attack can be avoided by running sideways and getting to the nearest floor that is not glowing as red.

General Traunt

Borderlands 3 General Traunt

He is located in Nekrotafeyo, and Desolation’s Edge and has the ability to give Borderlands 3 Dedicated Drops like the Recursion and Mayhem 6 Legendary Drop: D.N.A

  • This boss is quite easy to defeat and you can find two health bars in him and has three different attacking styles.
  • You shpuld choose the weapon that has the ability to give shocks that can give him some damage.
  • Running and Gunning around the edge of the area is the best way to get escaped from this boss and to defeat him too.

Tyreen The Destroyer

Tyreen The Destroyer

She can be easily found in the areas like Pandora, and Destroyer’s Rift and can give you the Borderlands 3 Dedicated Drops like the King’s Call and the Queen’s Call. It also has some Additional Legendary Drops named Bitch. The critical hits that are given out using these pistols will split the bullets into three projectiles that will damage the nearest target.

  • You should pick a weapon that has high DPS and excels in medium to high-range encounters. You can choose Assault Rifle or SMG for this boss.
  • The weakest spot of her body is the head so always jeep aim for that.
  • You can avoid her laser beam attack from the eyes by moving in a sidewards direction.
  • Make sure to stay alert and watch her next attcking steps.
  • You can avoid her large crystal throwing attack by moving out of the way or shooting it.
  • You can dodge the launch of a giant fireball by moving between the gaps.

Troy Calypso

Borderlands 3 Troy Calypso

He is located in the areas like Nekrotafeyo, and The Great Vault and will give you the Borderlands 3 Dedicated Drops like the Occultist if you defeated him. The pistol that he uses will fire rocket projectiles. And as an added Dedicated Drops it has Mayhem 4 Legendary Drop: Vosk’s Deathgrip.

  • He is weak to Radiation Damage so you can choose your weapons according to this criteria.
  • The weakest body part of Troy is his Head and start to target that.
  • Possessing high shield and health bonuses will be very much helpful for you.
  • Stay away from the Pillars of Fire by not going near to the glowing areas of the ground.

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