Borderlands 3 Sanctuary Guide

Borderlands 3 Sanctuary

Borderlands 3 Sanctuary III Is a starship, and it plays the role of one of the crucial bases in the operations. In the initial phase, it offers a way off to Pandora, and it will continue to provide you with access points that will help you on every new planet you visit. Also, in the houses, you will notice a broad range of variety of amenities. They will help you maintain or at the up-gradation of the characters between the adventures of the planets.

What is Sanctuary in Borderlands 3?

The Sanctuary gets displayed in the list of locations in the same tab. It will also show some interesting points which will help you to travel quickly. But unfortunately, you are not able to move around initially in this location. Also, if you wish to select Sanctuary from the list, you cannot see any exciting points displayed on the map, which you can choose as your destination.

To unlock access towards the Borderlands 3 Sanctuary, you must be promoted to the main at the Taking Fight Quest. Here, your training and the preparation for getting to the Sanctuary will start. It is similar to nothing that the Sanctuary is giant spacecraft. Here you will use it to travel between multiple planets which are situated in the game.

When you successfully complete the Taking Fight Quest, you will see the Sanctuary quest will appear for you. You are now capable of boarding the Sanctuary and fly away from Pandora. The animation will get traveled down from the spaceship. As one of the sections in the Sanctuary Quest, you will be able to visit all the areas which are very essential on the board of spacecraft. It includes the following locations on the spacecraft. They are as follows:

  • Captain’s Bridge
  • Marcus Shop
  • The Canteen
  • Hero’s Cabin
  • Cargo Bay

Behind the Sanctuary, you will notice a fast travel control point. And from that particular moment, you can use it to travel and discover multiple locations and return to the Sanctuary.

Borderlands 3 Sanctuary’s Mission Details

Borderlands 3 Sanctuary Location

The Bridge

In Borderlands 3, The Bridge is the location where Lilith will command the Crimson Raiders. There is a navigation console available for you in the center of the room, and you can use it to set a travel course that will move act towards new planets and at recent locations.

Zer0’s Quarters

Moving towards the neighboring of the Cargo Bay, you will see a small compartment along with aboard. It consists of a complete set of Target of Opportunity hit lists, which are awaiting you. The exact details on the hits will get filled automatically when the assignments get fulfilled by you in the story.

Cargo Bay

Sanctuary Ship

In the story, Ellie is a famous character. You will see him working in the Cargo Bay, where she stores multiple vehicles parts that were captured. Off to the side, there is a personal quarter of the Claptrap where you will see him doing his own work and building the companion with the help of old CL4P-TP parts. And at the backside, there is Crazy Earl’s Hideout. Here, the Eidium in this game can be exchanged for receiving and upgrading the cosmetics or items containing Anointed Perkes.

Crew Quarters

While playing the game, you will see four small rooms, which are reserved for Vault Hunter. Every room has sports that are used to hand decorative items, displaying the mounts, which will help place the guns and gear that will represent as trophies. Also, there is a Bank that helps store extra equipment. The bank can be shared between all the characters.

Out of every room, there is a Quick-Change Station that will change the character’s appearance, emotes, respect skill points, and a Lost Loot machine. These all can once again get the Rare or better quality of items you forgot to collect or left behind in the game locations. Surprisingly, you can also find the Golden Chest at this location for spending the SHiFT Golden Keys for a high-value material.


There is Borderlands 3 Sanctuary III which is run by Moxxi. Here you will find multiple slot machines located inside, and where you must be utterly dependent on your luck to gain substantial rewards.

Marcus Munitions

It is the location where Marcus consists of vending machines. These vending Machines have guns and ammo resided inside them. Also, there are SDUs that can help you for extending the ammo and increasing storage capacity. Going down from this particular location, you will see a firing range that is very handy to practice and enhance your firing. It has to mark against the moving objects and the stationary objects decorated with the cut out of Handsome Jack, which will help you practice.


Borderlands 3 Sanctuary Walkthrough

Mostly you can search for Dr. Tannis, who is taking care of the medical requirements for the Crimson Raiders. Otherwise, you can find him studying Eridian relics. You will also see the vending machines are available inside for health and shields. Also, a fascinating fact is that you can also find The Borderlands Science Arcade at this location.

Hammerlock’s Quarters

In this game, Hammerlock’s Quarters is a is well and beautifully designed location where you will find Sir Hammerlock is residing. You can also find amazing and unique creatures and see their killed heads mounted as decorative items on the walls or displayed as trophies. When you come outside the Maurice, you will see an intelligent Saurian directly available there. He will act as the quest provider for the Seasonal Events.

Key Points

Borderlands 3 Sanctuary III has recently become the latest base for the Crimson Raiders, which has replaced the Sanctuary from the Borderlands 2 game. The query about what has taken place in the second Sanctuary is still buried inside the ground by the game developers.

The main body of Borderlands 3 Sanctuary III was built by a famous company known as Supermax Manufacturing. It is indicated by the company’s logo, appearing on multiple bulkheads, floor panels, and monitors. They also print a famous slogan, “Ships Made Quick,” along with their logo on various items.

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Final Words

In this article, we have seen how you can get to the Sanctuary. You can view it in the list of popular locations from the initial phases of the game. But still, the game will not permit you to visit the Sanctuary until you have developed enough in the main story.

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