Borderlands 3: Should We Kill Rax or Max?

Borderlands 3 Rax or Max

Video games are not all about entertainment and fun; instead, more than that. You could sense a thread of emotion in winning each level and while defeating every enemy.

Borderlands 3 Rax or Max is a mini-boss character that a player should defeat to avenge Ziff’s parents’ death. The natural killer is not known until the end because they argue over the genuine killer, so you kill them both.

What is Rax in Borderlands 3?

Before getting into the topic of Borderlands 3 Rax or Max, it is for sure that you must be aware of what Rax is generally known as in the game. Rax is an important mini-boss that you must encounter in Borderlands 3. It is a unique Badass Trooper found only in a COV camp short distance, which is present away from the Fort Pissoff in Meridian Outskirts.

He and Max will always have a hot dispute on the topic of who killed Ziff’s parents and who Vault Hunters should come after. Getting to know all its powers and activities, you might think he may be a hero, but the truth is he comes under the enemy character type.

Who is Max in Borderlands 3?

When you hear the term Borderlands 3 Rax or Max, you might wonder whether both of them resemble each other or their qualities. Yes! They do have some features together, but their uniqueness will also be seen very clearly. Same as Rax, Max is also a mini-boss that one has to encounter in the game.

He is a unique flash trooper found in a COV camp short distance exactly away from Fort Pissoff in Meridian Outskirts. And same as Rax, he always quarrels with Max to show his dominance and power.

How to Kill Rax and Max?

It is well-known that Borderlands 3 Rax or Max are enemies, and it is a must that you should kill them; if you don’t know how to defeat them, you can refer to this article. As a first step, you must figure out where you will find Rax or Max. There are hundreds of side quests in the game Borderlands 3.

Among them, you will come through Maliwannabees, which is an early-game side quest. The players who play in this task track down and dispenses some revenge for a concerned citizen of Promethea. However, you will always find it challenging to select between Borderlands 3 Rax or Max.

The primary purpose of this mission is to decide which one killed Ziff’s parents, and the revenge will take place precisely one killing the other. The main problem comes when both 3 Rax or Max claim ownership over the murders and enjoys the fact that a Vault Hunter hunts them.

You should start the quest by having a chat with Ziff in the Meridian Outskirts. As soon as this is crossed then the quest becomes fairly short, culminating in a fight.

  • Speak with Ziff
  • You should find the bridge udner the bridge
  • Then keep seacrhing for the supply vehicle
  • Then just track down them and kill Borderlands 3 Rax or Max

There is some good news at this point, and it doesn’t matter whom you will kill first because you must kill both Borderlands 3 Rax or Max. There is some other possibility here, soon after you kill either of them, Rax or Max, you leave, and Ziff will provide you with the dialogue equivalent of a shrug and suggest you kill both the characters.

This is added to the quest log and it is noted with a plus (+) sign as an optional extra. It is not necessary that you take the other trooper but can try to take both of these horrible bandits out?

As soon as you kill Rax or Max, you must return to the Ziff in the warren to receive your reward. You will be given a lump sum of cash, which likely may vary depending on your level. This will help you to kill both of them without losing any extra energy or power.

What happens when you Kill Rax or Max?

Rax or Max Fight

It came to light that both Rax and Max are the reason for the death, and it is evident that you kill them both but Do you know that you will get certain rewards if you have killed them both successfully.

Killing Rax and Max leaves your door wide open to collect certain unique items. Among them is The Messy Breakup Shield and Widowmaker Grenade Modifications are the two most common drops. And the main twist here is they don’t drop by both of them. It is either from Max or Rax, so the critical factor in choosing the exemplary character to put down.

Investigate the Murder

The murder site that your looking for is far, so the players have to hop in the vehicle before going to the quest icon. As soon as you reach the place, you will see Keyword starts to argue regarding who the killer is once again. It is also known as Ziff trust that the supply vehicle will reveal many more clues regarding the killer.

Rax, on his way, tells everybody that he melted somebody with a flamethrower at the supply vehicle, which is confirmed when they arrive to supply the car and witness the entire place was set up on fire. This reveals that Ziff can no more use the supply vehicle for any more clues and consoled himself with either of them meeting their maker.

Rax or Max

You could find Borderlands 3 Rax or Max after walking up the stairs and they might force someone to walk the plank and fall to their death as soon as gamers arrive. Only Vault Hunters will be able to choose whether they want to kill Rax or Max.

If Rax is killed

Rax Borderlands 3

In Borderlands 3, Rax or Max, Max will become immune and walk away if your aim is to kill Rax. Max will be disappointed and remarks, “Aw, man. I thought I was the worst”. The gamers will have the option to kill Max, or they can either go back to Ziff. They enquire to Max whether he killed her family.

If Max is killed

If you aim to kill Max, then Rax will mourn like, “Come ON! I was WAY worse!”. The same that happened to Max when Rax was killed will happen to Rax when Max is killed. You will not find any variations between them. As a player, if you choose only one to kill them, Ziff will not be happy. Because we never know who killed Ziff’s family members and to make them happy, you must kill them both.

Messy Breakup

It is a legendary shield that Rax can drop. It reflects 15% of projectiles and spawns a drone that fires at enemies. It provides a fair amount of damage too. Sometimes it can miss shots, too, but the damage is always based on the range. The shield needs to be swapped out and re-equipped to spawn back in. But there is one main issue with Messy Breakup, and it only deals with corrosive and shock damage.


Max can drop Widowmaker. The grenade will explode into honing rockets if an enemy is too close. The Gamers will throw it at the place where there are enemies and wait for the grenade to go off. As a user, you can use it in chaotic situations, which will benefit you more. The Bosses and mini-bosses will be roaming around, and Widowmaker will target the nearest enemy. It excels against large mobs. There is a chance to pick up both the legendary items, and they can be completed in under 10 minutes.

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