Killavolt Borderlands 3 Guide

Killavolt Borderlands 3

When you are enjoying Borderlands 3, you will face someone named Killavolt or Kenneth. So who is Killavolt or Kenneth in the game? Shortly, Killavolt is one of the mini-bosses. You can find this mini-boss at Lectra city, located on Promethea.


If we follow the story of Mad Moxxi, who has dated him previously. Kilovolt or Kenneth is a former bandit who has revolved the game show host after having their divorce for his battle royale, which has taken place in the Lectra City in the game. It will mainly be featuring as a hologram which is over a hacked Maliwan drone. Sometimes you will see him taunting and playing with the Vault Hunters when they make recurrent and explicit references for his sexual ability.


In the story, Moxxihas aims to assassinate Killavolt. Thus, he sends the Vault Hunters to participate in his owned battle royales and gain access to enter his area after successfully taking down the enemies or competitors. In the game, you will see Killavolt waiting for you as the final boss of the mission


You will see the Killavolt in the Borderlands 3 game.


There are 3 keynotes that you must follow while playing the game. They are as follows:

  • Killavolt is the only drop source having the legendary submachine of 9-volt. It has a developed opportunity to drop the legendary Transformer Shield in the game.
  • Killavolt has a possibility of dropping The Monarch at the Mayhem 6.
  • Killavolt is strongly immune to shock damage.


Remember Shooting the Killavolt inside the grain will help you to score a crucial hit. Performing this will result in causing the word “DICKED” to appear apart from “CRITICAL.” It is a mirage to Moxxi informing the Vault Hunter to shoot Killavolt in the dick of the game.

Tips to Kill Killavolt

Killavolt Location Borderlands 3

The next section of the following article will provide you the information to kill the Killavolt. You will face him after successfully completing his battle royale during the side mission of Killavolt Kill. The following boss will include all the tips and tricks to defeat, and he is one of the problematic and challenging bosses in the game.

Even though it is just a side mission, boss Killavolt is one of the challenging and toughest bosses to compete. Below are the attacks, along with the procedure to kill him with some additional general tips while playing the game. They are as follows:


  • The first and essential tip is to keep moving. You have to jump and avoid the electrified panels on the floor. Also, you have to keep an eye and be careful getting the electric shots as he will continuously be shooting in your direction.
  • Target and shoot the Killavolt in his back and land at the critical hits. You must have to move quickly behind Killavlt. But you also have an additional opportunity to hit him by getting in front of him by simply jumping. Especially it is suggested when you have a gun with yourself with a goon spray attached to it. In this situation, grenades can also help you in the game.
  • Saving the health in the chests around the entire game zone and keeping it preserved until the battle ends.
  • Consider “Saving” weaker enemies. It is one of the most essential tips. Basically, the following top is used when you are at the final stage of the battle. When you successfully kill them, you will get a second wind to simplify your way throughout the game.
  • Keep and Maintain your distance. Remember, if you get very close to him. He will definitely kick you, and thus, it will cause heavy damage for you in the game. 

How to Beat Killavolt

We would suggest you be on Level 16 before planning to kill Killavolt.  For beginning the quest, the first step is to have a word with Moxxi. You will find him located in the Lectra City or secondly at the Sanctuary. She will talk to you and tell you to enter the Battle of Royale of sorts, and you have to defeat the three enemies.  Remember, after successfully defeating all three enemies, you have to collect the tokens and keep in mind to collect the batteries. You have to collect the following:

  • Trudy’s token
  • Jenny’s token
  • Lena’s token
  • Three batteries

After collecting, give the batteries to Moxxi, and she will provide you with a booby-trapped token. Next, offer Killavolt Trudy’s Token followed by Jenny’s and Lenna’s token. Further, give the Moxxi’s token, and the fight will begin.

Kilovolt consists of a massive ol’ shield and will continuously fire towards you, which is not a big deal. The tiles will get highlighted and glow in yellow and indicate that the floor Is electrified, and you have to be prepared to jump.

Killavolt Fighting Borderlands 3

Further, in the fights, the blue tiles will be the initial sections for the first section to be safe. So you should be prepared to jump around, and there will be a time when all the tiles will be electrified and you have to be ready to jump.

You will see electricity traveling in a straight line or traveling in a circular direction, and it will come towards your jump location. You can also try to hop on the ammo boxes for being off the floor while performing the jumps and avoiding the shockwave. In the game, you can search health around the arena, but saving it for other fights in the game is suggested.

It is recommended to shoot at the back because it will cause maximum damage rate. Otherwise, you can attack the dick for getting some heavy crucial damages. But keep in mind not to get very close to him as he will boss you across the floor.  You can also focus on Killavolt apart from fighting with the ads at the initial phase of the fight.

After successfully completing the fights, you have to collect the Charge Pack for Moxxi, take it, and keep it at the marked location. Finally, you have to have a word with her and claim your rewards.

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Final Words

Thus, we have come to an end of today’s article, and we have come across the various sections of the following article. We learned about Killaolt, who is one of the bosses you will face in the game, along with the procedure and tips to kill him in the game.

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