Borderlands 3 Black Hole Guide

Borderlands 3 Black Hole

Borderlands 3 is one of the most popular games in the industry. It consists of multiple pieces of equipment which are extremely powerful. These pieces of equipment will help you stay strong and survive when you are fighting cruel bosses and various high-level enemies. One of the most famous pieces of equipment is the Black Hole Shield. In today’s article, we will discuss all the aspects of the Black Hole and what the following legendary equipment can do.

You will mostly hear the term Borderlands 3 Black Hole from many sources or players. Black Hole is the legendary Nova Shield, and this famous shield has been developed by Pangolin. One crucial point is that you can randomly obtain the Black Hole from any suitable loot source. So, in the following article, we will discuss the Black Hole in Borderlands 3.

But alternatively, there is also an additional possibility to avail the Black Hole from the drop, which is performed by the Wick. And if we discuss its location, it is available for you in the Lectra city located on the Promethea in Borderlands 3.

Borderlands 3 Black Hole Description

Black Hole Description

In Borderlands 3, the Black Hole is one of the legendary shields available for you. In the story, the following Pangolin Shield will hit two effects when it attacks or gets break down. In the first effect, it develops a black hole or known as the singularity effect. As a result, it will pull the enemies closer towards you in the area

If we discuss the second effect of Black Hole, it will build a Nova Blast which will offer severe shock damage to all the enemies surrounding you. But remember a key point: the Black Hole does not contain fixed parts, so your role is to be the only farm for various announcements on the Black Hole in Borderlands 3. 

Black Hole Special Effects

Here, we’ll will discuss some of the special effects of this weapon which makes this weapon one of the most uniques weapons. They are as follows:

  1. The first and the most popular product is that Borderlands 3 Black Hole will always shock the enemies.
  2. The second effect is known as On Shield Break because it will activate the individuality and surprise the Nova. 

Borderlands 3 Black Hole Variants

In Borderlands 3, it is possible for Anointment, and also the Shield Augmentation consists of fixed parts. Also, you will notice there is increased damage dealt for the Black Hole.

Black Hole shield status in Borderlands 3 

You can expect to get the Black Hole shield at level 65. The capacity of the following protection is 17334, and if we Highlight the recharge rate of this shield, it consists of 5200 and if we talk about the recharge delay of Black Hole is 4.8.

Where can you get the Black Hole? 

Borderlands 3 Black Hole Drop

While playing Borderlands 3, if you want to collect the Black Hole shield, it is easier and more convenient to get at the drop from Wick. So, you have the role of farming Wick and Warty. It is located at the Lectra City, available in the Promethea.

There is also a second possibility to collect the Black Hole. You can randomly expect it at any moment from any suitable loot source. You can take the example of World Drop, one of the popular loot sources you can find. 

World Drop-in Borderlands 3 

In Borderlands 3 World Drop is one of the most popular terms. So, in World Drops are the materials that are being dropped by the appropriate loot source. The following loot source will be better than another loot source.

  • In this game, you can find the guards in the appropriate Loot Sources.
  • All Enemies: You can get the shield in Bosses, crew Challenges, Generic Challenges, etc.

You can also find the shield in all types of chests in your surroundings.

Remember to keep an eye on the vending machines. There are higher possibilities to get the shields inside the vending machines at Borderlands 3. Also, don’t forget to walk around the Diamond Loot Room. It is one of the popular locations to collect the shields.

Finally, you can also try your luck at Tink’s Hijinx; otherwise, at the Evault Line, a type of Slot Machine.

Borderlands 3 Black Hole Source Details

Below we have mentioned a small list of Drop Rates at Borderlands 3 and also at every source.

  • You just note that Wick consists of only fifteen percent of the drop rate.
  • World Drop is the second source where you have the lowest possibility to get Black Hole.

Status and Perks

Borderlands 3 Black Hole shield is a constantly occurring item, and you will again look at it. If we discuss the status, most of the apparatus will be jumbled and level to your character. Similar to all the legendry apparatus, Black Hole also consists of some additional perks.

It has one of the most special flavored texts, or quotes are known as “She’s Gone From Suck a Blow,” which is not so fine enough to consider as a reference a famous quote from the renowned classic comedy show known as Space Balls.

The Black Hole shield is exhausted of energy. It will deliver a wave of force out from your in-game character. It will push back any object which is located around you in that location. In case if you are getting surrounded by enemies, then it is not a lousy shield to carry with you. It will offer you some breathing space and an opportunity to move away if required.

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Final Words

Black Hole will make your journey a bit simpler after collecting this vital equipment. But remember, you have increased your chances to get this shield as a drop from one boss, or you can gain it by farming. (The farming method we feel is a bit easier task)

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