Best Demonfall Breathings Tier List

Best Demonfall Breathings Tier List

DemonFall is a newly launched game on the Roblox platform. This game is simply amazing as it contains many features and many PvE and PvP elements in the game. You have the facility to customize your character along with a variety of breathing techniques.

Each of the Demonfall Breathing is unique on its own and has different play styles. Below we have mentioned the Demonfall breathing tier list, and we have done a breakdown for each type of Breathing and the reason to rank where to place it. But note the following list mentioned below is just based on our opinion.

Spoiler Alert: There are many anime-based references mentioned which can spoil you.

Demonfall Breathing Tier List

Below is the complete list of Demonfall Breathing Tier List, and they are as follows:

  • S Tier – Sun Breathing
  • A Tier – Mist Breathing and Water Breathing
  • B Tier – Flame Breathing
  • C Tier – Thunder Breathing
  • D Tier – Wind Breathing

S Tier – Sun Breathing (Not Included in the Game)

Demonfall Sun Breathing

Anime Reference/Origin: Sun Breathing was practiced by the greatest demon slayer of all time (Yorichii) according to manga. Before even the demon slayers knew the breathing practices and techniques, Yorichii created Sun Breathing. During his fight with Muzan, he fought and almost defeated him by using the thirteenth form of Sun Breathing. Before his death, he preserved the breathing through his descendants.

Sun Breathing is a speculation, and only a few people have it as there is no way to collect it in the game. Sun Breathing is the most overpowered in the game at this moment, along with a non-lockable auto move. Another reason Sun Breathing is overrated is because of its inability to be tamed. Also, it contains a TP Guard that can cause a heavy amount of damage to your enemies. You also have the opportunity to make use of infinite combo in the game.

A Tier – Mist Breathing

Demonfall Mist Breathing

Anime Reference/Origin: Mist Breathing was derived from Wind Breathing and is practiced by Muichiro Tokito in Anime. In the manga, during his fight against Gyokko, he demonstrated how powerful mist breathing is.

Mist Demonfall Breathing consists of many varieties of iframes and some fantastic powerful combos that you can use with a tremendous range. It is listed as one of the topmost solutions for PvP that reports for a heavy amount of Demonfall.

Mist Breathing is a solid option in the game for you, and it consists of various combinations and ranges. Mist Breathing is one of the decent options for PvP.

A Tier – Water Breathing

Demonfall Water Breathing

Anime Reference/Origin: Water Breathing is a technique that is currently performed by Giyu Tomioka, Sakonji Urokodaki, and Tanjiro (At first). It is derived directly from the Sun Breathing. There are 11 forms in this Breathing.

Water Demonfall Breathing consists of a decent amount of options in Demonfall. Many moves are blockable, and you will see them having many auto locks along with Thunder Breathing. Water Breathing has several combos that consist of a lot of damage for everything. Unfortunately, they fall behind in the range. You can use Water Breathing as an escaped shade in the game.

B Tier – Flame Breathing

Demonfall Flame Breathing

Anime Reference/Origin: Flame Breathing is also one of the derivatives of Sun Breathing. It’s used by Kyojuro Rengoku, and Mitsuri Kanroji (she also uses love breathing).

Flame Demonfall Breathing (B – Tier) is one of the best choices you can consider while playing the Demonfall game. The excellent flame process will help you hit the enemies blocking your path in the gameplay.  It is expected availability in the battles of PvE and PvP. It also consists of a higher amount of base damage, but it is not quite eligible to par with the couple having with some other valuable options, and it is the main reason it has been booked its place on B Tier.

Basically, some experienced players say that Flame procs are a beneficial or good choice for the final selections. Flame Breathing will help you face or deal with the damages towards the devil during the blocks. It also contains tokens that bear a resemblance to an iframe. It can provide you with a good amount of damage rate and an intense burn in the gameplay.

C Tier – Thunder Breathing

Demonfall Thunder Breathing

Anime Reference/Origin: Practiced by our favorite Zenitsu Agatsuma. There are seven forms in this Breathing and mainly focuses on speed and agility.

Thunder Demonfall Breathing is one of the lowest and one of the weakest options available for you in Demonfall. Several moves are Block able in Thunder Breathing, and you will notice a large number of auto locks in it. Thunder Breathing does not contain a lot of iframes. It will have a good amount of damage and range. Some players suggest Thunder Breathing as a decent PvE choice in the game.

D Tier – Wind Breathing

Demonfall Wind Breathing

Anime Reference/Origin: Practiced by Sanemi Shinazugawa. Although in the manga, Sanemi is better than many Hashiras, but the usability of this breathing in the game doesn’t allow much power to you.

Wind Demonfall Breathing has always struggled to do pretty well in the games of Demonfall. In this game also Wind Breathing has tried, and it is precisely the same old story. It can compete with many enemies, according to some experienced players, but it’s not viable that much, Wind Breathing is a good choice for PvE. Wind Breathing does contain the bonus, and it is about allowing players like you to perform a double jump and get hidden from animations. Apart from that, it is as likely as weaker if we compared to Thunder Breathing in the game. However, it is not extremely bad, but we have kept it in the bottom section of our list.

Some Other Breathings

Insect Breathing: This breathing is weak compared to other breathing methods.

Demonfall Tips

If you are a Demon or a Slayer, you should try your best and travel with Kamado. It is the best method to increase the level because you will be rewarded with a twenty percent of experience boost.  And further, you will gain resistance to the Sun in Kamado. And if you become the Demon, you have to get failed in the first tutorial for getting towards Demon Purgatory. And, for becoming a Slayer, you have to simply get passed with the Demon Slayer Exam. The exam is to take down Thirty Demons in the gameplay.

Demonfall Controls

Below is the list of controls that you have to use while playing the game, and they are as follows:

  • Left-click: The Left-Click is used for Light Attack or for M1 or for using an Item in the gameplay.
  • Right-click: You can Right-Click for performing a Heavy Attack or M2.
  • R: By pressing the R button on the keyboard will give you Unsheathe Sword.
  • F: You can press the F button on the keyboard to Block
  • M: By pressing the M button on the keyboard will Meditate the Skills in the gameplay.
  • H: The H button will help you to Toggle Emotes
  • G: By pressing the G button, you will be able to Breathe
  • Q: You can press the Q button to Dash
  • V: V button is used to Carry
  • E: E button will help you in Interaction
  • Sprint+M1: By pressing this key it will help you to Lunge
  • Block+M1: Shoulder Bash can be done by pressing the following button
  • Tab: A Menu will get displayed on the screen after pressing Tab Button on the keyboard.

Thus, above, we have mentioned the controls that will benefit you while playing the game.

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Final Words

We hope that the following information is valuable for you to choose the best Demonfall Breathing. If there are any changes in the new patch of the game, let me know in the comments!

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