Pokémon Unite Tier List

Pokémon Unite Tier List

Pokémon Unite Tier List is a ranking list that helps you to determine powerful pokemons in the current meta of the game. As the game receives updates every month, the meta can shift drastically making some pokemon more powerful. In this post, we’ll go through the tier list and check which are the strongest pokemon in the game.

Updated Pokémon Unite Tier List

Upgradation Date PokémonDescription
28/07/2021GardevoirYou will find this Pokemon added to the Roster on 28 July 2021. It is found on the A Tier list, and it is allocated depending on its performance in the present metagame.
24/07/2021ZeraoraIt is also ranked in the A Tier list after successfully completing the tests in the present metagame.
24/07/2021GengarThis Pokemon is also shifted to the A Tier list and after completing the test in the present metagame.
24/07/2021VenusaurYou will notice the following Pokemon in the B Tier list after successfully completing the evaluation in the present metagame.
24/07/2021CharizardThe Pokemon is now ranked down to the C Tier list after completing the evaluations within the present metagame.
24/07/2021CramorantThe following Pokémon has listed a rank below to B Tier after completing the tests of the present metagame.

Is ZERAORA Pokémon Broken in the Game?

It’s exceptionally challenging to deal with ZERAORA Pokémon because of this heavy damage rate and mobility. But if we consider how it struggles against the opposing team formations in a suitable method, disabling the moves. So, it is challenging to declare ZEROARA Broken at this moment.

S – Tier


In Pokémon Unite, Snorlax is considered a defender Pokémon, and it can handle a heavy amount of damage. It is also famous for dealing right back with its strong popular moves, such as the Heavy Slam attack. This unique move mixture provides you a feasible option for play offensively and also play the game in a defensive approach. Thus, these factors make this Pokémon a possible selection option for any player level from beginning to advanced. These factors make Snorlax to be in S Tier of Pokémon Unite Tier List.


In the Pokémon Unite game, Caramorant is considered one of the most underrated Pokémon. But the interesting fact is that it is also considered in the list of main Pokémon in the game. It has the remarkable ability to face a lot of heavy damage from short range, and it is known as the Whirlpool attack. It will provide you an edge on almost all the challenging opponents in the early game. It performs attacks similar to the turret, and it helps maintain the pressure on the match as it comes nearby in the game. But, unfortunately, there is one negative point about this Pokémon that the next Pokémon will easily counter it in the game.


Till today Zeaora is considered the best Pokémon for you to choose for playing in the game. It is swift and mighty. Most importantly, the Unite Move of this Pokémon deals with recurring damages to any opponent who dares to get close to him and challenges it in the game. And it is a must-use Pokémon for you in the Pokémon Unite game.

As a result, Zeaora is a guaranteed S Tier pick in Pokémon Unite Tier List.

A – Tier


Absol is the first Pokémon on the list, and it is considered a fast and powerful Pokémon. Especially in the early game, it can win any match and face the most brutal hits.


In the Pokémon Unite game, Cinderace is considered one of the best playing Pokémon when considering entirely dealing with the damaged. Using the Feint power will be invisible for some time and will burn to its challenging Pokémon by using its attacks. Thus, CINDERACE is considered one of the strongest Pokémon that you can use in the game.

Alolan Ninetales

Alolan Ninetales is popularly known as a long-range attacker. It slows down the opposite Pokémon by performing its moves. It will cause severe damage while fighting with opponent Pokémon. So, your allies will receive their attacks, and it is a crucial factor even if other Pokémon’s are faster or it deals with a heavier rate of damage.


A HEALER Pokémon was required in the Pokémon Unite game. So, the Eldegoss Pokémon was designed by the team and launched as a Healer in the game. In a match where recovery of HP will take some period, having a healer next to your site is very beneficial. You will see it defending itself with some strong moves such as Seed Bomb in the game.

B – Tier


In the Pokémon Unite game, Gengar is mainly used, and it can deal with a lot of damage while playing the mid to late game. And suppose you run this Pokémon by carrying a Sludge Bomb and followed by Hex Combo. In that case, you can depuff and quickly kill any opponent Pokémon’s who sometimes try to annoy your following allies in the game.


Crustle Pokémon is one of the underutilized Pokémon but is considered an awesome Pokémon with fantastic moves like Rock Tomb. You cannot be as aggressive with CRUSTLE, but it is regarded as the best in the game if you wish to play defensively.


Pikachu is the popular Pokemon in the game, and it will teach you on using the tutorials. The skills of Pikachu are advantageous and very easy to understand. It is an excellent pick for anyone to begin the game. Pikachu is without a doubt B Tier in Pokémon Unite Tier List.


Machamp is an All-Rounder Pokémon, and it is considered a good battle. It is a strong attacking Pokémon and can put pressure on opponents. Other Pokémon will have some more specific uses, but if you are searching for a solid and mid-range Pokémon, it will help you to deal with a heavy damage rate. So, Machamp is a decent option in the game.

C – Tier

Mr. Mime

In this game Mr. Mime’s Barrier is considered really annoying to deal with. If you wish to push the opposite Pokémon back as your allies will try it in the forward direction, and it is a fantastic choice. It is said that Defenders will have the same role and leave the Supporters slightly outside.


The strength of this Pokémon provides it a harmful threat in the initial phases of the game. As it coordinates well with other powerful attackers. Like other Pokémon who level up and evolve and will reach and catch up to Lucario in the factors like strengths, but It can still hold by its own if you play decently.


In further game, Garchomp is an awesome Pokemon because of its power. It is said that this Pokemon takes forever to level up, and its pre-evolution is surpassing in the initial game. But if you wish to evolve into this Pokemon, it is an excellent choice. These abilities make him capable of C Tier in Pokémon Unite Tier List.


Slowbro can survive well in all teams, but it is surpassed by other challenging Defenders. These defenders are better at stopping the opponents in their fields or tracks, and they can handle more damage.


Greninja is considered to be a significant warning as it is challenging for beginners to use. It is very weak in the early game, and for the Attacker, the moves are very occasional.

D – Tier


One of the least viable in the Speedsters is the Talonflame Pokémon. It has to face and compete with some best Pokémon’s available in the game, and you can still perform with it at low ranks but not in competitive matches.


Charizard is one of the most fan-favorite Pokémon in the game. It can face a heavy amount of damage which makes it beneficial to use in the initial game. Later it gets thrown out by other all-rounders Pokémon because of its slow speed and mediocre moves. Due to such weaknesses, you can easily place Charizard in D Tier of Pokémon Unite Tier List.


It is not a terrible Pokémon but is just not much used because other Pokémon’s have more benefits. The viability rate of Wigglytuff can be developed if you develop a strong strategy.


Venusaur is outclassed by every Attacker and some Pokémon’s from various classes regarding handling damages.

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