34 Bloxburg Outfit Codes To Look Good

Bloxburg Outfit Codes

Bloxburg is one of the popular games developed on the platform of Roblox, and Coeptus have created it. Bloxburg is an open environment where a player can explore the city of Bloxburg, chill out with friends, work with friends, as well as design and create their own dream house.

Bloxburg Outfit Codes are the numeric codes that can be used to change your clothing style in Roblox. Bloxburg is all about looking good and building house layouts. This post will help you to look good in the game.

Bloxburg is a simulation game where a player can carry out his day-to-day activities in a virtual world. This game pretty much resembles the gameplay of The Sims; you need to play your own character, keep them indulged in some activities to maintain their mood meter, customize and build the character’s house, practice different skills, and earn money for your character you need to join a job.

The main focus of this game is to build or architect a plot so you can create your own massive house in the large plot area. You have to go through the different phases of building a house, from constructing the basements, mailboxes, pools, floors, roofs, and walls. After successfully creating your home, you can decorate it with beds, electronics, furniture, and kitchen requirements.

Bloxburg Outfit Codes

Apart from being busy with daily tasks, it would be best to look after your character’s look; therefore, the game has many outfits to show your style. Wearing a matching outfit to be a complete mismatch to represent a funny look, a player can attempt to do so quickly. But then also you can find a list of outfits with their Bloxburg Outfit Codes in the below section, which might help you to find some excellent dressing.

Bloxburg Outfit NameBloxburg Outfit CodesImage Preview
Hu tao mains pants5540041252Hu tao mains pants
Hu tao mains shirt5540029154Hu tao mains shirt
Hu tao mains hat UGC6502214579Hu tao mains hat UGC
UGC Pants4962722078UGC Pants
Scftberry hair6285513045Scftberry hair
Scftberrys side bag6309571899Scftberrys side bag
Scftberry pants5476629242Scftberry pants
Scftberry shirt5552841806Scftberry shirt
Scftberry blonde hair6276885993Scftberry shirt
Scftberry glasses4753645975Scftberry glasses
Scftberry yellow shirt6460235414Scftberry yellow shirt
Scftberry blue pants6460237302Scftberry blue pants
Scftberry long brown hair6384803846Scftberry long brown hair
Scftberry light blue shoulder bag6201843472Scftberry light blue shoulder bag
Aesthetic hair5802211087Aesthetic hair
Aesthetic shirt6613693241Aesthetic shirt
Aesthetic pants6083133215Aesthetic pants
Aesthetic glasses4753645975Aesthetic glasses
Aesthetic face494291269Aesthetic face
Aesthetic purse5104122288Aesthetic purse
Cottage core shirt5960466116Cottage core shirt
Cottage core pants5651559025Cottage core pants
Cottage core elf ears6338947898Cottage core elf ears
Cottage core flowers6384553401Cottage core flowers
Cottage core hat5830798662Cottage core hat
Cottage core hair5858867347Cottage core hair
Purple aesthetic shirt6232828059Purple aesthetic shirt
Purple aesthetic pants4610538955Purple aesthetic pants
Purple aesthetic purse6202416454Purple aesthetic purse
Purple aesthetic hair5860187340Purple aesthetic hair
Vintage nike shirt5522050382Vintage nike shirt
Vintage nike pant4932857389Vintage nike pant
Vintage nike hair4821491385Vintage nike hair
Pink glasses5623874574Pink glasses

What are Outfits in Roblox Bloxburg?

A player can customize their character and change the appearance as many times he or she requires to do, as it is a feature of Bloxburg. The accessories, bodies, and clothes are needed to be purchased in exchange for Bloxburg money. To store these items, there is the availability of clothing racks, dressers, and wardrobes, which allows a player to get into the customization menu.

Players are gifted with the Avatar Editor option when they reach Stylez Hair Studio. The customization of a character in the game of Bloxburg is unique as it stays on the character even if the player resets the character or exit the game

Appearance as per the age (height)


A player can choose to represent a baby in the game; in this option, the character becomes very small when compared to the kid option. The player’s character will start crawling instead of walking; secondly, the player will not be able to access many other basic activities and cooking. But there is an advantage that a player can use the baby-related items in the game.


This age is the next stage after the baby, or we can consider the character as a little more grown-up. Players selecting this option become smaller and will not be able to access a few features like working and driving.


The most lovable age in this game is the Teenage, just below the Adult age. By selecting the Teenage the player has the access to all the features such as an Adult one, but only the size is smaller when compared to an Adult.


If a player wants to access all the features of Bloxburg, then you to be an Adult, which allows you to use all the available features and also it the tallest height a player can achieve.

How do you enter the Bloxburg Outfit Codes?

Go to your avatar customization, press the Advanced option and enter the Bloxburg Outfit Code in the input field.

How to enter Promotional Codes?

Many of us manage to get the promotional code which, when redeemed, gives us free items and benefits. Most probably, a player can obtain this promo code from the giveaways or the events.

Once you obtain the promo code, you need to redeem it for the benefits. Below are the steps to redeem your codes.

  • Login to your Roblox account for which you want to redeem the codes and start the game.
  • There is a “Code redemption page”, which you need to search.
  • On the redemption page, you get a blank which is used to enter or paste the code.
  • After entering the code, click on ‘Redeem.’ If the code is successfully applied, then you will get a green pop-up saying “Promo code successfully redeemed!” and if the redemption fails, then a red box appears saying that it is an “Invalid promo code.”
  • Once the promo code is successfully redeemed, you can access the new item by visiting your inventory, and please be assured that you are checking for the redeemed in the appropriate inventory category.

Note: The promo codes are available for only a short period of time, so redeem them as soon as possible, or they may get expired without providing you the benefits.

Enjoy your Bloxburg game with the outfit codes and basic guidelines of the game. Always keep yourself updated with the latest game trends.

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